Tuesday, August 30, 2011

have some hitler in your water, stalin in your tea*

In Barack Obama's Berlin Speech at the Hitler Gate, there is an overlooked admission by Mr. Obama which literally contradicts everything which is know about Barack sr. coming to America.

In Obama's memories, he informed the world that Sr. was part of that immense black airlift in bringing Africans to America, in tying it all up nice to the Kennedy's and baseball legend Jackie Robinson.

As investigations took place, it was then deemed that Obama sr. had no part in this, but was instead part of some other shadowy program which did not make a great deal of sense in how Sr. got involved in that way in either.

In Berlin though, Obama made this most interesting admission before the world:

At the height of the Cold War, my father decided, like so many others in the forgotten corners of the world, that his yearning – his dream – required the freedom and opportunity promised by the West. And so he wrote letter after letter to universities all across America until somebody, somewhere answered his prayer for a better life.

Now it is a reality that 30 letters were written to American Universities, but 29 turned down the young Kenyan, and it is most interesting as the Kenyan Independence Movement was apparently the source of this "scholarship" for the Marxist Muslim Obama to be educated in the west and return to Kenya to change the country.

This is again the mystery of Obama in one would deduce that any university would be happy to take the money from a black kid in Africa, as that is what colleges do is take money to make money, and yet 29 institutions wanted nothing to do wih Obama sr., save Hawaii for reasons which have never been explained.

We do know the infamous photo of Obama sr. with the Marxist welcoming committee upon arriving at the docks of Hawaii, being photographed with Stanley Armour Dunham, who had absolutely nothing to do with the Hawaiian University.
Yet again, upon reaching Hawaii, Obama sr. who was not that accomplished except in sexing young white girls, was soon enough moving to the ivy league schools.........although short of funds again, but none of the universities seemed much to care about his lack of money, or educational talents.............
What appears mattered was this was a Marxist and a Marxist with 5th column pull as these universities knew they were educating a future tyrant of the 3rd world for their benefactors to exploit.

No one has ever asked, what a British Kenyan colonial was taking a Russian language class in the first place for. It was not as if Obama sr. was in an area where Russian was ever going to be spoken..........yet that was his class...........for an economics education.

Let us though explore the education of Barack Obama sr. in who really funded it as Jerome Corsi laid out this paragraph on WND:

According to Weiss, the founders of the African American Students Foundation included William X. Scheinman, singer Harry Belafonte, actor Sidney Poitier, Jackie Robinson, civil rights activists Frank Montero and Ted Kheel, as well as Mrs. Ralph Bunche and Mrs. Chester Bowles, "and a host of educators and me."

The Weiss quoted is Cora Weiss, a 5th column activist who leads the trail directly into the communist front group, the Samuel Rubin Foundation, which if one explores this, notes how the unseen hand associated with this entire Obama sr. group, is Paul Robeson, the person who very well could be Barack Obama jr's real father, and in the least the person who sent another father candidate, pervert communist Frank Marshall Davis to Hawaii.


Samuel Rubin Foundation - Discover the Networks

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Feb 14, 2005 – The Samuel Rubin Foundation states that its general purpose is "to carry ... the Paul Robeson Foundation; the Peace Action Education Fund;

Paul Robeson-Son of a Slave - Marc Norton Online

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Paul Robeson to Harry Belafonte: “Get them to sing your song, and they will want to know who you are.” Paul Robeson: “My song is my weapon.” ...

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2008 Actors' Equity Association Paul Robeson Award Goes to Sidney Poitier. Sidney Poitier. "To be free; to walk the good American earth as equal citizens; ...

How Paul Robeson Helped Jackie Robinson - New York Times

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A Weiss quote no one has ever examined was this:

"Barack Obama Sr., who greatly admired Mboya, did not come on the first flight, but he was a member of the airlift generation, arriving here in 1959 with the support of two American women teachers."

The question evolving in this, in these two white females at the rear of this Obama sr. being put into America with over 700 Africans in the early 60's in, Mrs. Helen Roberts and Miss Elizabeth Mooney, "a literary specialist," financially assisted Obama in leaving Kenya, were they suffering from jungle fever in the reason they had such strong support for this British colonial Marxist was were they part of whore island in having sex with Obama sr. in Kenya?

