Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If you don't love me now

Foxology for Foxholes

On Memorial Day, Brit Hume for FOX radio produced some "the folks who are the modern Conservative movement.......in it's rise and fall.........from Bill Buckley to Rush Limbaugh".

My children, something really needs, requires, and mandates an education on this if the above does not incense you.

I will begin by the question in are you a Bill Buckley Conservative?

I will bet your last dollar that you have no idea what a Bill Buckley Conservative is.

I will also bet for those who have heard Rush Limbaugh that you have no idea if you are a Rush Limbaugh Conservative............I would bet if I mentioned do you bring cases full of viagra to the airport, do you take so much dope it makes you go deaf, are you on your multiple marriages, do you pay a million dollars to Elton John who says Jesus sticks his penis up men's rectums........that you would say that sounds more like Obama..........especially when I note that Rush Limbaugh publicly stated that he wanted the exact GRIDLOCK destroying America now keeping Obama's policies in place that Obama did in the 2010 elections.

Neil Ponte published on Newsmax many solar years ago a very good dissection of the Republican or Conservative movement in which he explained how all were not equal. He also on his radio program stated he believed the Mexicans had blackmail information on George W. Bush when he was a kid breaking the law down in Mexico and that is why Bush was so appeasement to the latinos.
You will notice that Mr. LaPonte is not a household name now, so he probably was a bit to close to reality and was marginalized.

Brit Hume though at the Foxholes repository shows by his statement where he stands in the exact political rapine of Sarah Palin and smearing of the Tea Party as is Karl Rove political assassination, because this is who Bill Buckley was.
Mind you, I liked Bill Buckley, but this east coast patrician had certain things he implemented which were completely anti Reagan and anti American.

The first thing Buckley did was divest the John Birchers of their protective walls of America, by calling them "kooks". Does that sound Rush Limbaugh familiar in how he keeps repeating KOOKS with the Tea Party?
The Birchers at membership are loyal Americans. Their leadership though was taken over by the Rockefellers as those secular Ashkenaz get their grip on every movement to control people and difuse Americanism.

So Bill Buckley is the father of the rape of Sarah Palin politically which David Letterman and the Rovians have been going wholesale for years. To call Bill Buckley a leader of the Conservatives is bogus as Buckley with his Obama voting son, are nothing but patricians, the elite, which brings us to the second part of Bill Buckley.

Buckley had one directional overriding ideology and that was he and his clique were the ones who ruled and you could shut up, go home and serve the thugocracy on top.
There is no denying any of this, and the fact is some of the people I admire most in Gen. Sherman and Gen. Patton believed the same, that some should rule the masses and the masses should just be content to have the thinking done for them as they are not bright enough to figure things out and make a mess of things.

The Super Depression of America via Obama is not a matter of the American idiot screwing things up, but a matter of the American patrician ruling class screwing the pooch deliberately for their Bill Buckley and Barack Obama big brother political order of feudalism.

Personally, I agree with Sherman and Patton, but the problem is while I would make magnificent patrician ruler deciding things for the masses who really are dense and require the thinking done for them as they are ignorant, uninformed and unInspired.........the problem is that where I would lead America to literal stellar domination, as I would ship all the malcontents out the the Moon or Mars to burn their political stupidness out of them in isolation as Franco did in Spain by shipping his liberal dolts to Africa to have the heat bake mischief out of them...............the people are like sheep and would expect the person following me to be as Wise and Inspired to protect them, but that is seldom the case.
So it is better to allow the mob to fight it out amongst themselves, to trust in God that a Ronald Reagan will be produced who will trust that mob to listen to his doctrines and America in God's Grace then functions as she should in a moral responsible people.

Ask yourself of any Limbaugh Doctrines or any Buckley Doctrines? There are none as they being like a sliver stuck into a movement already in ascension. Conservatives are a moral breed, Christian, Capitalist, Patriotic, Self Reliant, Property Rights and Rationed Authority to Government.
This blog has posted more Doctrines than the entire Conservative movement. I will state that the two greatest Conservative Minds to be produced after the deposing of Barry Goldwater were the minds behind Ronald Reagan, but were hardly the complete Conservative.
Richard Nixon was a Conservative foreign policy genius who with Adm. Thomas Moore implemented the correct forms of that policy.........not Henry Kissinger.

President Nixon though was a socialist like Buckley in thinking the Government knew better how to manage things or could fix things like the Bush clique. There the domestic genius of Milton Friedman appeared to the salvation of America and the world.

I would offer the facts, that Bill Buckley and Rush Limbaugh are not Conservatives, but a quasi mix of the patrician hiding under Reagan's cloak.
The fact is the vast majority of leaders in the Conservative movement are either like Sean Hannity keeping these squat assassins like Karl Rove around doing Buckley's hench work or Obama voters like Ann Coulter.

