Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taking Stock

Class will now start children, but do not slouch, frown nor daydream, as all the work as it is always completed here, is accomplished by Inspiration, so you do not have to think, ponder nor absorb....just listen and be an expert.

The reality is the United States stock market should operate at 1500 to 2000 levels.

That will already cause some of you to frown, but no need to do that, as the answer is coming, as if one examines the historical context of the US wealth system, the stocks always operated at that 1500 to 2000 level.
It was incredible news when under the Reagan expansion that the market made 3000 seem like a mile high region which was to be bragged about......but thee only reason the market ever went to that level is Ronald Reagan opened up the spending taps of the government for defense, and in order to expand to levels which the Soviet empire could not breach, the DOW went to 3000.
It was economic warfare, and in the type of Reagan expanded economic structure 3000 is a mean level which American wealth could operate at.

The problem is the cartels figured out this scheme and soon enough under pirate Greenspan and Bush41, started using the stock market to literally rob the Japanese and other creditor states of their unbalance of trade.
Yes you were robbed of your savings, but the cartels continued to balance their books by robbing you and then robbing the Japanese, and then the east Asians starting with South Korea.
It got so bad that Greenspan constructed the Dotcom bust to fuel this and all of you lost your fortunes.

This is why the DOW shot up to 5000, as it was Japanese wealth being robbed, and then it escalated as in this Ponzie Scheme, everyone was being robbed, and that Dotcom did the world in as Greenspan thought he was so powerful that he could rob the Rothschilds..........the Rothschilds not being amused started their own economic terrorism in initiating 9 11, with the Russians, Chicoms and Islamists, engaged in the 2008 economic attack on America to destroy Anglo American finance, and installed their native son, Obama, to loot the US Treasure of trillions for the central European cartel.

The market is illegitimate in Obama has gone wholesale rapine, and is why he had Geither installed at Treasury as stooge for the super banks of the Rockefellers who in bowing to the Europeans, have been rigging the markets to spike and plummet as their own private money train, and in all those spikes, Geithner has illegally been pumping in a trillion dollars of Fed debt, making the US stock market literally are fascist government run entity, and it is graduating as of this moment to a complete communist, community organized economic scheme by the Obama regime.

So when the DOW plummets to record lows, it is the US government holding that multi trillion dollars in lost revenue, which has ended up in the super banking cartel structure, and the industrial fascist complex like GE, as none of these companies are stupid enough to hold their resources in they shadow booked this long ago, and the regime controls them, rewards them with record profits funded directly from the US Treasury Obama spending spree, with no taxes...........the biggest owner of everything in the US is the regime off book, and the consumer gets screwed and the rich get mega rich and the poor turn into feudal serfs.

I realize that you are all now quite bored in this, so we might as well go back to watching the pretty girl, who the traders and brokers are watching on television, trying not to spill their noodles on their trousers as they jack off, as these economic boobs are on the set so no one pays attention to the real crimes being inflicted on them......hell doesn't matter if it is Cavuto or Krugman, they are all the same mammary system lying about the public chest keeping you from thinking with your economic brain.

It should be obvious to be out of the stock market and to have sold your gold. Keep your cash handy, keep it buried in some land, and keep it in the pretty things you like to look at for investments that do not break, as nuclear wars tend to break things.
You have had a decade to get out of your skyscrapers and big cities for the little cottage by the lane with a disaster shelter.............Noah is building that ark not for you, but a warning for you.

Oh well, nuff said.

Oh let's look at Barbs Bermudo again as look.......she is reproducing with the Simon Cowell of Granada........such a man with a necklace..........he will make a wonderful mother and wife.......just like Obama does for Muchelle.

Stop watching the girls, as they are all whores to distract you from what is taking place, and you are not going to get laid, get invited over, get anything, as these chicas do not want strong people around them, as they are weak and sell their souls, so..........yes get weaker people around them to feel superior.

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