Monday, October 6, 2008

Dangling Phil Berg

Does anyone really believe that after David Axelrod hired a polygraph dufus to try and trip up Lawrence Sinclair and then hired the same idiot who forged Dan Rather's documents which got him fired to print up the current Barack Obama birth certificate.........

Knowing that David Plouffe had to come in with Joe Biden and Biden jr. to illegally jail Lawrence Sinclair and has since with David Plouffe been running legal circles around Phil Berg in Philadelphia Federal Court concerning Obama's fake birth certificate..............

That Barack Obama with his myriad of talent has not now obtained 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate paper, printed up with the correct ink, font and pressure, placed it into the Hawaiian register of deeds, along with making certain that the old hospital file records back up with that forgery now?

It is not that difficult my fellow and fellowette citizens. I will remind you that Mr. Obama is currently being fed over $250 million in overseas funds. This is the same overseas forgery center of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon which has the Xerox DocuColor 100 digital printing press at $500,000 a unit, along with the old acid paper and the presses which turns out hundreds of millions of dollars to fund terrorism around the world.
Do you really think an operation which was Axelrod inept and has graduated to contracting outside computer hackers in a quid pro quo is now going to be sunk in not coming up with a few documents and a few Democrats from operational military and intelligence backgrounds to clean up this problem?

An operation which can shadow real credit card accounts, find dead accounts, activate them overseas to send Obama money, pay for that donation electronically so no invoice is sent to the original owner........and pay for it with 3rd world banks using counterfeit currency the banks are laundering with the added bonus of this:

3rd world bank donates to Obama.

American bank cashes said credit card to Obama.

Obama receives funds.

American bank transfers funds to credit card company.

3rd world bank pays for said transaction with counterfeit currency.

No one knows the difference and it is but the tip of the iceberg of the Muslim terrorist fund raising operation of al Qaeda and any number of Islamocommunist states to the real communist states like North Korea.
All that is needed in the minor leagues of al Qaeda is to build an electronic skimmer which can pick up credit cards in simply walking by a person. When one is connected in buying stolen credit card data, one simply feeds in the data monitoring those accounts and when in banking one just floods those accounts or waits for sleeper Muslim units to serve up backup cards from an original card.
This is multi tiered and coming at so many avenues by the most adept from Russia, China, Lebanon etc... where real intelligence agents are teaching their trade to a 5th column attacks on America or in this case it is the lovely money flow into funding the Obama campaign.

So in realizing that the bunglers of the Obama campaign's beginning are now replaced, do you really not understand that Obama is dangling Phil Berg to humiliate the Clinton PUMA supporters in a false hope that something will come of this.

Yes Bill and Hillary Clinton know all of this and they have the original papers. I would not doubt considering the NSA surveillance on phone, computer, satellite which does include the Obama radio station broadcasting to Moscow, Peking all of this, that there is a play by play with visuals of these people doing it.

Of course those such things usually are inclined to blackmail by foreign governments as more can be obtained from blackmailing politicians than exposing them, but then the Clintons might work for foreigners but it is their interest to wait for the Obama campaign to produce the said forgery and then that is when the Clinton stock goes up as Barack Obama at that point is guilty of a major felony in producing to a court a major forged document.

That is why Phil Berg is dangling as when Obama produces a forgery to discount Berg, then the real document will show up to implicate Mr. Obama in another crime.

I told Mr. Obama to come clean and tell the Truth months ago to save himself. Now all he has left is prison or exile. He will win with a loss and loose for winning.

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