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Mama's Nice Rack

This is honestly for Michael Savage and his group concerning the 450 million rounds in the pike which Department of Homeland Security is purchasing, as the problem in this is exposed in America is not a nation of gun owners, but tongues which expose how stupid this people has become.

This treatise is going to inform you of things as it is necessary, as America is no longer a land of Col. Townsend Whelen or Gen. Julian Hatcher. America no longer has mentors in the secondary level of education as Col. Charles Askins, Elmer Keith or Jack O'Connor who actually have killed things, people and animal to comprehend firearm design and bullet performance.

I have witnessed too many ignorant posts by commentators which in turn are polluting the mind of someone like Michael Savage and the masses, so a mindset is shaping up that "bigger is more lethal".

For some facts, the first fact is, I actually like that mass purchase of ammunition as when God flushes out all this foreign despot crap from the Government, that means the Government will have an immense supply of ammunition to offer up to civilians CHEAPLY in a decade.
Great deal for the Second Amendment and a scorched earth America.

In that, I will let the reality slip in here for the exclusive. You purchase this kind of ammunition stores of worthless ammunition in preparation for the time that ammunition manufacture will be stopped or impeded.
That would be due to Biblical meteors, EMP attacks, nuclear attacks, Obama hoodie niggers burning down cities for his thugocracy.
I will repeat that again so it soaks in, the purchase of this kind of supply of worthless ammunition is for POLICING a nation which has lost manufacturing structure.

For the astute, this is why I stated that Obama disarming America from nuclear weapons is insane, as a stockpile is necessary in a nuclear war as mining, refining and building will not be available, so one needs several thousand nuclear weapons as reserve supply, so America does not get hammered in the retaliation rounds for several years.
Yes Obama can buy bullets, but can not see the nuclear light in flexibility.

Now onto the worthless 40 Smith and Wesson all are in a lather about.

Sure the 40 S&W is deadly, but there are a great deal more deadly things on the planet. The purchase of hollow point, 135 grain bullets backed by a moderate load of powder.
This contract is the Federal ammunition company out of Minneapolis which is part of the Speer bullet and Hercules and Alliant Powder monopoly.
200 million rounds were also contracted by ICE or Immigration through DHS for Customs and Border Patrol through Winchester.

I'm a snob when it comes to ammunition in like John Olin's Patriotic American ammunition by Winchester as it has always been shootable in all my needs. I started out with Federal and their ammunition was inferior. It now is hotter burning in faster loads, with more recoil, which is fine, but it violates the ammunition rule of the masters in:

Moderate loads, moderate bullet weight, is what brings death.

Gee you will never see commentators or Michael Savage ever express that, because they do not know a blessed thing about firearms or ammunition.

If you ever desire to see the biggest group of dumb ass, know it alls, just listen to reloaders, firearms devotees and gun cleaning "experts". They are anal to a sh*tload of whining about how PETER is PAN in Peter Pan.
They all have anecdotal stories and all have assumptions. One can see the can tied to the tail in Ed's Red, which is nothing but Gen. Julian Hatcher's original gun cleaning oil in modern content.
You will have hosts of experts following this formula while castigating Hoppe's #9 as just perfume. Already too much information in those gun cleaning formulas, but the reality is gun folks piss and moan like they know things and then when some Ed comes along, why they just piss all over themselves in all knowing the answers.

Yes is exactly like the plagiarists of this blog is it not eh?

Rhetorical so shut up and listen as I do not desire to hear what your thoughts are as I know the subject.

The 40 S&W came out of the idiot FBI which had agents armed with 30 Special snubs, which is a fine weapon, but not for war. Two agents in Florida were following some well armed criminals who shot the hell out of the FBI, so the FBI and gun nuts set off a hysteria in needing semi auto pistols and more firepower.
What resulted was the 10 mm, which is a cannon, and does not one shot stop as well as the 158 grain semi wadcutter in +P loading, or the original FBI load.

All the FBI needed as well as America was a better platform to deliver the 158 grain load in making it more accurate, as in the Thompson select fire sub-machine gun, which the FBI already had in 45 caliber from J. Edgar Hoover's day in the Tommy Gun.
They could have revamped the old 30 carbine too which Marines were stuck with in World War II, but instead we have this SWAT war machine in local police and FBI having some god damned German H& K people murdering rifles or high volume semi auto pistols.

For the record, police and most military can not hit the bull in the ass with a scoop shovel. They employ "SPRAY AND PRAY", meaning they empty magazines and pray they hit something.
That is what the problem was at Ft. Hood as exposed here in the female cop there who Michelle Obama honored, was a disgrace as the woman could not kill that damn Muslim terrorist, but it does seem her misses did kill some US Soldiers.

