Tuesday, August 25, 2009

what the deuce is down

It was interesting to see that Ann Coulter struck blood on Joseph Farah in her words which were stabbing him in the back in emails to readers who contacted her literally hurt tough skinned Farah as he put it.

I believe some logical explanations have to be made in this Obama birther saga in all involved as the things people are not saying and the things people are saying are all becoming deceptions which are not doing anyone any good.........as once people lie, there is no basis for the Truth and the entire drama crumbles like Harry Reid's career in Nevada now being wiped out by his Republican challenger.

First off, no questions, I will just provide the answers and allow people to mull things over, although I might question myself as I'm so God blessed I usually like the answers as they make me look good.

Ann Coulter if she had voted for John McCain, could not care less how much dancing the Indians were doing on their warpath on Obama. It is a talking point one hears from Miki Malkin (I have re christened her as her name is such a Muchelle drag now.) in the birthers are taking away from more important issues.
Something more important than the Constitution? Pray tell what would that be?

As far as that patrician Ann and Miki talking point is bogus beyond belief, as this blog covers all aspects of Obama, Joseph Farah has a crew which is putting pointy sticks into Obama daily and various reporters have now grown testicles in finding it is sport to join in the people who have opened this front since 2008, not being bothered by the leftist sniping about being slandered in racism or other nonsense.
Sure the bloggers stormed the gates and now Andrew Breitbart is giving the victory speech in things bloggers have said as Fred Barnes hides in the bushes still wondering which side will win, but hey, that is the way life is...........Warriors do the fighting and crew that picks up the poop lives to tell their children how they won the war.

So it all looks like Ann Coulter is protecting her Obama interest in she voted for this traitor with a Peggy Noonan dew on her lily.
The venom she is spewing at birthers and Farah is beyond reproach or necessity. In fact, it is pure idiocy as birthers are the foundation of all that has opened the chasm in the Obama glitz. While Miki Malkin chatters on about some worn out underling Marxist spew and Ann Coulter is doing nothing but sounding like an Obama attack vixen, the point is lost that in warfare if the Kurdz are kicking the hell out of Saddam and tying up his forces, you don't tell them to stop. You just let them run the gambit and do your little thing.........even if Ann Coulter's little thing is no one is paying any attention to her emaciated lines now which mirror her need for some good beef and ice cream for dessert.

So Ann Coulter is in bed with all the people who voted for Bearick Obama........makes sense in her protecting her own love interest while doing a hate job on Joseph Farah.

Joseph Farah though has so much juggling going on that while he has never made public his promised "proof", I do believe logic points what is going on.
It is disappointing in Farah lists Jerome Corsi as his best at World Net Daily. Corsi recycles things which appeared on this blog and others long ago. He failed miserably in his Obama research on the birth issue........and as I note, Jack Cashill and that titan, Aaron Klein are what makes World Net Daily click. The associate editors sound a great deal like parrots in repeating 3/4's of a story and adding only 1/4 new information.

What I have concluded is this concerning Joseph Farah. He has for some time known certain information concerning Bearick Obama. He like many in the press knew of the backlash if they went public with things to topple Obama for real. So they like scampering Breitbart are waiting for this blacklash which this blog alone predicted would happen and it is.

Somewhere in this the past month Jerome Corsi found something. World Net Daily went on the attack in trying to descredit the Kenyan connection about the time Joseph Farah went on his bragging spree of "proof".
In reviewing Jerome Corsi's postings and what Joseph Farah hinted at later concerning to watch the Stanley Ann area of 1961 and Washington state, it is logical to conclude that Jerome Corsi found something which looked a great deal like Bearick Obama was born in Vancouver, British Columbia as he kept focusing on the strangeness of who are Obama's parents and her apparently quick trip from Hawaii to Washington after junior's birth.

Note now that Farah has kept his proof under wraps now for almost a month. Note that Jerome Corsi is now looking into the Grandmother Sarah tapes which actually without one doubt have her repeatedly saying she was at Barack Obama's birth and he was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

Corsi and Farah are playing this out now in the Kenyan connection as that builds higher and higher with Ministers on record and Kenyan officials all stating that Obama's birth certificate is on file at Mombasa.

