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King of War

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I mean at this 21st century to recall to the past the period of when the 20th century world wars came to fruition, for it is an interesting situation that as this blog has noted, that the real first world war was the "7 Years War" as it was known in Europe and in America it was called the French and Indian War.

That was a war where the world was at war and upon the English winning it, the world was divided to English advancement.
The Great European War as it was known in history was termed the First World War incorrectly, and the following war was termed the Second World War.

For cartel reasons, the realities of what started World War I or the Great European War, have been removed from history. What that war is in the minds of people is the Red Baron of Germany, trench warfare, bad Germans and the allied victory, which it is said set the stage for the second world war.

You will notice that from the late 1700's to the early 1900's, there was not a world war, but a world at war. Two world wars joined within a few years from 1914 to 1940 at their dual starts. Then there has been world at war again in skirmish wars.

World War I or the Great European War was instigated in 1897 by an Entente Treaty which American illegally made in secret with England and France for the genocide of Germany. That treaty during the end of Queen Victoria's reign is what set about a most antagonistic of royals in Queen Victoria's son, Edward VII, who was one of the most Richard III types of the modern era.
Edward could toast the Kaiser of Germany, but behind the scenes he was putting forward the policy of encirclement of Germany which would destroy her.
Edward would promote an alliance, but offer up Germany to fight Russia to both their deaths, as England desired Russia and Germany both dead.

Edward the Encircler as he was known in the diplomatic press had this private eulogy said of him in a private dispatch of the Belgian Embassy in Berlin that, "the peace of Europe was never in such jeopardy as when the King of England concerned himself  with maintaining it".

I am going to jolt your mind in this to that said British subject, Birther Obama, the celebrated Nobel Prize winner at one millions dollars prize, who in his vision of peace the world has been nothing but wars, staging for another great world war.
Can you not comprehend this, in there was to be a 50 years war against terrorism, meant to realighn the world on a new order, which the Bush43 Administration was driven into. The democracies and reformed dictatorships which the Bush group attempted to install for American security were all destroyed as the cartel deal out of central Europe starting with the Berlin clique, was to install Muslim terror groups as bribes for their alliance, and the Islamcommunists would then be the enforcers for the Neo Roman Empire in Europe and the New East led by the Chicoms.

King Edward was interesting in his final years as while he was staging war by constriction of Germany, he literally appeared in Germany in a most horrid condition of catarrh promising again how Edward desired good relations with Germany.
In viewing what Edward was enacting as his eyes and nose ran with a disease like blue tongue in sheep and horses, Edward was at least trying to calm the sheep of Berlin for the slaughter and at worst was there inspecting his new territory and summer home.

Edward's son, King George, not the one from 1776, drove the Kaiser of Germany to pay his respects to the dead king, whose coffin can not be appreciated in a black and white photographic world, as it literally had precious stones set in it and was an artwork dazzling to the eyes of even the Kaiser who had witnessed the greatest masterpieces of grandeur, which included the Russian palaces.

The scene of this was a history of attempted world war against Germany for years. That is why it is fascinating that King George had the Kaiser stay at Buckingham Palace, and was entertained by Queen Alexandra, wife of the dead King in a most hospitable way.

By August 4th, 1914, as the Kaiser returned to Germany from a Norwegian trip, England declared war on Germany. I will repeat that point in it was not Germany who declared war on England, but England on Germany.
This was after the entire encirclement of Germany had taken place. It was after Japan was bribed with control of China and Korea and then in 1914 seized control of German interests in the east. It was after the French military had time to build up their forces for the war, and it was after tea time from family in England in using the death of Edward VII.

As I study this, I believe the English royals in Edward and George were using family moments to try and get the Germans to lower their defenses and not prepare for war, so the war would be an easy victory.
It appears that France was to get west Germany, England north Germany and the Russians the Baltic region with a Balkanization of warring Republics from Austria east for the Russians to fight.

This is really a cold people in England considering all they were doing and the way they did it all with a smile in using family relations to bring about the end of Germany.

In like all things plotted, it is interesting that when Germany had war declared on her by the allies, that the summer campaign witnessed brilliant victories and advancement for....Germany which settled into trench warfare in 1915.
After the wiping out of the English in their idiotic policy of storming machine guns which mowed down 10,000 English at each outing, the Americans were brought in with the advent of tanks which is what is commonly known as what defeated Germany.