Read that last part, as that is the reality in it is not Hollywood in pistols and revolvers are not easy to hit targets with. When people are under stress, they pull the trigger and do not squeeze. They fire high and is why the military always tells Soldiers to SHOOT LOW as in the knees when in combat, just like idiot ball players always are winging balls high due to adrenalin surge.

Where was I?

Oh yes teaching you how to find your ass with both hands.

Interesting in I was writing this in a word program and was switching to here, and for some reason it erased in the word and posted an internet addy instead. The spiders in the wire entertaining themselves.

So the 40 S&W was born as the 9 mm hysteria was sweeping the world in niggers thinking it was cool to cap each other on the streets and terrorists soon found out the 9 mm like all things modern European did not get the job done.

The 40 is a fine load for a handgun. Meaning idiots shoot handguns in a gun fight. It is why the military uses rifles in combat and shotguns in trench warfare.
The 12 gauge pump shotgun is far superior in loaded with 2 3/4 inch shells, with OO buckshot at 9 balls per shell. Those 41 caliber balls are like shooting a full clip in one trigger pull of a 40 S&W.

Ah Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

It is why the Soldiers used it in World War I and the Marines were hosing down Vietcong with the Model 12 in Vietnam in the 1960's. Shotguns make good medicine in taking the fight out of the enemy.

The US military used to, before the Ivy League boys infested the Kennedy administration, believe in killing the enemy. The beautiful Brown Bess from the Revolutionary War launched a big ass chunk of lead.
There were the 50 70 and the 45 70 which the military utilized to kill people and it also killed a host of buffalo on the Great Plains. Gen. George Custer's Remington Rolling Block in 50 70 is one of my favorite weapons and moderate velocities with moderate bullets for killing things.

This changed with smokeless powders or nitro powders which burned clean and did not rust weapons like the black powder creations.
The 30 30 Winchester was part of the hunting guns, but the 30.03 which became the 30.06 was the military round, and a fine people killer.

Yes I passed over the 30.40 Krag and various 303 British as the information is too deep for the experts who will be reposting this.

The Germans would have the 7 x 57 Mauser on their fine 98 Mauser bolt action platform, the Russians would have that rudimentary Mosin Nagant in 30 caliber and this would all graduate to horrid things like the 308 NATO in M 14 semi auto / auto and that 7.62 x 39 AK 47 thing which was met with McNamara's 223 in Vietnam in one does not kill, but wound enemy terrorists, so it takes 2 to drag thee wounded cong away, thereby in theory taking out 3 of the enemy.

That really has been working out well has it not? None of the liberals ever figured out the 2 live ones come back murdering Americans later.

So that is the ammunition, loading and firearm platform, we now delve into a simple explanation of the 40 S&W and 135 grain bullet. That load would be frowned upon and illegal in most states to kill deer with, as it would not kill deer, and as deer are about human size, that should reveal the horrid purchase DHS has made.

The 180 grain loading is much better, but then again the recoil is more pronounced along with the big bang pistols have in your ears which make one flinch. Yes that is something too in all this ammunition in the government guns would wear out before they shot it all up and these paramilitary types in government divisions never fire enough ammunition to become proficient or break in their firearms.

That loading is good for nothing really. It is not even good for shooting Americans in the head, as the Nazi learned that murdering unarmed people drove their soldiery nuts. This load has no long range viability. It has no profound accuracy use. It is a waste of money, unless a short barrel pump or semi auto rifle were being employed, and then it is still inferior to that inadequate Russian 7.62 x 39.
The only redeeming feature is the 40 S&W can not be shoved into NATO, Russian or Chicom weapons to be used to shoot Americans with on invasion. Yippee!!!!!!!!

Where was I?

Oh yeah, the big deal about this is like all things cartel in new world order in being ass backwards. It is like Michael Savage espousing that these purchases would drive up ammo prices and create shortages.......
Ah ammo is already up higher under Obama than gas prices and just like Mark Levin's corn on wheat ground idiocy which the two do not mix.......the reality is gun powders are not equal in handgun powders are not in essence like rifle or shotgun powders due to burn rates in one needs a faster burn in short barrels than in longer barrels.
The same holds true in casings for 40 caliber are not 223 or any other cartridge or shell. The same for the bullets in the hollow point is not stuffed into hunting or other long rifle usage, just as the full metal jacket is outlawed in hunting as there must be controlled expansion for quick kills.

See what the experts in this have missed is these loads are designed to increase tissue damage which is frowned on by military and Geneva Conventions civilized warfare.
The full metal jacket load of organized warfare is like a nail driven into the body. It does not expand in exposed lead point bullets which "mushroom" or expand to increase tissue damage.

