Saturday, September 3, 2011

The End of Forever

I send you and extract from General Terry's official order, knowing how keenly you appreciate words of commendation and confidence, such as the following: "It is of course impossible to give you any definite instructions in regard to this movement; and were it not impossible to do so, the Department Commander places too much confidence in your zeal, energy, and ability to wish to impose upon you precise orders, which might hamper your actions when nearly in contact with the enemy".

June 22d-11 A. M.
Maj. Gen. George A. Custer to his wife Elizabeth
with quotes from his field commander, Gen. Alfred Terry

Ask yourself if the above are words of support from Gen. Terry as Gen. Custer surmised them to be?

What do I mean? They certainly sound as such do they not?

But ask yourself in knowing that Gen. Custer, his brothers, his family and hundreds of his Troopers and their fine horses would be dead, could this not be an officer issuing a public "cover your ass" in laying full blame on the Custer assassination, playing completely into the lying propaganda reports which had smeared the Gen. from his first days in Civil War battle, that he was "reckless" in the attack.
To refute that, anyone can read the Custer battle attacks, and there was nothing reckless about them in least. This Officer planned every attack precisely and in the heat of battle he could read a field for strategic attack instantly in no one was more gifted in history, and it was only then that he would make his "dash" knowing full well that overwhelming force, brought swiftly to bear on your enemy, routed them quickly and kept your command from a long drawn out battle to be slaughtered.

Alexander the Great, Joan D'Arc and Gen. George Patton are but three historical battle generals who employed the same "recklessness" with perfect effect upon the enemy in defeating them.

This blog has been exclusively exposing all of this, as it pertains to the Obama regime and the murder of the Obama SEALS, as the same intrigue which assassinated George A. Custer is performing the same murderous destruction for political gain and cartel purpose in the Obama rapine of the world.

What preceded the above letter to Elizabeth Custer was the reality that Maj. Reno of the 7th had been on scout, and finding the enemy, he returned to camp without doing a thing.
This alerted the Sioux as the General feared and asks the question, if that indeed was the purposed of Reno in alerting or communicating with the Sioux, for the coming murder of the Custer command which was being set up from the Grant regime and the Indian Ring cartel interests to retaliate on the General for his public exposure of it all before Congress.

Marcus Reno was at best an immoral fiend when kept in check by Gen. Custer. After the General was murdered, Reno was awarded command as was negotiated. Upon that venture, with full power, he became a drunk, and tried to rape a married woman on the post, all for which he face court martial.

Gen. Custer had well known set command structures of no favoritism, and he awarded hard work. On the morning of the battle, he had his typical orders in any command which was ready first, they would have the glory of opening the battle.
Marcus Reno's company was the first ready.......and if one is setting up a senior officer to be murdered, what better way to do it than what Reno did.

Reno was supposed to attack the Sioux camp by crossing the river. This was standard battle strategy as Gen. Custer initiated on the Washita campaign. At the Washita, the General produced the same dividing of forces for a multi pronged attack on the terrorist Cheyenne who he had tracked to their compound following a raiding party into Kansas.

The key to these attacks was to storm the village, for the village was where the women and children were. This was not to harm them, but to use them as cover for the operation, as the Indian buck would refrain in most cases to firing inside a camp where other Indians were present.

Reno was supposed to attack the camp which meant enter it, which would provide cover for his command and others. Instead a propaganda was circulated afterwards that he met stiff resistance, at which point being stalemated, his mobile force was stopped, and it became a slaughter pit as they were stationary.
Gen. Custer it was found attempted upon seeing this, to try and ford the river, but it was too deep, so he continued on to find a fording to attempt to relieve Reno not following least Custer's orders, but he was fully implementing some other orders.

At least one report in gossip stated that the General might have crossed early into the camp and was wounded at that juncture early, we do know that the General did have two wounds, one from battle and one self inflicted as his command had been obliterated, and as it was a mortal wound, he would not have survived, and further the Sioux would have employed torture of cutting off his eyelids, lips, nose, cutting the tendons in the limbs and pulling them out, kindling fires at various body junctures, shooting arrows into non lethal areas of the body, and finally burning a fire on his chest as they made jokes of the scene, with finally scalping him at his last gasp.

