Monday, January 17, 2011

Living like a Refugee

This story has taken on more of a personal note for me as this blog has been the galactic exclusive in exposing the Obama crimes as his regime preys on the communists existing on the Indian Reservations in America in linking it to Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Al Franken and B. Hussein Obama.
I have an affection for the "little" tribes as when they faced genocide not from white Americans, but from Indians like the Sioux and Cheyenne, they became allies to Americans. Many of these tribes were agrarian like the Pawnee of Nebraska. Some like the Hidatsa, Ree and Mandan of the Dakotas gave American settlers their first crops which would grow on the prairies through the collection work of North Dakota seedsman Oscar Will.
See corn which grows in Ohio was 120 days, but in North Dakota which barely has 90 days of growing season that corn would freeze out. Oscar Will collected beans, pumpkins, squash, sunflowers and corn which these Indians who had associated and interbred with Vikings had established as their food crops.

The Great Northern Bean which you see in your grocery is from Oscar Will and these lesser North Dakota Indians. Mandan Bride which is what you know as colorful Indian corn was grown in the homestead years as a corn crop not for decoration, but for food and market.

Rain in the Face who was Gen. Custer's chief scout of Indians, was a Hidatsa who had his brains blown out by the Sioux at the Little Big Horn.

So I personally have empathy for the little tribes and I have grieved in hearing them spout the liberal lines of hating white America and whitewashing the reality of their past, that if it was not for white Americans, the Sioux would have exterminated every last one of them by 1900 as that is what the immigrant land grabbing Sioux were doing before white Americans showed up on the Great Plains.

In that, I was the first by God's Grace now decades ago to submit that the day would come when the "white Indians" who had replaced the red Indians in the American heartland would one day be culled exactly as the Indians had by the world elites as expendable.
That process has been taking place steadily with the importation of Mexican slave labor, following on the footsteps of the massive farm genocide of the 1970's meant to consolidate American farming into corporate agriculture for the benefit of Obama's agri business of Chicago trade.

This globalist attack on America is taking place silently and stealthily. One of the newest white martyrs is Dr. Kate who has become an enemy of the Obama state in having to flee her home in North Dakota after decades of work for water rights and Indian rights, because Val-erie Jarrett has made this Lady a target to be destroyed.
I have covered this in part, but it requires expansion as we now have irrefutable proof that the Obama regime is destroying Americans who do not bow down to them by depriving them of their livelihood and making them refugees in America.

Dr. Kate who is a strong supporter of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin as millions of other Americans are, stated that when that kangaroo court for Obama was taking place that B. Hussien as pictured above seated next to Madame President, Val-erie Jarrett was meeting with select tribes having extremely large tracts of mineral wealth on December 15th.
These tribes were from the Navajo to the above Ree, Hidatsa and Mandan now combined in the heart of North Dakotas booming oil shale bonanza, and they are petitioning for development of this resource from the Obama regime.

This all ties directly into that Obama Sandlin Indian Nations law setting the stage for making Indian tribes separate nation states not administered by Congress, but administered by the globalists for the expressed purpose of stealing their resources like southern Sudanese Christians are going to have their oil stolen on John Kerry's good word.

The step in this is not that far in Obama heavily into debt with China will seek to have Chinese development of oil and natural gas inside America via the reservations. This will lead to PLA soldiers stationed in America to protect Chinese rights.
You should get the point in this as while America slept the Indian reservations have been developed into meth labs, Mexican smuggling rings, weapons testing areas and mafia casinos. Obama is progressing this in one of thee most amusing things if you like deadly jokes, as Obama shut down oil drilling in the GOP Gulf and is now in the process of drilling on land in America on the reservations.

I desire to point out though that this is not just 640 million acres of land, as children you have no idea how big this is, as there are reservations existing now and HISTORICAL RESERVATIONS.

To explain this legality, during the late 1980's white people who had lived, ranched, farmed, built cities and hunted on their lands, were suddenly finding themselves harassed and ticketed by "tribal police" for engaging in hunting, fishing and trapping on their lands while licensed by the State.
This was done under the auspices of the globalists and the UN who had started pushing former tribal lands which were granted under treaty and later deeded away by Indians. The Indians were told they had law enforcement rights on these lands by Washington and were harassing the Americans which was making numbers of them furious.

So you understand this in context, this means that areas like most of central Minnesota on that river's namesake, western Nebraska, the Dakotas, eastern Montana, Wyoming and all of Oklahoma are by definition former treaty lands which in the Obama expanded context would mean these areas are under a form of Indian treaty rights yet, when they are not, and means in a long term projection that Chinese or Russian troops could be stationed there to protect their assets while engaged in developing Indian resources.

You must understand this, that the reservation system was never intended as permanent by the American Government. It was simply a system to move Indians to smaller quantities of land, so they could eventually be civilized to farm on 160 acres like other Americans.
When you see a Red Cloud Treaty in most of the west belonging to certain tribes, it was well known and documented that even the Indians knew they would be given something in exchange and all of this would disappear in time.
It was until the fanciers figured out that through Government hand outs they could bilk Indians and taxpayers out of billions. Obama has now figured out that he can replace mafia gambling and meth production with international crime all flowing through the Indian Reservations.

