Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama's Oil Plug Experts

Poor Obama, he can't help hisself as he was born eatin' poi and with a silver hammer and sickle in his mouth.
President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton

Literally, this is what Bill Clinton said on June 9, 2010, in remarks about the Obama Gulf Gusher and Obama deliberately sabotaging this as Obama suffers from a matter of personality and it is not in him to handle any crisis (The 3 AM call) other than lashing out with his scythe and blaming folks.

Now the liberal press stated Bill was praising that bright boy, but when Bill Clinton has to weigh in with 3 simple things of plug the hole, stop the oil coming from shore and clean it up, AND THEN PUT PEOPLE IN PRISON, in laying out a sound, normal, common sense problem which anyone could reason out, except Obama who was intent on turning this to a catastrophe to use against Americans for hisself, Bill Clinton just became defacto President and setting the coup stage to rid America of Mr. Obama.

Bill Clinton also started making the push for using the Russian method of plugging this Obama Gulf Gusher now that the damage is completed on the GOP Gulf States, of using a nuclear bomb.

The nuke in question is the same nukes this blog advocated being given to the Jews in mass, to deliver by hand to all of the Persian communist sites and blowing them up as the "strike".
They are about the size of a soccer ball and would make an area of glass cork for this well.

The current oil experts and the current Bill Clinton group are pushing this model to save the Democratic party from Obama, so the Clintons will get the credit. I have personally refrained from this involvement of the US Navy and nuclear warheads put down the pipe miles via rod delivery for the following reasons:

Reason 1: This is not a 100% certain kill switch. This well is a blow out as this blog has stated from Day One, Americans have been lied to by the Obama regime and by the patricians cronies who sabotaged this well at BP leadership.
This well has from the beginning of having low flow rate in the first day, which is where the low numbers came from turned into a 50,000 psi geyser which is eroding drill pipe and cutting it's own fissures in the bedrock.
If this nuclear warhead is not placed in the correct strata, if that strata indeed does exist as it might be an aneurysm in the rock now, it will literally create a fracture point, where this 50,000 psi trillion gallon reservoir of oil and methane might just blow the thing to the surface like a blood clot in an artery.
So instead of a pipe casing hole leaking, it could be a hundred yard wide Obama Gusher bursting a billion gallons of oil an hour.

Reason 2: Ties into reason 1, in Obama and BP knew this well was extreme high pressure, as Russian wells are high pressure which were using the nuke corker method, but this well was chosen for the potential for damage, which means those oil rivers flowing elsewhere from this pipe are not necessarily coming from the pipe, but from a natural geyser having formed through the bedrock fissures or fault lines.
The data has not been made public, and if this warhead is detonated in an area which is perhaps like the mud of Oakland or filled with faults like San Andres, it could literally fracture the entire region where it would be oil wells gushing on their own in new ones having been formed by the blast.
Plug one damn hole and make a thousand other geysers.

Reason 3: This is a deep earth huge oil and methane well. It was recorded in the New York Times that now Obama in his dithering has released more methane into the atmosphere than ever in history.
Bare with this explanation now. Shallow wells like in Texas are fed through fissures in the bedrock from deep wells, which is what this Obama Gusher has tapped into. These shallow wells deplete and refill from these deep earth reservoirs under immense pressure, that is where you get your high pressures and why shallow wells occur.
For every Prudhoe Bay, Saudi fields or Texas gusher there is a deep earth high pressure well feeding it. That has all been kept secret, but is the exclusive exposed here.

In that foundation, everyone has made the mistake of slapping water as a child, or seen perhaps in their towns a water pipe blow out, where it will blow out one pipe, but every pipe located on the line will blow out sewage into every one's homes.
There is going to be immense pressure released in this nuclear warhead and that pressure will shove that oil and methane gas back down into the original high pressure well, which is feeding numbers of wells in the Gulf. Literally in a tar ball gusher, this oil wave could literally force a plume as it has to expand somewhere, and where it will expand to is the other wells and could cause them all to blow out too and shut them down.

Reason 4, in understanding that, and noting this is all connected to bedrock structure, this shockwave which is hydro in nature, meaning amplified as fluid in motion creates tidal waves, an oil tidal wave could not just cause all the wells in the region to gush, but it could set off a series of deep earthquakes similar to Haiti.

We do not know the core samples, geological sonar readings of the region in full, and dumping a nuke in that well could plug it, but all of the above or any of the above could be the result of this nuke. Literally you could trade one bad well for a thousand.
And the scary part about this is, there is no time limit on this once that nuke goes off, that entire glass plug could shatter or be eroded away or around in a months or a year and we would be back to a bigger problem as what is the solution then? A bigger nuke for a bigger Obama hole?

I believe the casing should have been attempted to be repaired, as in a laser weld, where one builds up the bead and can puddle metal or molten rock to either plug or fix the blow out. There were other methods featured in this blog from the start and I will expand on that to a larger pipe being sunk however far down around the hole in using water jets to cut the bedrock as done in the granite quarry industry.

This should have been done from Day One as this blog said all these people were lying and have been exposed as liars for moving Americans dollars in debt to Muslim oil mafia revenues, as this is what this has been about from Day One and Obama is in on it.

We do not know enough about the strata to use a nuclear bomb. That is the fact and the evidence reveals other fissures have been cut from a faulty bedrock, which would prove disaster in any of the above scenarios.

So I need no forgiveness in a pool of liars, if I don't believe Obama, patrician Europeans running BP who started this, or trust Bill Clinton listening to "experts" who grew up in Utah with nukes being tested, as Utah bedrock does not match the Gulf bedrock, and until we know 100% what is in the Gulf strata, I am not for any nukes going off in trying to plug a hole just because mother Russia did it in their bedrock conditions.

Bill Clinton though can be counted on like James Carville to wade into the tar ball mess, and tar ball Obama deservedly "with compliments" which only help Hillary replace the destructive Obama.

Bill Clinton though in case you missed it in his statement of Obama, got in his racist digs again, as he said it was not in Obama's personality in being a bright boy to know how to fix things.

That is code for Obama is good for beatin' his feet on the Mississippi mud, but does not have the capacity of a white Arkansas Commander in Chief.

Bill is still furious he had to make Hillary take a dive as globalist punishment for Mr. Clinton selling that Asian uranium out from under the European cartel who is behind this gusher. He found a way to run that southern racism back into this for one more lash from the whip as a Clinton, I TOLD YOU SO, that Obama might be bright, but Obama being tan still needs the white folks around to give him the orders.

There is a full coup taking place by the Clintons in the Democratic party against Obama and Bill is sinking in the knife. Bill thinks he has the way to be the savior, but his nuclear bomb might be a messiah, which will tar ball Obama worse.

Someone needs to get the full information reviewed, which should have been done by the Obama winners from Day One, and get this well capped as the Gulf is now dead while alive, and the only thing Bill Clinton has done so far is tar and feather Birdie Obama again.

Let them Clinton white folks do the drivin' Miss Daisy, Obama just can't help hisself.

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