Ask yourself the question if the Hawaiian Playboy and Harvard Hussie, actually was he schooled in white breasts and thighs in Kenya, and in why he developed a taste for Stanley Ann Dunham early?

Was Obama sr. a stud bull for these odd women who flocked to Hawaii, and sent into service in America to create a new race of bastard children who would return to the 3rd world in the next generation to overthrow the regimes there?

This has never been probed, when the reality is that Jane Goodall, or whoever that ape woman was, she went to Africa and didn't know a damn thing about gorillas. She hired a professional hunter, and then tried to rape him in a hut one night, and the white Kenyan ran away, to which Jane of the Jungle forever named this innocent, "The Great White" and afterwards off she went to make monkey fame around the world with those gorillas.

Somebody taught Bararck sr. that white Marxist women were easy. That points to associates as in teachers in Africa who apparently liked what they got from their boy toy and put out the cash to their great expense in allowing Obama to prove dark meat is juicier all over Hawaii and the American east coast.

Over 700 of these Africans in a few years. If that is just 10 percent reproduction rate, there are at least 70 Barack Hussein Obama's running about this world in hybrid bastardized rapine.

This once again in Cora Weiss ties directly back into her husband Peter who was chairman of the Institute of Policy Services, which were communist fronts.

What one is witnessing in Obama sr. is basically a man whore, funded by communists in America's 5th column to make him a Marxist manwhore of Whore Island.

Ask yourself in the 1960's shocker, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, a story about a black Sidney Portier having sex with a white girl, much to the shock of her parents who were white.

Columbia Pictures shelled out 4 million dollars which was an immense sum in production costs in the late 1960's for a propaganda film.............ask yourself why would Mockingbird do this?

If one examines this, a thin line of Paul Robeson connects all of this:

Johnny Rosselli was pulled out of the Army during the war by a criminal investigation of Chicago mobsters in the film industry. Rosselli, a CIA asset probably assassinated by the CIA, played sidekick to Harry Cohn, the Columbia Pictures mogul who visited Italy's Benito Mussolini in 1933, and upon his return to Hollywood remodeled his office after the dictator's.

Lisa Gay Hamilton, also a Robeson associate starred in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner:

Beah: A Black Woman Speaks (February 25; 7:30 to 9 p.m.; HBO) listens in as Beah Richards talks to LisaGay Hamilton about growing up in Mississippi, fighting for civil rights alongside W.E.B. Du Bois and Paul Robeson, the Communist Party, the FBI, James Baldwin’s The Amen Corner, and her Oscar nomination for Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

William Rose, the apparent Karl Marx ghost writer for political propaganda for the cartels, who wrote the screenplay for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and the not so funny , The Russians are Coming, which was a slap at American standing against the red tide, volunteered as an American to "fight" with Canada's Black Watch in World War II, but like the CIA's Cord Meyer, went into writing after the war.

There is a William Rose listed at the communist front group of Chicago, in the Abraham Lincoln School, while it is doubtful, I place it here as this group saluted communist Paul Robeson in the 1940's and Robeson is the thread followed here, with his willing Mockingbird propagandists.

You will notice a name jumps out in Frank Marshall Davis was of this cast or caste.

Faculty members included Morris Backall, Michael Baker, Frank Marshall Davis, Horace Davis, David Englestein, Morton Goldsholl, Pat Hoverder, Alfonso Iannelli, Leon Katzen, Ludwig Kruhe, Herschel Meyer, Henry Noyes, William L. Patterson, Fred Ptashne, Eleanore Redwin, Boris M. Revsine, Frank Sokolik, William Rose, Herman Schendel, Bernice Targ, and Morris Topchevsky. A notice appearing in a catalog of the school stated that "prominent citizens participating in our efforts" include Paul Robeson, Rockwell Kent, Lee Pressman, Howard Fast, Albert E. Kahn, and Henrietta Buckmaster.