In rhetorical question though, how does that fit in with information that Barry Obama looks to have evidence he was born in Vancouver, British Columbia?
Add to that, how is Barry Obama registered at the same time in Hawaii?

What if I were to tell you that all 3 birth certificates are legally correct.

Here is the plausible scenario.

Remember Stanley Ann was telling her babysitter in Washington about being Bearick sr's. second wife in a harem of wives, to probably appease his old man who was on a tirade.
What if Madelyn sent Stanley to Washington to get the kid away from that strange Bearick sr.

Stanley Ann being goofy for Obama sr. conspired with him to go to Kenya and that is where she was from about her 4th month on in pregnancy.
Kenya was not exactly a welcoming place for little white girl Stanley Ann, but she stuck it out and had the baby Obama on August 4th, 1961.

Within a few days, she flew the coop in Kenya literally on a connecting flight to London, then to Ottawa with baby Obama and landed in Vancouver.
Kenya was an African crown colony, but Canada was a dominion, so Stanley Ann registers her baby Bearick at Vancouver as a Canadian British subject with all the perks for a little boy who will be pushed to be Prime Minister. (Remember that little Barry was spouting such nonsense in wanting to be president as he had such low self esteem. He was getting that from his mother.)

Madelyn at this point is Madelyn and is going to protect her daughter from herself and save this tan baby from strange Bearick sr. in what she will move for in a divorce once the daughter shakes off her jungle fever.
Madelyn goes down to the hospital at Honolulu, the first one will not register the kid, so she makes a sob story at the second one and they register the baby without any data. Madelyn then has the boy as an American Citizen who can not be taken out of the country again to Kenya.
The birth notice is then published in the paper along with the bogus data Madelyn furnished in the happy Obama family living where no one was.

If all of this paperwork floating is legitimate, this is how Bearick Obama has all of these places of birth. This would give a scenario for Joseph Farah's actions and now his keeping mum with Corsi on their proof.
Mr. Farah in turn is getting the bajesus kicked out of him when if he would just put it out there, and put it all together, it would make sense and he could win a Pulitzer Prize for..........well work done here that is open to everyone, but he just has problems with it, because I like others he has smarted off to, bow to no one even in his egomania.

The end result are these patricians sniping at each other, being asses at most occasions to bloggers who have already covered what these people are "finding as news" now, and the one person skidding ahead clear is Bearick Huxxein Obama.

Mr. Obama is British and a knowing usurper. He has bankrupted the United States and ruined the last remaining infrastructure while living like a French King while his paupers languish.

Mr. Obama is now placing America in severe jeopardy in his Bush bashing attacks on the CIA, by that criminal conspirator Eric Holder who moved Bill Clinton to pardon Marc Rich who was Saddam Hussein's money laundering kingpin.
The entire infrastructure of American security is now to a point that wars are being staged to bring about a deflection for Obama to attempt to stay in power illegally.

Mr. Obama must be stripped of the White House immediately. He must be stripped of the title 44th President as he is not and never has been. He is an illegal and a seditious conspirator against the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is past time that Ann Coulter untie her butterfly sanitary pad she has knotted up for Obama and past time Joseph Farah stop playing coy, because numbers of people's lives are in jeopardy of WMD death once these Obama Wars escalate to the next stage he intends.

This is not a game for profits nor a pleasure in protecting one's Obama inflatable doll. This is about cities disappearing in WMD exchanges and masses of people dying all because Bearick Obama is on a consumption spree that is going to feed on dead people to keep hisself in power.

You people are responsible for this in your none of the above books and your attacking the birthers. Responsibility means answering for mass casualties in the Middle East and American cities for the way this will play out.

If you can not figure out why George Soros is drilling for oil off of Brazil for a massive new supply, it means the Middle East supply is going to disappear. That is called biological, chemical and nuclear pollution of the oil fields.
The cartel does not trust the Indonesia or polar back ups. They have moved this to the American sphere. That should be the biggest red alarm warning for anyone, because Soros knows what is coming and he is drilling for oil in what is a secure locality. He is not drilling for expensive offshore oil at current prices, but is drilling for when supply is cut from the Middle East which appears to be very soon.

Figure it out as it is all in print above this line.

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