Saturday, September 28, 2013

The anti Christ signature

Editor's Note: The following PUBLISHED on SATURDAY MORNING as proven by the Google Search engine revealing in search results IT WAS ON THE BLOG.
Yet it clearly shows it is in DRAFTS YET late on Saturday. I know this post was on the blog on Saturday morning at 9:02 as I checked and as the blog time stamp shows. Someone again took this post down.

This is the second time information concerning Biblical matters, in this case the anti Christ has been deliberately pulled by the powers which control this world.
I am not going to tell you to wake up, as you rich people are already whistling over your own graves in dead brats walking for all the good your money is doing as you should have donated.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in the matter anti matter........

This will be short as I am busy being poor........odd who making rich people have to face how absolutely non Christian they are in not donating to poor me, drives them away as they would rather mirror mirror on the wall conjure the lie of their being generous and not going to hell, when I remind them they are Scrooges and going to hell........odd how that bothers the consceince.

The other day upon inquiry, I was told that I was the anti Christ which I smirked at, as I know Scripture in the Antiochos Epiphanes forerunner type of the anti Christ, in the Beast of Revelation is the Roman Empire reborn and the person heading it will be European and male.
That sort of leaves me off the list.

Granted the idea of being someone so powerful they could exterminate all these richtards from planet America and elsewhere is appealing, as the anti Christ is going to martyr good people in the hundreds of millions, but that just is not my the question is, what begs this odd thing in the Prophetess getting information contrary to the Bible eh?

The answer of course is simple upon Inspiration in the anti Christ is sending out false signatures to hide his identity as it is being looked for, and things will not go as planned for it, if everyone figures out what that thing is before it sets the hoorah in motion like Obama in his demon machine.

satan always tells people they are the anti Christ as it drives people nuts, and it is designed to do that as no normal person wants to be a pariah. It is part of the game of deception and it buggers people up.
I know Scripture and base all information on that, and if it does not match Scripture then I know the source is not God, even though I am talking with God. God has purpose even in that in me, in all knowing me, to keep me on track in testing me apparently, as God refines every person and that refinement includes if you are going to behave and not go flying off on things, without testing and retesting them.

Having been humiliated enough by humans, God and evil things, I just sort of shrug it off now and just move on as part of the things I have to go  through, so do not let things affect me, but figure it like a false military dispatch meant to drop my guard so an invasion would come....I just keep moving on position and figure it is another learning experience.

It would make sense in numbers of false leads in the anti Christ to hide who it is when it appears as people will be burned out looking by then.

Well enough of this exclusive information.........I see Andy Dean went British too in his fill in host......I think Brits after a time start feeling like cheese stuck in your mouth and everyone gets tired of that kind of cheese.
Nothing to do with the anti Christ, but Jerome Corsi was on the show nattering on again about things not quite complete. So much of that now.

nuff said