That though is conjecture on the Custer command entering the compound, and the analysis will instead focus on the second assassin in this, in the officer afforded the glory of the scout by his readiness in Capt, Frederick Benteen.
Benteen was a fine officer for a sociopath. Benteen had extreme problems with all his commanding officers all through his career. He could be civil in lending them funds as he did Libby Custer, but if something was judged by him as being not what he would do, no matter the facts, he would become obsessed with the event.

This was the case with Benteen as at the Washita, an officer inappropriately led his company away from the battle in being lured by the Cheyenne, and the company was then surrounded and wiped out.
Gen. Custer's entire operation was in peril the entire day as more and more Indian reinforcements kept arriving from other tribes in the winter encampment on that drainage. He had to drive them off constantly, and his greatest measure of punishment to save his command was to shoot hundreds of Indian ponies to send the message that raping and murdering white Americans in Kansas was terrorism not going to be allowed any longer.

At the Washita, Gen. Custer was very concerned about his flank, for upon it, his entire supply convoy which was lightly guarded was approaching and if the Indians had located it, would have murdered the command and left the 7th without supply.
The Indians had already located the 7th's winter coats which the General had directed his men to remove so they would be unencumbered in battle.
It was in this perilous multi faceted condition, that the General still sent out scouting parties to try and locate the lost company, but it was of no effect, and he ordered a march ahead at dark to bluff the Indians into thinking the 7th was advancing for another attack, upon which the Indians fled the area, and Custer started the long winter march back to Camp Supply with numerous Cheyenne prisoners.

This was not enough for Benteen as he went to the press and smeared the General to his enemies over this. The General in fury stated to the command he would horsewhip whoever had done this, and Benteen admitted it, but the General in his typical nature in attempting to find the good in all, kept Benteen with the 7th.

At the Little Big Horn, Benteen was to scout the area south to make certain the Indians were not fleeing or if there was any reinforcements there.
When Gen. Custer issued orders to "bring up packs quickly" to the Benteen command as the General had located the big camp himself, Benteen's response was to stop and water his horses, allow the men to loosen girths and rest.
For those who do not comprehend such things literally, watering a horse in such a battle situation makes them worthless as if you drank a gallon of water as a human, and then were told to run miles, you would immediately become sick. The same is true with any animal.

It was the junior officers who being stunned by Benteen's seemingly idiocy, took their companies and road off to join the General.

At this point, Reno was in full route in recrossing the river, and Benteen arrived, and promptly these two went into camp, instead of following orders in coming to the battle Gen. Custer was engaged in.

The enlisted men twice that long afternoon heard mass volley shots from the Custer command which was a location signal for troops in the vicinity to join them.
Comments were made that "Reno better get going or Custer is going to be getting after him with a pointed stick".

Reno's response was to start drinking whiskey and making obscene comments about Gen. Custer.

There are only two scenarios in this which offer explanation, as both Reno and Benteen had been soothed into believing the propaganda fed them in promises of advancement that if they abandoned Custer, he would be humiliated, face court martial for the defeat and that would be the full effect of this designed operation.
Remember fully, that this was war, in it's absolute form, and if these two culprits had lied to themselves into this 'washing their hands of their deeds", it was the largest fantasy of history, as any Soldier seeing this, would know leaving a command abandoned, would face certain extermination.
That is the second scenario as these two even in illusions of events of washing the blood from their hands, knew exactly what the outcome would be that all of these people they served with would be murdered in thee most horrid way.

Reno could be explained as a coward and a drunk, but the reality is every Soldier would know that when you fail at battle, you had better follow the orders and come to your Superior to try and save them, or you will be hung for cowardice.

None of that though took place, as the entire cover up came from Washington. Disgustingly, Gen. Phil Sheridan, so brave in all arenas of war, simply joined Gen. Sherman, who had a part in this assassination of the Custer command in Joab pulling back the forces so Uriah, Bathsheba's husband would be slaughtered in battle, in absolutely covering up the Grant regime and the Indian Ring's part in this mass murder.

