Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama Money Train

To come directly to the point, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, David Plouffe, David Axelrod, Steve Hildebrand and Penny Pritzker are guilty of money fraud in hundreds of millions of dollars.
This is not money laundering, but a system of dry cleaning the funds to give them the appearance that they are legal in flowing into his campaign at now over 500 million dollars.
The Obama machine has even surpassed the direct laundering of Chinese communist funds into the Clinton campaign.

What is most interesting in this is how they appear to be accomplishing this as it has mixed the old Muslim money system of hawala with modern credit card laundering, including ATM transfers with the direct quid pro quo involving non profits and the indirect infiltration of funds via some very connected Muslim billionaires, topped off with the public airwaves as a public paid for propaganda ministry.

For the basics, hawala, is an off the book banking system which runs the Middle East. No money ever exchanges hands across borders. It works like this:
Ahmadinejad of Iran decides to disrupt the United States election process and tells a broker in Tehran, he wants to transfer several hundred thousand dollars to Iranian immigrants in the United States.
The broker takes the money from Ahmadinejad, writes the transaction down in his notebook, assigns it a transaction number which he tells Ahmadinejad to send to his Iranian agents in New York or Detroit, who then go in and pick up the cash from the hawala broker which looks like a noodle merchant in a run down store.

No money ever exchanges hands, but the Tehran broker will someday soon have money coming out of America and make the exchange and the books will balance then in a perpetual flow.

The hawala funds then go to someone like Mr. XJBFO or like people who have been caught donating to the Obama campaign in numerous credit card exchanges and the transaction is complete for over 200 million dollars of terrorist money flowing into Obama's coffers.

There are numerous holes in the credit card system which appear to be being exploited by foreign agents funneling money into the Obama campaign.
Secondary cards can be issued with only a signature to be added to an original credit card. Likewise as there has been a vast theft in the preceding several years of credit card numbers without any real attacks on customer accounts, it is highly possible that deceased and or unused credit cards are being racked by agents donating to Barack Obama for multiple campaign donations.
As it only takes a bank account in an online transaction to pay for the said credit card bills, some which do not produce monthly or yearly statements if an account is being serviced online will never show up in the original owners records if the card is inactive or the person deceased.
In this way funds can be dry cleaned effectively using hawala and laundering banks via credit cards without anyone knowing what is occurring.
Dead men and dead accounts tell no tales.

The laundering banks are well aware of the funds pouring through them, but as it is a hundreds of billions of dollars business each year, cash deposits showing up from noodle merchant Joe Hassan mean nothing as his monthly check to VISA is all the bank sees.
VISA sees only 12 transfers to the Obama Campaign and the FEC sees nothing at all out of the ordinary in these blind dry cleaning accounts.

Barack Obama is thought to have over 200 million dollars in overseas account transfers, so this is a major hawala money transfer. His receipt entries are in odd sums as $24.23, which denote a money exchange rate of dinars, euros etc... to American dollars. All of this is published and known, and yet the FEC has not moved nor has the liberal press bothered in the least, no more than when Bill Clinton was laundering funds much like Hillary was caught doing with the Chinese again earlier this year.
This is another aspect of the Obama campaign in Muslim billionaires are handing out money for people to donate to Barack Obama in their personal accounts as the Chinese had perfected for the Clintons. In addition, there are reports that ATM cards are being handed out to poor people whereby they cash them in for $50, keep $10 and donate to Obama $40.
This is probably where ACORN is registering it's new voters from in the Obama campaign states it is buying stage and lighting services from CSI of New Orleans who does not handle that at all, but CSI is stated to be transferring money to ACORN in it's election stealing business.

The Obama campaign is hitting on all cylinders though in even using to move funds around for them. is supposed to be a not for profit group by George Soros, but the immense problem is has been either selling their member list (that would mean a business selling something for a profit), is hiring itself out to the Obama campaign to raise funds (that would mean is a business employing people for profitable ventures) or is part of a dry cleaning operation involving all of the above with the Obama camp paying funds in for "services" which has literally no business being in and the funds are filtering then back to Obama.
It is like you paying a kid to mow your lawn, the kid mows your lawn while setting up a sign for people to donate to you, and the kid takes a cut out of the donations and gives you back your original payment via his girlfriend, Michelle.

The last is the marketing of Obama from selling clothing to the illegal fraud and financial appropriating public funds via Gwen Ifill of PBS to promote his campaign.
Ms. Ifill runs Washington Week in Review which is in in the public trust sector and receives public funding. She in turn was covering the GOP convention and scheduled herself to monderate the Palin / Biden debate. The problem is Ms. Ifill has been taking funds to write a book for Mr. Obama set to release on election day.
This is a typical heinous act of the Obama campaign using stooges to promote them with millions of dollars of publicity for free.
What Gwen Ifill, David Letterman, Craig Fergeson etc... all have done is enter a public trust venue mandated to operate fairly for the public good and have then deliberately made their entire programs attack features on the GOP for Barack Obama.

This is akin to if Norm Abrams of This Old House was telling viewers how bad Makita tools were on every program to only find out in November that Craftsman had hired him to write a book on how great their tools were.

All of this is criminal fraud from money to violations of the Federal Communications Commission. Fines and jail time are required in this for numerous people involved in this fraud of the Obama money train.
The IRS deems gifts as income, so these gifts to the Obama campaign either are illegal income or have to be regulated by the Federal Elections Commission as "free and equal time", along with the illegal acceptance of dry cleaned funds are not part of a campaign, but part of a conspiracy of the Obama Money Train.

All the crooks are on board, now send it to Leavenworth Federal Prison.

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