Dr. Kate is the tip of the iceberg in this in she like everyone who is associated with the tribes knows full well the stories going on out there, but in her being an American, she has become an enemy of the Obama state.
For the record, the same thing which got George Custer and his family assassinated by the patricians in Custer was exposing all of this, is the modern manifestation of this in what is coming from Val-erie Jarrett in targeting Dr. Kate.

How would you like to have to flee your home as Dr. Kate has? That is what the Obama regime in this Indian crime cartel has now inflicted on an innocent American.
The regime has ordered Indians to not do business with Dr. Kate or the Indians will not get Obama handouts.

That folks is blackmail of Indians by the Obama girl gang and it is felony crime in using the government to destroy an American.

This girl gang has it's fingerprints all over this in this is Michelle Obama, Val-erie Jarrett and Janet Napolitano. You can see their hands all over the Giffords Grassy Knoll shootfest.

Why in the hell do you think Obama showed up with those TWAT t shirts for Indian women and had a shaman medicine man shaking a feather at WHITE PEOPLE in Tuscon, but because this is all part of the scheme to bring the Indians completely on board in handing over all their lands to Obama control, so Obama can steal their mineral resources via the Chinese communists.

I have warned you people of this in how big and dangerous this is, but Sean Hannity just can't get it in his Murdoch mind, because all of this is interconnected as what is Indian resources grabs is Muslim oil mafia is Mexican slave labor is diamonds is guns is how this international cartel is with Obama taking over America via the Indian reservations, and as these Indians think they are getting their revenge, Obama is playing them for the fools they are as they will either get a bullet or their women will get a Mexican on them to produce a new class of Indians that works and is managed better, which requires less tax money, as they pay Indians by amount of native blood in them...........unlike undocumented Obama who gets the whole el presidente paycheck no matter his percentage of American blood.

This is personally frustrating for me for the Indians, for innocent Americans like Dr. Kate and for the reason that the gatekeepers like Sean Hannity to Joseph Farah either are carrying Obama's water or they can not figure out the sexy story is what Obama is carrying out in stealth on the Indian Reservations to steal not just the 2012 election but to invade America by Stalin and Mao via the tribes.

Do you really want the Chicoms sucking American aquifers dry as the reservations sit on the rights to the biggest pools of fresh water left in the world?

How about a nice Ute uranium processing plant spewing radioactive waste from some PLA company on Mormons?

Don't like that, well how about a chemical or biological weapons plant in care of Putin on Navajo lands testing "accidents" on the people of Arizona?

Then there is the stationing of PLA nuclear armed soldiers on the shores of the Missouri River protecting their oil wells from those pesky North Dakotans thinking that is American oil, or, how about those Chippewa bands all getting Persian Islamocommunist missiles like Obama dumped into Hezbollah and Hamas in the tens of thousands so the good people of Minnesota and Wisconsin can have missiles lobbed at Obama and his state regimes tell Americans they must remain calm and not act out, as Obama will protect them?

This is the start of this, and it is why it is beyond sad to hear Sean Hannity making excuses for Obama or Pat Buchanan cheering that Obama made a center right speech, when the reality is what Obama has been engaged in is the genocide of Americans and he waved a feather over it as he prophesied order out of chaos via a Teddy Kennedy globalist speech writing liberal.

For those who are aware, this is thee biggest story for American survival in Obama is in first step whittling off the lesser tribes and will bribe the larger factions as their Al Franken handlers get the law handed down from Stephie Sandlin.

These are high crimes against America, and yet where is Limbaugh, Hannity or O'Reilly in not getting the obvious, or are they like those American protectors in Matthews, Schultz and Maddow in on it too.

Dr. Kate is the story to bring this all down and yet that story is not being covered, even after it has all been laid out here for some expert to plagiarize as their own Elton Blonde moment.

This story in California is a microcosm of what Obama's law has initiated in "sacred lands" of the Tule are being used for an airport. The Tule barely have enough land to sit on and Obama's BIA is trusting it to urban sprawl.

So will Chicom sprawl come to you before Obama is done with this. Imagine the unthought of nightmares in 100 million Chinese "settlers" arriving by treaty to develop Indian lands, as signed away by Obama and the tribal elders.

Hannity you maybe need to cover this with your cell mates.

Reform, Rebuild and Share the Wealth? That sounds exactly like hopey changey thing of community organization communism. Yet that is the chant of the Obama Hidatsa, Mandan and Ree tribes signing away their lives.


Somehow, somewhere
Somebody must have kicked you around some
Who knows, maybe you were kidnapped
Tied up, taken away for ransom

It don't really matter to me baby
You believe what you want to believe
And I said, you don't have
..... to live like a refugee

~Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

How long before all Americans are refugees?