Bullets when they strike flesh, distort or flatten, termed "mushroom" as that is what they look like. When one factors in speed x bullet weight, one obtains foot pounds in energy that bullet is carrying.
It lessens in distance, and that is why one uses heavier bullets to carry the punch out further up to certain extents as a 5 pound chunk of lead would kill you in recoil as it would take a cannon to fire and if not a cannon, it would only project if 10 feet, to which the person would pick it up and beat you over the head with it.

When bullets hit tissue, they transfer into that water bearing meat, bone and fluids their energy. By mushrooming that bullet, it is like breaking a water balloon inside the human body where even near misses will explode lungs, hearts, arteries, veins etc... and is why hunting loads are designed to quickly kill animals.

The finest hunting load ever devised was the 270 Winchester with 130 grain bullets at 29o0 feet per second. That loading on deer sized animals produced as "shock" effect which literally shocked the nervous systems of animals to death in energy transfer in animals who dropped in their tracks.
When one matches bullet diameter, speed, weight and CORRECT BULLET CONSTRUCTION a wonderful thing takes place in instant death. Granted in bullets such as the Nosler Partition, too much kill does take place and nimrod hunters are blowing the hell out of deer in too much bullet and speed for the kill.

That is not the case with the 40 S&W though. While it is of the fine 380 group which did prove better than the 45 ACP in the Browning Model 1911, the military wisely went for bigger holes and bigger chunks of lead than shock on killing enemies. Special Forces had to learn that lesson the hard way in dropping that worthless 9 mm and going back to adult loadings.

If you really want to learn of this, one of the best experts was a Chicago policeman named Massad Ayoob, who wrote extensively for the American Rifleman in compiling data in real bullet lethality on human targets.


The .45 for Self-Defense - American Rifleman
Jan 10, 2012 – Massad Ayoob, then a Chicago cop and aspiring gun writter ... The one's shot with the 9 said they new they were hit but didn't really hurt so the kept firing. ... no difference at all in the killing power between those calibers.

That highlighted part of people shot with 9 mm's did not feel pain so kept shooting at Police or Citizens is telling.

Mr. Ayoob has written on carrying flashlights correctly in using pistols to the lethality of the 38 snubnose revolver which the FBI in it's more salad days did carry with effect.

The point in this is, there is a drought of the Ayood expertise and too many "always experts" who have never bothered to pump bullets into living tissue nor utilize firearms in various conditions to comment on the reality of what a DHS purchase is and for the reason.

I post something next in link and quote for you children to perhaps glean something in what I have been lecturing at you for this wasted time:

"Defending your store": the best in bullets - Lethal Force - Column ...
by Massad Ayoob ... This month, Massad Ayoob examines your options. ... Federal's Hydra-Shok .40, it performed identically and delivered a fast, fatal one-shot stop. ... Subsonic 180-grain JHP seems to be the load of choice for the.40 S&W auto. ... Police statistics for trained cops armed with double-action revolvers indicate ...

Did you comprehend the highlighted part?

180 grain JHP subsonic loads compared to the DHS purchase of 135 grain JHP loads?

They have purchased inferior loadings to what data is available. This means that the US Security forces are being handicapped by the Obama regime.......deliberately.

Piss poor handgun load in semi autos which will jam, and will not terminate combatants effectively so they can keep firing bullets back.

They call that an exclusive and no one has told Michael Savage this nor Teddy.

PS: Nuff said Note: There is no such thing as bullet proof vests. All there is, is Kevlar stopping inferior loadings in 9, 40 and 223. Shoot any Kevlar wearing person and it hurts. Shoot them in extremities or exposed areas and it disables.
That is why Gen. Patton loved the M 1 Garand as the finest killing weapon ever devised as US Soldiers with FMJ bullets could shoot Germans though trees literally.......yes it was called "walking fire" in they simply kept firing ahead as advancing and the bullets would pierce through wood.

The US Security Forces should be examining why the DHS is stockpiling light and fast loads which will get them killed. Elmer Keith as did Jack O'Connor, along with the entire former American military establishment advocated the correct lethal mix of big bullet and moderate speed. It is why Patriot John Olin's Winchester ammunition started out with the 180 grain load for the S&W.

Think about these realities children, as the information being fed to you and repeated is head up the ass. No one but this blog has assessed any of this correctly.

US Law Enforcement would be much better equipped with Remington 870's with sighted barrels, loaded with buckshot and slug without plugs in their vehicles. The standard 38 revolver with speed loader in +P loads, and select officers having bolt action 30.06 Remington 700's with a 24 power varmint scope for selective firing.
All idiot proof, all with margins of error and all deadly in close misses, make those being fired upon to forget their lust for your blood.

The 30.06 is never a mistake.

~Col. Townsend Whelen

agtG 309 YY

My vocation is in lead, and my business is in dispensing it lethally.

~Lame Cherry

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