Friday, December 10, 2010

AES: Artificial Economic Support

I was wondering why Obama's bitten lip with lace stitches doesn't appear so much as an elbow to the face and teeth bite marks, but more like someone who bent over at the waist and was admiring penis piercing jewelry too close and a nasty cock whip from a metal post punctured and did the damage..........

I digress now as your are not interested in such trivial matters.

You have heard of Artificial Life Support, well this blog exclusively has defined America and the world fictional economy as now on Artificial Economic Support, and America is the blood donor to a worldwide horde of vampires and cannibals eating America's young.

This blog exclusively pointed out that Obama was plundering the US Treasury in dumping those funds into European banks. Upon Fed releases we now know for certain that Obama bailed out European and Muslim banks, his cronies such as GE and with the communist Chinese banks getting a lions share no yet admitted to, there is a semblance of how Obama raided America, and what was left Tim Geithner was dumping it into the cartels on Wall Street.

There is no world economy or an economy at all. All there is, is a lend lease by FDR which degraded to fractal lending by the Federal Reserve creating massive debt in America in a transference of debt to Americans, while the cartels have horded what is now hundreds of trillions of US wealth.
The Obamanomics paradigm is a reverse of the Bush paradigm. In the Bush structure, America stole from South Korea and Asia. In the Clinton years, they took in Chicom bribes to get into the Stock Market and plundered key central European cartels for Greenspan's Dotcom bust.
What Obama, who was installed by the Soros cartels has been up to, is simply transferring every last penny out of America to the Eurasians.

Russia, China, India are all doing fabulous in Obama monetary transfers, and with the continued Muslim oil mafia monopoly, assisted by Obama tarballing the GOP Gulf, that faction is doing Caliph wonderful.
What is taking place in western Europe though from Ireland to Greece is by design to reduce competitors to the old central European cartel to ashes, so they can put suits on the ground and take things over in conquest.
Only here has it been noted that this triad was simply worked out in Chinese hordes of slave labor, Russian resources and military might and European directorship is what this implosion of America and western Europe is all about.

This is the Hitler model of National Socialism which was at odds with Anglo American finance, desired to harness the Slavic hordes as slave labor and would be fed by Russian raw resources.
This cartel has just replaced for the moment the German war machine with Putins and Slavs with Chicoms, but the protocols are the same as they always have been, and with the Obama paradigm funding this all in AES, Artificial Economic Support, it is all being pulled off.

Was not it stated here years ago predicting that the European cartels would accomplish this on the US Dollar and then dump the Dollar crashing things? Just a week ago Putin and Hu were divesting themselves of Dollars. This is no surprise to Obama nor Ben Bernanke as both know what they are doing in the process laid out for them to transfer rule to Europe.
Ed Koch bemoans how bad America is humiliated by everyone in the world now. Mr. Koch voted for this and his Obamaniacs brought this to fruition for the order to come.

I happened to catch a Limbaugh caller who was stating that "next year" would be an economic boom for America, as in this constantly dying Terri Schiavo American second economy would breathe to life.
For the record, the Bush tax cuts were in place for 2 Obama years, and they did nothing to cure this Super Obama Depression. Obama transferred trillions to his cronies and that spending did nothing to assist America out of this staged economic implosion. In all of this, Obama has strangled the US economy. Obama has destroyed the energy sector in America from banning oil drilling to doing nothing on building electric plants. Obama is importing automobiles and except for a few weapons sales bribes, there is nothing in the American sector which can produce anything to spur economic growth.

Real estate is a fraud, and that bubble has yet to fully implode as it is artificially been buoyed since 2009. Banks have not yet felt the brunt of the Obama Dodd economic destruction of them. Agriculture is being choked by Obama to keep that revenue source from enriching farmers, and now even Al Gore is pulling back from bio fuels, so Rush Limbaugh's frauds on bio energy which was actually enriching real Americans producing a product, will no doubt be taken over soon enough by the Rockefellers again.

So in blovenity of screened callers, the question is just where as the insurance and medical industry implodes more each day, is this great economic surge going to come from?
It requires consumers and the American poor have no money. The jobless rate in America is still at 23% no matter what the patricians fudge the numbers at.
In addition, inflationary factors are going to start rising, because when the communist Chinese are now starting to battle inflation in China, they will not absorb the costs but place them on exports which flow to America.

This entire artificial environment should have imploded long ago, but is now on the verge of absolute collapse. The Dollar can not be worth 4 cents compared to a 1910 Dollar and have this continue as Bernanke prints money to pay for money printed. Monetizing is a shell game which is funding this rigged Ponzie Scheme, which is thee largest the world will ever be bankrupted by.

The farce of this is, these crooks can state whatever they want to say about the "economy" and conditions as it is all as bogus as their criminal plundering. China, India and Russia are hording gold. These nations are now the repositors of very expensive hard assets for the Europeans. When the time comes, gold will be busted to pennies in the future, and all of that gold will return to the Europeans as intended.

Little boy blue
Blows his horn
The cows stampede
and the sheep are shorn

You were informed in 2008 by Warren Buffett that nothing would changed, including horrid losses of jobs past 2010. When unemployment runs out, the masses will be made to work for cheap Mexican jobs in the equalization of global poverty.

It is a feudal Obama system just as Europe is with the trillionaires eating cake, and the rest of the Mexicans or French being worked to death as Muslims are on welfare like the livestock of the pen.

Europe will face more massive in state bailouts, funded discreetly by Obamerica. Eurasia proper will grow stronger coupled with the central European cartel.

America produces absolutely nothing. Obama has destroyed the value of the Dollar. The Financial structure is throttled by Obama reforms. There is just nothing in this deflationary cycle which is propped up to generate growth. The result is inflation will continue in stealth impoverishing Americans, and protecting the wealth of folks like Rush Limbaugh and Barack Hussein Obama.

America is on Artificial Economic Support as is the world, and the current running the machines is experiencing a brown out as all of this gasps.
You can count on one thing, the patricians will keep their fortunes and you will be screwed over n this left ever increasing debt.

Those who know the fraud of this keep silent to protect their fortunes and those who speak about it deliberately mislead to confuse the masses.

The American Economy is dead under the strangulation of Barack Hussein Obama. The body is on life support as is the western world. Life support means the body is incapable of functioning in being void of life.
That means it is all dead and has been decomposing before all of our eyes.

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