Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pro Tempore

As another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.......

I have this as thee only post today for reason. Every person in this world missed this, and this is why in God's Grace I am appointed as His Prophet to make things known.

Terry, you asked about something you did not want to know in asking. Hidden in this is what you asked.

When the Fang Jinn impersonator of Birther Hussein disappeared and reappeared at St. Petersburg Russia in September, it was noted here that bribes were offered to Putin at the G8 Summit, as the Syrian issue was discussed.

A peace treaty was during that period.

Things have been worked out in all of this according to God's Time Table as I have spoken of here.

For those who have no idea what on earth or Heaven  I am speaking of, that is the way it is supposed to be. For those who think they know, you do not know and that is how it is supposed to be.

I am the only conduit of this. Upon inquiry the anti Christ had no part in this, but will benefit from this. This was hidden in plain sight, and the Holy Ghost moved me with thoughts of this at the time, but I have been going through immense attack and pressures, so I was distracted and when it came up a few days ago, once again I was overburdened and it passed until I was moved on this Sabbath to establish it in being what was being revealed.

This is thee most important time in all history and every one missed it, as this time anchors thee most sought for important date in all history. All saw it and no one saw it, nor comprehended it as this is by God's Design.
I have humbly been spoken through to bring this message and only three people now know of this fully, and the NSA if they can comprehend what I was stating in a phone conversation and the things on this computer which they have grabbed.

I am not in the least cryptic in this, because the reality in this is I could state exactly what this is and it still would not be comprehended by the population as you are blind by design, because you will never see.

As I pondered all this the past month, I wondered over things in hope, and it was not until this revelation that I knew what I was preparing all for was to be. I am delighted in this not knowing, but in God giving me this honor to Glorify Him. For all the billions, I am the conduit He chose and no one else. I am the one chosen for the world to know which can not know and for the Elect whom God will by His Holy Spirit reveal the meaning to this in an instant.

What is revealed is worth more than all the quadrillions in this world could ever be donated for.

My children if you do not comprehend yet, you will, so do not be discouraged. I will be here to assist you as you are not ready for what you will know fully.
For the brats, the darkness shrouds you as proof of whose you are and you will never comprehend for you knew me not, as you know not God.

The Saint will remember this day by God's Holy Spirit, the rest will forget this as this is intended to be. Before the time comes, if I still call from the wilderness I will point to the next time to warn.

Nuff said in public.

agtG 242Y, 254