I bring this fact out, that the British monarchy was led by it's counsellors to a policy of the genocide of Germany, but if one examines the record, the British in two world wars murdered themselves, as did the Russians, as did the French, which left only a puffed up America managing the world, which as of the 21st century has been destroyed, as those behind this have Russia a crippled malignant, China a ravenous paper tiger devouring itself, as the world lurches again toward war, with militant Islam gouging the nuclear way.

That is the way this enterprise of feudalism works. It pits the powers of the decade against each other, where the monetary power is drained and the warriors are exterminated, leaving an impoverished and vassal people, as wards of the once free governments.

As Americans are far too close to see this, they are in process being offered up. They will be replaced as peacemaker Obama  Jinn returns this power to central Europe in the caste which has always ruled this in imported Asian Ashkenaz managing finance, the aristocracy ruling and the Vatican Jesuits forming a mutual bondage of servitude belief, IR, the Roman Babylonian system.

We have before us this posture and America is paralyzed in a dictatorship where the god king Obama rules a group of sullen subordinates who make despotry all legal. You have before you the fiction that Germany was the villain as that is what the propaganda teaches, when the above reality is something far different, and those same shadow hands are guiding this again to a world of war.

The English attempted in 1905 at Cronberg - Friedrichshof to demand in person to the Kaiser that Germany not build a Navy to protect herself.
This would be offered again in a note sent of neutrality to the Germans on January 29th, 1912 by Sir Ernest Cassel, that if Germany ceased to add to her Navy, that England would not enter into the coming world war. This was a secret offering and in full knowledge of the English government.

The Germans replied and the reply of Sir Ernest was a Minister would be the negotiator on this subject, and it might be Winston Churchill, Naval Minister.
Haldane the Minister of War was instead chosen by the English. Haldane was a lawyer, and by this the German Kaiser concluded this was a political intrigue as Haldane knew absolutely nothing of Naval purposes.

Churchill was to be the negotiator, but was stopped in an internal cabinet dispute by Minister Grey, as this was viewed entirely as a disarming of Germany, and not as to looking toward German interests.

"Haldane had been schooled by the English Admiralty, in which the spirit of Fisher was paramount. In his Handbook for English Naval Officers, Fisher had stated, among other precepts well worthy of being remembered, one which is characteristic of the Admiral, his department and its spirit, which runs, word for word, as follows: "If you tell a lie, stick to it."

Lie is what the English did to the last moment, as their negotiator returned to England, and then appeared not an agreement but more delaying questions on matters which did not relate to the treaty. In effect, Englad was buying time in the winter of 1912 - 1913 to delay the Germans from their naval program, which is as noted in the time table, England declared war on Germany in the summer of 1914.

In all of this, the English while under treaty for German genocide, used family ties to prey upon Germans at thee most heinous of moments at funerals dedications of statues to Queen Victoria, and then went into subterfuge to get Germany to disarm herself in the promise of English "neutrality" which is absolutely against everything Christian in disarming an opponent and slaughtering them.

As only this blog has exposed, the same ruse is being carried on against Americans in they are being allowed to keep firearms, but ammunition is now absent, and this pacifies the dolt to thinking they are safe, but what happens when a mosquito fleet of drones armed with chemical weapons appears through your screens.....what protection if you for that genocide eh?

You have been told not to trust the Germans as they are all evil, but the problem is when real history unveils itself, it is not Churchill's "this was our finest hour" but what unfolds is a macabre drama of ghouls who violated every vestige of human morality.

It matters America, for you are now the offering upon the pike prepared for you, and in your ignorance and arrogance you will not listen to the censored words of the Germans kept from you.
When General George Patton had no problem in re establishing the German army to join with his 3rd Army to wipe out the Soviets and was assassinated for it, perhaps that Patriot who understood the entire field, should be listened to.

After you digest this, in knowing every damn thing you have been told, taught and viewed has been nothing but a damn lie.
You remember that in the few heroes of the 20th century in Charles Lindbergh, George Patton and Ronald Reagan were either exiled, assassinated or now have been transformed into "liberals".

Charles Lindbergh, the Spirit of St. Louis, from Minnesota and the greatest Hero America had was destroyed by President Franklin Roosevelt for his opposition to this world war being instigated for the finish of Christian Germany.

You remember that.

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