The talking heads of Bill O'Reilly voted for Obama.......and I wonder sometimes if Keith Olbermann didn't vote for John McCain as his act got him fired from NBC.
This is what you have in the Foxholes at FOX in Brit Hume Foxology in he ignores the great Conservative philosophers who formed the modern movement for the rich, established patricians.

I have great problems with the soiled Lot's in the Conservative movement who go down to Sodom and come up with things like throwing their daughters out the door to be raped to keep the homosexuals off the Angels in your home.
Mark Levin is troubling in his calling dogs his "children"and being so shattered when a pet dies that he takes a week off from work. That kind of weakness is troubling for how it manifests like in the issue of Larua Ingraham going soft on gays, because her brother is a sodomite.

It is far better for Sarah Palin to have a mentally retarded child than abort him and far better to produce a Bristol who attempted a marriage with a lunatic and then speak of morality so other children do not get caught in that trap, than condoning open sex and murder to cover up your horniness. I hope Mrs. Palin's dalliance down to Sodom has taught her a lesson and she does not return like Ron jr. and Nancy Reagan in their cannibalism for brain cells.

So perhaps you see that this blog does cut the fine cull of the herd in who the Conservatives are, because there are far too many wearing the American flag while wearing Obama crusty undies.

I always feel like the Judge who said, "I can't explain what porn is, but I know it when I see it." I might not be able to ever fully state who a Conservative is, but I know who they are when I see them.
I do know that Brit Hume and FOX are nothing but elitists of the feudal state. I know Rush Limbaugh is the coin of Keith Olbermann in they are closer to the same Obamite fixations than Ronald Reagan. I know that these preening leaders of the Conservative movement are not Conservatives............I know that the Tea Party is filled with more Conservatives, because they shun the spotlight as this blog does in the true Benjamin Franklin Americanism, as one goes about one's business and serves the American people how they can best accomplish this for God in God's best direction.

When you have Brit Hume listing Bill Buckley as Conservative with Rush Limbaugh listing the Tea Party as defeated voters from 2006, you got a big problem as these are liars spreading lies, and I do know for certain in that............that ain't Conservative.

I publish below what I archived from Mr. Ponte as he accomplished such a wonderful expose' in February of 2007.


Running in the shadows
Damn your love
Damn your lies

Break the silence
Damn the dark
Damn the lies

And if you don't love me
You will never love again
I can still hear you saying

"You would never break the chains."

And if you don't love me
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying

"You would never break the chains".

Mr. Ponte:

Republicans, the "small government party," are to blame for this recent 53 percent expansion of government. The free-market Cato Institute's Michael D. Tanner shows how this happened in his important and eye-opening new book Leviathan on the Right: How Big-Government Conservatism Brought Down the Republican Revolution.

One of the last great Roman Emperors, Marcus Aurelius, undermined the empire by making his son Commodus his successor, but Commodus went insane. Historians may likewise someday recognize President Ronald Reagan as a great leader who tragically begat the Bush dynasty.

Unlike Reagan and Barry Goldwater, both of whom worked to reduce the size of government, George H.W. Bush and his son Dubya embraced what Tanner calls "Big-Government Conservatism."

Tanner identifies five strains of conservatism that converged behind Bush presidencies and metastasized into cancerous Big-Government policies.

"Neoconservatism" was founded mostly by former Marxists such as Irving Kristol who joined America's side against Communism but never lost their love of socialism or FDR's government-expanding New Deal policies.

"National-greatness conservatives" such as Kristol's son Bill, editor of the Weekly Standard Magazine, and Bill's disciple David Brooks, now token "conservative" columnist for The New York Times, share Theodore Roosevelt's passion for grand national projects such as coercing "national service" and democratizing the world.

"The Religious Right," writes Tanner, "once content simply to be ‘left alone,' has become increasingly comfortable with the use of government power to enforce its moral vision."

"Supply-siders" exemplified by Jack Kemp favor tax cuts, but they justify such cuts by demonstrating that cutting taxes increases prosperity and government tax revenues – and hence government's ability to spend and grow.

"Technophiles," of which former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is a prime example, "believe that government's role is to invest in the technologies of the future." Technophiles have little problem with efficient Big Government. Gingrich's Contract with America, writes Tanner, "did not actually call for cutting a single government program."

"Big-government conservatives see a positive society-shaping role for government," writes Tanner.

"Big government conservatives are favorably disposed toward…a [morality-inducing] ‘conservative welfare state,'" wrote one of their number, Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard and its corporate kin Fox News Channel. They are willing to use "what normally would be seen as liberal means – activist government – for conservative ends. And they're willing to spend more and increase the size of government in the process."

Like British Tories, Big-Government conservatives don't really like capitalism. They prefer a static society, as Edmund Burke and Leo Strauss did. Capitalism is dynamic, always churning society with innovative products, ideas, and people.

And like Tories, Big-Government conservatives dislike individualism and liberty. As American Tory William F. Buckley, Jr., often said, people should have only "the freedom to do the right thing." A paternalistic government, along with custom and religion and social class, should confine human choices to only these "right" things.