Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Surrenders to McCain

Tonight like the 3 previous debates, we have found that John S. McCain's real name is John W. A. McCain.
The W. A. stand for Whoop Ass.

Time after time viewers witnessed Barack Obama surrender to John McCain's intelligence, experience, manhood and with a follow up from Sen. Obama, "Sen. McCain is right".

Viewers were startled to learn that Barack Obama does not know how to use a pen, tear a piece of paper and mail a letter like his good friend, nation rapist, Warren Buffett, as both of them want to pay more in taxes they always say, and for some reason they just can't seem to write that check out.
So to assist Sen. Obama, here is what you do Barry to pay more in taxes as there are no laws against you freely doing it. You don't need to pass laws stealing money from Americans who pay more than enough in taxes now. You can indeed with Warren Buffett pay more in taxes.

You write a check out Sen. Obama with a pen. In the PAY TO, you write United States Treasury.
Warren Buffett can list the 31 billion he looted from poor people last year and you can as you want people to pay 60% in taxes write in your check, $65,000.
You sign it Barack Obama. Then for the real task, you pull on the edge of the check upward and it tears loose.
Address an envelope to:

United States Treasury
Washington, DC

Put your check in, put a stamp on the upper right hand corner and seal it up. Believe it or not the Post Office will deliver it.

It is much easier Sen. Obama than not providing health care for disabled children or pulling them out of their mother's womb, sucking their brains out in infanticide which you voted for and support.

Sen. Obama, it seems your two biggest malevolent mentors are being cast aside like garbage. You act like you don't know William Ayers the voyeur rapist of a Jewish girl which Politico stated in an article that Bill Ayers babysat your children and once again tonight you attacked education which Teddy Kennedy wrote the entire bill on just a few years ago.
Teddy does deserve a whole lot better treatment Sen. Obama than bashing him about in every agreement session you have with John McCain.

Barack Obama fled from is own policies all night and even with Bob Schieffer constantly trying to interrupt John McCain, he still couldn't admit to anything beyond raising taxes and driving American jobs further offshore by taxing those businesses more.
Obama's most disgusting moments beyond the butchery of children was to not repudiate racism in his campaign, sexism in his campaign using the vulgar C word for Gov. Palin and to lie to the American public that he is not funding voter fraud destroying the free election process in the United States.

Obama's programming just does not hold up and if people will notice in what was quoted before:

Look Barack Obama's hair color which was black when this started. It was black going into August. Suddenly during the first debate one noticed it was turning white. It continues to turn white in each encounter in being trounced by John McCain.
Obama has gone from 47 to 57 in 3 weeks. At that rate, he is going to be 197 years old by December 31st, 2009.

Barack Obama surrendered tonight completely to John McCain. That is the story.

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