There are no doubts in any of the historical evidence. Some of the finest of Soldiers in Gen. Crook simply abandoned the field and as has been exposed here, Gen. Terry knew Crook had gone hunting in the Big Horns as he had sent a dispatch to him there.
There was not in any way Gen. Terry could have known this as the Department of the Platte and Department of the Missouri could only communicate from Bismark to Minneapolis, and then via telegraph lines into Nebraska.
Real reports in this route would be weeks in coming, and yet Terry knew immediately Crook's location. That conclusively provides evidence of pre planning in Crook was to retire from field and leave Gen. Custer alone to being slaughtered.

Frederick Benteen wrote a most psychotic letter to his wife immediately after the battle in hundreds of Cavalry Troopers he knew had just been slaughtered, and he had seen and smelled those hundreds of dead bloated humans and their hundreds of dead bloated horses, yet Benteen never mentioned remorse, his entire focus was upon what this would all mean for advancement in Gen. Custer and the officers being dead.
Benteen went on to issue orders to his wife to safekeep the "bring up packs quickly" note that Gen. Custer had written to him, as it would be of value.

The military officers could not get at Grant or the cartel, but they bided their time and made certain Reno and Benteen face court martial on other charges. The same sadistic Mockingbird is involved in trying to clear Reno and Benteen in some cult of their murderous religion, as the communist traitors of America are still 'propped up like Obama in being made excuses for'.

This is of course an exclusive in exposing the Alfred Terry memo, which has been used by Custer advocates to defend him from smears, but the reality is the Terry memo was about Terry knowing full well a Custer defeat had been engineered and the General would face court martial and prison afterwards as Grant and the Indian Ring retaliated on the person who exposed their laying this all at Gen. Custer's feet.
Of course, Terry would know that if the Indian assassins sent from Minnesota succeeded with the one at least long range buffalo rifle which was sniping at the Reno and Benteen position after George Custer was murdered, that the Custer Problem would have ended with death.

This was very big as the buzz among the country at that time in 1876 was for this War Hero to be President. Sherman wanted no part of any politics, but the reality is Gen. Custer was no Bobby Kennedy seeking to use the Presidency to destroy his criminal enemies.
Gen. Custer in reality was a most humble person, in he was thrilled to be in command of so many little frontier outposts. His great acting friend was attempting to get him to create a stage character like Buffalo Bill Cody to travel America, which would have netted the General tens of thousands of dollars.
To put that in modern terms, who would want to be President when by simply lecturing one could be Bill Gates, as that is the kind of revenue Gen. Custer had being offered him.

So for many reasons from pettiness, promotion, covering up crimes, retaliation and the worry that Gen. Custer might one day be President and have a Justice Department to wipe out the national and international criminal syndicate, is the scenario for the mass murder of the Custer family and the 7th Cavalry.

You know now another exclusive piece of this Obama puzzle as the same politics and power elite which put the foreign Obama into the White House is the same cartel which mass murdered Gen. Custer and his family. Libby Custer knew this as Jackie Kennedy knew who murdered her husband, and later Robert and John John.
The same syndicate of cartel death assassinated Abraham Lincoln from the central Europeans, as sadistic as other US Presidents, including the attempt on Ronald Reagan's life.
Joe McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, James Forestall, Jeremy Bourda are but a few more of the names of this centuries old genocidal murder on Americans.

It all culminates in what Barack Hussein Obama was installed to do to America, in what the Civil War failed at by Europeans under Lincoln, and that was to turn America into a debtor vassal state owned by the super banking elites.

The mass murder of the Custer command is directly linked to the mass murder of the Team Six Navy Seals.

That is the reality and now you know the facts exclusively exposed only here.

It is past time posthumous trials be held for all of these cartel traitors, and when convicted, their bodies dug up, dumped in the ocean and their names wiped from the annals of American History, along with the current living traitors to America with their cartel masters.

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The end of forever is only a day
It is cast, last to the past as it fades slowly away
The end of forever is only a day
It is the sum of one moment, sent quietly spent
The end of forever is only a day