Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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The coming elections as this blog had warned years ago is not going to fix the destruction B. Hussein Obama has inflicted upon America and her allies.

Bankruptcy, massive debt, Brzezinski Islamic terrorism, Putin and Chicom aggression, Persian Islamocommunism, OPEC energy dependence, Narco Communist South American despots, a gutted US banking and production sector, with increasing problems in the agriculture division and Americans becoming more ill daily in poisoned food, are not going to disappear no matter if an "undo Obama" law is passed.
The money is gone, the industry is gone and America is gone. That will not change in a GOP take over and it will not change if Obama is in prison or in the White House.

The chessboard is a region of exploiting weakness to one's advantage. The advantage in all of this was put into play by the European cartel financiers as they have a purpose to rule the world again from a European empire with Jerusalem as the capital.
This is not some recent event, but it is older than the Alexander the Great empire.

Adolf Hitler espoused this lust most perfectly as Ahmadinejad espouses it from the Asian sphere. The Assyrian German in their national socialist religion sought to link European technology to the raw resources and slave labor of the Asians. The Asian now seeks to link the technology of the west to the raw resources and dictatorial regimes which rule those masses.

The buffer in this is America in a Pax Americanus as this blog has noted. These parties mutually now both desire America removed for their dominant roles. America by virtue is the enemy of the two and it is why Islamic counterfeit funds flowed into Obama's 2008 campaign in bribes and it is why Berlin was chosen as Obama's mein kampf to bow to his European Rothschild benefactors.
Both the Islamic and Shabbatai Zvi Rothschilds, each have an order of belief and each deemed Obama the perfect Judas Goat which they groomed in advancement and funding for his entire Ford Foundation and Muslim oil mafia dollars. This group purchased Mr. Obama and his rewards to them have been trillions of dollars looted from America for Europe and the assassination of key Islamic competitors.

What no front bencher has ever analyzed and is exclusive here is the question is Mr. Obama a Sunni or a Shia. He bows to Sunni Saudi Arabia and yet assists Shia Persian Islamocommunists in the murder of their Iranian Patriots.
The Saudi's have warned of a coming nuclear Islamic confrontation equal to the all encompassing Islamic battles between Sunni and Shia due to Mr. Obama's dithering in Islam in stoking the Iranian inferno.
Is Mr. Obama playing the Brzezinski Muslim against each other in allowing Iran to build more nuclear bombs, and as this blog has exclusively predicted is a policy doctrine in this Marxist group in a nuclear pollution of the entire Middle East.

As has only been noted here, a smoking sea of radioactive glass or Chernobyls spewing radioactive poison into the region, not only exterminates the Islamic competitors of Islamic raised Obama, but also drifts a massive death wave into China, which in key strategy implodes a billion Chinese who will be fighting among themselves instead of being Putin's antagonist against America in an Alaskan invasion as is planned in the Eurasian World War.

Mr. Obama seems insane and is quite insane, but his actions while looking insane, are quite deliberated, planned out and with specific purpose on a greater world domination strategy being played out from central Europe.

The design of Obama, as he is a European designed negro, is to create a stalemate in the American production and political system which will last in a crippling effect long enough for the Rothschild cartel to sweep into the voids left by America to form their world order equal to the years that the Europeans dominated the Spice Trade in dividing the world.

Stalemate is what Obama fully intends as his benefactors do, and it is why he is campaigning blaming the GOP in the most ludicrous stump dogma. Obama will claim lone martyr status in his suicide bombing of America's political structure for the brotherhood all through to the 2012 elections. His is a delaying action and mirrors his game in releasing smudged passports. Obama intends to withdraw as Hitler did to a smoking scorched earth scenario as his puppy press dry humps a liturgy for worship in how mahdi Obama saved the world, but the GOP stopped the resurrection.

The Obama abyss is complete and the assessment is the Eurasians will exploit this to their full advantage as Obama dithers for as long as he can maintain power.
Reality is nothing short of mass arrests and removal of these patricians with only Reaganite energy production, security, and freeing Americans would still require at least 2 years from onset to gain a footing for America to be prosperous and secure in restoration.

This blog noted that Sarah Palin might not have a nation to put back together as this dithering is by design to be so complete that America has no options. It is noted that the Obama factions of this Eurasian son have options of nuclear terror, Mexican riots to energy rationing built into the system, so that if an American does control the Government again, there are trip wires to occupy the governmental structure to keep America inward instead of challenging outward.

As the Holy Ghost spake by the Prophets in the Bible, Israelite America has hairs which are grey and she knows it not yet.

This is going to take Jesus intervention as Lord of the Battle, because America does not have the time nor the revolution to save herself from the son of wrath in B. Hussein Obama.

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