Friday, December 10, 2010

Outlaw USA

I really am moved by the Terry Lakin situation, as here you have an American Hero as much as Mario Apuzzo is in risking all to expose the undocumented status of B. Hussein Obama, and the Courts one and all protect the crimes of Barack Obama and literally destroy and smear those Patriots who give all to protect their America.

This is distressing as much as the Rod Blagojevich trial which basically ordered the Governor to admit on the stand he was a crook and denied him of defense. Terry Lakin had every avenue for defense barred from him from Col. Denise Lind in the greatest kangaroo court Stalinist sham outside of China, Russia, North Korea, Syria or Iran.

The very reason Terry Lakin refused to submit to Obama orders is because Obama is undocumented, and yet the Obama regime so narrowly focused those orders to be viewed as only, "Terry Lakin didn't obey his direct order" and nothing to do with the National Socialist who illegally gave them.
I do not use the term National Socialist in this, as if Denise Lind was a judge at the Nuremberg Trials against Nazi's, the Nazi's would have all been set free and Dwight Eisenhower imprisoned for interfering with Hitler's holocaust orders being implemented.

Make no mistake there is no difference in this at the root of the law. Nazi's were convicted for blindly following orders in Germany from a National Socialist and Terry Lakin is convicted FOR NOT FOLLOWING NATIONAL SOCIALIST ORDERS BLINDLY.
Seriously as the Europeans rise to power as the only superpower after what Obama is doing in destroying America, these same Soldiers from Patreaus on down can be hauled before European courts as war criminals when Obama is exposed eventually as having no authority to deploy an army and that army therefore is nothing more than a mob of terrorist murderers.

This is an evil time in America, and it reminds of the Biblical warnings of long ago to our Israelite forefathers in justice was subverted and good people were destroyed.
It was a time when right standing people were prudent in keeping silent and spoke of events amongst themselves, as God recorded all what was taking place for Justice.

Terry Lakin does not have one major personality championing him like Nancy Pelosi did Cindy Sheehan. What a shame that John McCain hasn't taken a stand for the Lt. Colonel, but then John McCain hasn't done jack squat for Soldiers being slaughtered by Obama in Afnamistan.
Where is a Rush Limbaugh doing something moral for once in featuring Terry Lakin on his program, informing Americans of this travesty of Justice and having his listeners jam the phone lines to make this a story, so the Terry Lakin gets Justice?

Terry Lakin risked all and will like the American Founders have most of what he has taken away in ruining him. There is no help from millionaires like Rush Limbaugh getting the best defense, best public relations and a combined push of news to bring this undocumented Obama to a head.
No Rush Limbaugh can write a million dollar check for sodomite Elton John who blasphemes Jesus thee Son of God, but Limbaugh can't help one American who has done and given more for America than the entire punditry on the "right" has ever or will ever do in their lives.

It is an evil time. It is the Age of Obama. America is no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of outlaws ruling America in a thugocracy.

I sincerely hope that Americans when the European cartels break this nation into a smouldering refuse that like the French Revolution that Terry Lakin will be like Mario Apuzzo sitting on regional court and all these frauds protecting Obama now, and having fled their bastions of Obama citadels of illegal courts because terrorists, Chicoms, Bolsheviks and Persians have bombed their cities to ruin, get caught in these Patriots hometowns, and the Citizens put these people on trial quite legally in American Laws for their treachery in protecting usurper Obama and destroying men like Terry Lakin.

That is my hope, but my reality is Jesus the Christ will hold His own Judgment where now all these Obamites protected by the regime and ruining good Americans will be held accountable for what they did to good people and God's America.

This is just disgusting and I hope that Ann Coulter in her whore's payments smearing Birthers for the regime has her own Christmas Carol in her ghosts rattling her chains to remind her the innocent Americans she drove the daggar into for this regime.

Obama can not do this on his own. This is organized crime from Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Val-erie Jarrett, the Bush family, Karl Rove and the hosts like Rush Limbaugh who know the Truth and have not raised one finger to make a difference for a Gentleman and an Officer like Terry Lakin.

nuff said.