Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I usually neglect to mention a great deal of things in my expertise and existential experience as it would sound either like bragging or it would intimidate the children which I walk among.

For example, Carrie Prejean, Miss California, I'm a little more qualified than the judges to judge her as my family actually produced 3 national pageant winners, and, a numbers enough of other crown wearers on maternal and paternal sides to make one blink.
I once told my cousin that the biggest problem in life was, "I was related to all the beautiful women in the world."
Yes, besides God's given brilliance, I'm one of the too beautiful to recognize.

The reason any of this matters is that my female family members are doctors, corporate executives and PHD's, and, the nicest people in the world who also do not take crap from people.

I have an affinity for Miss Prejean as I know her, and, when her Grandmother comes out with guns blazing being an American protecting her family, I judge Grandma as sensually beautiful as her granddaughter, because these are all tough American women who have intelligence.

I find it amusing that the sodomite Perez Hilton, (I apologize if I do not know this pustule, but I stopped trying to catalogue pimples who are so forgotten already they will not be a blip on an eternal meter.), is in a cat fight with two Ladies who are not in a cat fight as he hisses, spits, claws, looks like he wants to just have some beautiful woman rescue him from being queer.

Yes queer is the word for Perez Hilton as he is odd. He vents his self hatred on other people by degrading them in his hateful words. It is the surest psychopathic sign that he enjoys inflicting pain, because he is in pain.
So Perez Hilton shows up at a beauty pageant not looking to judge women, but to look to see if he can get hisself rescued from being a sodomite.

Kitties who claw should not wear there feces on their sleeves as it leaves the smells of their aversions to normality reminding how abnormal they are.

I really do not have a great deal of time since Bob Barker politicized them in his anti fur nonsense. Just like women not wearing fur kept one mink from not dying. The Truth is those mink either starved to death or a horned owl stuck their talons into them and picked out their brains.
A trap numbing a foot so an animal without the high central nervous system of a human, which the mink can not feel, being drown in a few minutes is a great deal more humane than Bob cutting out reproductive organs over his lack of children or morphine overdose of pets thrown into dumpsters as they suffocate.
Donald Trump did none of the pageants any good either. It all rather sad that these beautiful women have been surrounded, assaulted and abused by some of the ugliest things in the world. Perez Hilton is but the latest manifestation of that.

I especially laughed at Hilton's sophomoric comeback to Grandma in attempting to isolate her from the American Silent Majority.
Hilton listed he was an American gay and latin who knows a thing about women in the spotlight.

Oddly, I seem to recall that Charlie Manson is an American, sex pervert American, who knew a thing about Sharon Tate and other connected American women too. It seems Perez Hilton is stating that Charlie Manson is his equal and will be appearing with Perez to judge women in the next Miss America Pageant.

That is the problem when a sodomite starts attempting to isolate Americans in order to smear them...........exactly like Noel Sheppard attempting to cut me out of the herd in his weakling smear attempt on this blog. Catty little boys pull this stuff when they are incapable of dealing with the adults.

The worst of it is IS Perez Hilton in insulting these two American Ladies then tried to put God on his side in Perez is "praying" for these two American Ladies.
It is a stretch to say Hilton prays to God, but his intent was to leave that message that God was on a feces penis side and not on the Biblical side.

The fact is God abhors what is termed homosexual behavior. God terms it an abomination. The reason homosexual behavior is incorrect is it harms greatly those who engage in it. It steals from the reason society exists in creating children in strong families so a new generation can inherit the work of those who invest in correct conduct.
God makes all kinds of people with all kinds of flaws. Some people are gluttons, some profane in speech, some thieves, some murderers, some sow strife, some put starring in a motion picture ahead of God...........like money shows up ahead of God. All of those things like sodomy must be overcome, because none of those things last. Only God's Spirit lasts and the rest passes away to eternal death.

This is the Law and no amount of Hefner or Perez cheating, fudging or stealing will change that fact.

If Perez Hilton was of God's Holy Spirit, he would not be a homosexual, would not be using an American beauty pageant as a political weapon and would not be attacking to American Ladies.
Perez Hilton would recognize, be convicted in his sin of rebellion against God's Law and would be in a process of humble change. He would not be referring to Carrie Prejean as a "b*tch".

There is a reason God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and the cites of the plain. The most noted were the men who showed up at Lot's door and wanted to rape the Angels sent by God to deliver Lot.
Sodom was rampant with gay perversion, but even more so in corrupt judges who were not upholding the laws to protect people and breaking all the Commandments of God to such an extent that they had so corrupted their nature to the DNA nature that these people had stopped being "people" who could be transformed into children of God.
They had become without remedy and would degrade the entire human population.

God in His Love stopped this as leaving people in that horrid state was only torturing them as they only would become worse and leaving them loose in the world would only harm the world to a Noah end.

Those are the facts.

The reality is a sodomite named Perez Hilton conducted a hate crime which gays always make march against as reprehensible. Perez Hilton assaulted Carrie Prejean and is in a process of raping her and her family, emotionally with hate speech when these people have done nothing but be Americans.

The worst thing Perez Hilton can do is call God's attention to what is going on as it is reprehensible and an abomination which he is up to in God's Law and what he is doing in assaulting two innocent Ladies who are just following God's normal laws whose reward is peace and prosperity.

Carrie Prejean and her Grandmother are shining examples of the virtues of being American. They are fair, honest and civil. Perez Hilton has been nothing but vindictive, verbal assaults and profane.

The secret in this is Carrie Prejean was not just facing a trial by God in what she would choose in right or wrong. She chose right.
Carrie Prejean is one of a number of waymarks now which Angels of God are marking for a trial. The case will be Carrie Prejean as witness for the Prosecution before the Judge, Jury and Prosecutor, Jesus the Christ.

See Carrie Prejean is a national waymark in assisting God to sort out His children from the devil's minions by their actions.

She is unaware of this, but the Angels are come with candles illuminating and searching the hidden things all through America for judgment.

Not many people are chosen to be a waymark on a national scale concerning national sins in exposing who are on God's side and those who are on their self destructive side.

May God bless Carrie Prejean to not falter and be delivered from temptation and evil, to grow into the Light her Grandmother is and more, in Jesus Name. Amen

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