Rose created this original screenplay:

Was the movie Guess Who's Coming to Dinner based on a book ...

knowledgering.com/.../was-the-movie-guess-whos-coming-to-dinne... - Cached
2 days ago – Guess Who's Coming to dinner was an original screenplay written by screenwriter William Rose and was not based on a novel.

Here is what Stanley Kramer the director recounted, and notice that William Rose was basing this ON A SOUTH AFRICA character.

In the biography Stanley Kramer: Filmmaker by Donald Spoto, the director recalled that "the idea for it came about while I was walking with William Rose one evening in Beverly Hills. Now, Bill Rose is a good comedy writer. Remember, he did It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) with me. Anyway, as we walked, he told me a story, mostly a comedy, about a white South African man, a liberal, whose daughter falls in love with a black guy. I said, 'Geez, we ought to set the story here, in this country, in this background....I thought to myself, 'What a sorry sight to see a front-line liberal come face to face with all his principles right in his own house.' I also thought, 'What a perfect situation for a picture for [Spencer] Tracy." Kramer also knew it would be a perfect vehicle for Poitier but first he secured Tracy and Katharine Hepburn's involvement. As he recounted in his own autobiography, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Kramer said, "I told Sidney I had no script but that I did have Tracy and Hepburn. Sidney already was a star at that point, but he said, 'I don't know if you can bring it off with the studio, but I'll tell you I'll do it. Absolutely.' So I had three stars committed in heart and principle before I had a word of dialogue on paper."

Comprehend this, there was absolutely nothing, but this idea by 5th column leftists, and everyone was signing on, including a major Hollywood studio........no that does not happen, this story was generate for a purpose.

Kramer who set up Guess Who's first partner was Carl Foreman, who just happened to be a communist party member outed in the Joseph McCarthy hearings.

I ask you to return now to the rumor mill which has it that the Russians knew of Barack Obama long before America even suspected he existed, and stated he was going to be in the White House. In recalling the deluge of black Africans put into America in the early 1960's and it is estimated 100 little Baracks had been fathered...........were these American communist fathers of B. Hussein Obama jr. in reality, themselves the progeny of the Rothschild and Rockefeller Ashkenaz group, as one can not shake this family tree from Moscow to Chicago without these Ashkenaz being the communist operatives in bed with black Marxists.

For those who are not aware of the history, it was widely supported from the 1960's onward for Jewish women of the Ashkenaz branch to "marry black men" as a social issue.
Once again in Whore Island, as this all tracks, were the cartel elite basically impregnating numerous women with their progeny, for the expressed purpose of putting their little bastards on the thrones of the world in a coming generation, who would be completely loyal to them and no nation state?

This rape control of nations is Eurasian old, along with the leaders impregnating the female princesses for future half breed control. Cleopatra was of the Greeks in Alexander the Great's divided empire in Egypt, and Marc Antony the Roman was cuddled up with her.

No one is bothering to examine the perversion lurking under the surface in all of this, and it all goes back to "teachers" with jungle cravings, somehow being benefactors of this African male who in America was in bed with numerous white females in a education he learned from white females, just as Barack Obama learned his bisexualty from Frank Marshall Davis............and the question in this is.........Obama out of all the bastards was guided and put up with in his being thee most worthless of sorts in social graces and intelligence.

Obama sr. was the unknowing dupe in an impregnation cover story and he was later murdered to silence him. This Sr. was ushered up the feeding chain, not for being a groomed dictator of Kenya, but because of the forces who were behind the child who bore his name.
Sr. was the name recognition for the cartel bastard of Barack jr.............and in the extensiveness of this, great numbers of communists were dropping out, and that Mockingbird leftist Hollywood appears to have produced a Sidney Portier movie with a number of Paul Robeson associations involved.......all to introduce Barack Obama to America in a Tavistock shock treatment.

Audiences were stunned at the Guess Who and that is the audience which in guilt voted in mass for Barack Obama in 2008. The product of the Guess Who mystery feast.

This is enough fine threads to weave together in the understanding of the fabric of your minds for now.

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