Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For entertainment Value

Today I was moved to dress in my stupid farmer mode. It is always interesting to gauge the reaction of people to a lesson my beloved Uncle taught me long ago.

He was hauling a load of grain when he was stopped by the state police, because I suppose the Trooper was bored and looking for someone to be official with. My Uncle told me later, "You just go into the ignorant farmer mode and act like you don't know too much and you they let you go every time".
So today I was dressed in my dead father's coat, some jeans and was shuffling about doing errands having all of these women grin at me, as even my menacing aviators all seem pleasant when you are digging in dirt.

What amazed me though was a crop I see sprouting every spring across America as the temperatures warm, and that is beaner Mexicans on their green card migration route as human traffic for the slave profiteers.
Sometimes it is attitude little Mexican fellars looking all gangster in little town America and sometimes it is as today the gaggle of senoras.

What amazed me was I was in store and I could not comprehend first what on earth these women were chattering about, giggling, laughing and making more of a fuss than if they each just birthed the Christ child.
In listening to them though as the scent and sound of buttered popcorn popping filled the air, I realized they were thrilled with standing around a popcorn machine.

I immediately thought of the voodoo witch doctor on Gilligan's Island taking Thurston Howell's money and throwing it away and playing with the rubber band which contained it.
Then I started contemplating as the chicas barely would move out of the way the question, "What on earth do people of the first world have in common with people who are thrilled with popcorn machines?"

I mean, look at Ahmadinejad and his malevolent self grandiose expressions of "Iran has advanced on the nuclear stage". This might be a wonderful achievement for a 3rd worlder, but as I checked the calendar, America did this in 1945, without Russians, Chinese and North Koreans providing cheat sheet notes.
This uproar of Kim Jong Ill firing rockets which seem to be allot more failed use of propellants to the world of Chicoms building factories using slave labor is really only Mexicans gathered around the popcorn machine giggling with delight.
The advanced nations gave up on the things which are now milestones of "looky what I did" nations.

Build me a resonant light generator to amplify human thought by enhanced metallic injections into the human so they can open the Book of Recordings to see past, present and future my 3rd worlders and then..............well, you will still be following in the footsteps of more advanced people, but at least you will have something that has not made the news yet.

What in the world is America going to do with 11 million more voters who think popcorn machines are the Apollo rocket taking men to the moon, joined with 65 million Jeanine Garafalo's who have a phobia of the sun, phobia of shampoo for the grease dripping from their hair and speak like 3rd worlder Perez Hilton, all thinking Birdie Obama is the answer to something?

These women are barely 5 feet tall in the generational lack of nutrition, but are dressed better than the sod buster Americans.

I realize America is a wonderful place, but you have got to think something is amiss if foreigners think Nebraska is something to be excited about. Warren Buffett, nation rapist and his pet mouse, Noel Sheppard is not exactly Cherry County Nebraska, the one place in that state having a semblance of beauty.

I remember a few years ago I had this horrid old Indonesian woman writing to me as a "pen pal". Indonesia is interesting as it is the land of Obama. This old cow was one of the nastiest people I have ever had the displeasure of.
She would attack President Bush for "not knowing" about some pissy little country in Europe. I informed her if the country amounted to anything, perhaps it would be worth knowing.

She then went on about her accomplished relatives, to which I replied with the long list of my much more accomplished relatives.

This went on for some time in her shallowness, her relating how she was verbally accosting an American girl who for some reason was writing to this old bag, with me typing letters and wondering, "How long with this old gal keep this up before she gets the message she is not that bright and I'm making a fool of her".
It took 3 more letters before this 3rd worlder ended it, whose daughter was a writer in a major publication..........but not before she repeatedly stated how much she disliked America.

To which I informed her, they sold plane tickets and she could be out in a day to her Europa for which she in bigotry yearned.

She was though they stereotypical 3rd worlder who Americans from Michelle Malkin's tribe to my own left behind within a few years and were Americanized, while this bag and the millions of Obama voters are still speaking Cuban, Russian, Chinese and whatever as they hate America.

But it gets better as Beyonce ended the day on David Letterman, droppin' her "g's". The same Beyonce who Barack Obama loves and sounds like she has a 3rd grade education she wasted.

How though does Peggy Noonan tipping back a quart of vodka deal with her Obama and his choice of his people who pass her by with contempt.

Perhaps Peggy Noonan should have gotten a popcorn machine as that surely would have lured her Obama in, because it certainly works on Mexicans.