Monday, June 27, 2016

A thank you from the too Popular Girl

Well as I was typing this Google alerted me that someone had logged into
the blog and that suspicious activity was taking place. Odd how this
latest round started when the Lame Cherry began the expose' on the
intrigue of the GOPliters with Paul Manafort, trying to bankrupt Donald
Trump and set upon the menagerie of forcing him to stick some Jed Crush
clone to steal the Presidency next year from Mr. Trump and the American

I am not fast tracking this as blogger is going haywire on high speed
connection running in reverse.

I have been meaning to thank those for the kind notes and donations. I
realize that 5 dollars means things to people as it does me and I
appreciate it.
It was a bit international as of late as there was one from China, one
from the Netherlands and one from Canada. I wonder sometimes how God
communicates here in the American readers should be aware that this blog
has a sizeable audience in Russia, France, Germany, Slovakia, Canada and
the Philippines.

For most of you in America reading this, the things that appear in this
blog, if I was in Europe or Canada, I would be like Mark Steyn in the
police state hounding the speech or like Tim Rifat in England having
trumped up charges for the nut house, to try and shut up the message here.
In America, I just have attempts on my life, am on "the list" and have a
big ole flashdrive file as I get under the skin of the manipulators who
do not like having their machinations revealed.

I would that I enjoyed this blog more, but I am still recovering from
the crimes of Ted Cruz. That required a great deal of effort to stop
those backfires, and I am just sort of treading water and not having as
much fun as I used to.
I need weeks of sitting in the garden, and that is not going to happen,
as the intrigue against Mr. Trump is only getting worse and it needs a
sapper in the wire to be an equalizer for God's Glory.

The Holy Ghost was just talking to me, so I share His message today:

Lamentations 3:26: It is good that a man should both hope and quietly
wait for the salvation of the Lord.

In reference to the above, Israel had been divorced by God, and Judah
was in the process of being put away. Invasion and war had made
Jerusalem a pile of stones, and the people were refugees or slaves, who
are not dead by the Babylonians.

I believe we are in the End Times period, even if the major signs have
not yet manifested. I conclude this is God hiding things like Noah
building the ark to the last day. The world we live in is no more.
Change is coming, because the forces behind Obama have unleashed
destruction and the world is in period of decay now.
Horrid things will take place which will affect all of us, whether we
are in Hong Kong, Manitoba, the Netherlands or Ohio. It is not something
our ancestors have not lived through and survived. It is just going to
be different in the day will come when a few million people die from a
nuclear blast and you will marvel at it, but have more survival things
to think of in being happy it was not you.

I view it as anyone should be able to survive 3 1/2 years providing they
have food, water and shelter. Then Christ returns and the Golden Age
begins, so it is always that bridge constructed to somewhere there is a

Last night TL and I were on a walk and a neighbor stopped with his wife
to talk. For you people with money, you really should get a place in the
country with good neighbors.
It is hard for you if you are not a local, because I have some of you as
neighbors and they are not bright enough to do more than wave. As I was
explaing to TL, this neighbor is from a family my family has known,
worked with and gone to school with for over 100 years. I can trust them
with anything and they with me. That is the kind of people you need
around you, as you know their genetics and what they will do in all
sorts of bad situations.

I am still in an area where names mean things. The first thing I start
doing when I meet people is asking their name, who the are related to
and friends. The minute I find a name from memory which is a red alert,
I back off. See I know who had the girls shirt off in the car and is now
the epitome of the community fraud and I know who did what to who. I
know who the hell I can trust and who I better never turn my back on.
I have noticed numbers of people coming "home" the past years to here.
Something is moving people in preparation.

Oh and no I did not have funding for orgone generation, and am in a
drought. Yes something is coming up on the United Nations in a White
Paper, and the key to Tim Rifat's trinkets is not the trinket. It is
you. You are the power charge. It is never the crystal ball or witch's
brew. It is your focus as in a prayer of being distracted by the dousing
rod, so the energy begins flowing through you, amplified by God, which
begins the energy charge in the matrix.
It is the frequency coming out of you, and the more tension you have
about it not working, the less it will work. It simply is a skill like
playing the piano.......and no I can not play the piano even if I can
write the music.

I probably should close this out, but wanted to express my gratitude. It
helps a great deal in people being nice and not showing up being tools
of satan as that does hurt. For those who think I cringe at too many
communications or think you are taking up too much of my time, that is
not the case in the least. That never occurs to me as each of you is a gift.
I am pleased that numbers of you have good lives and I try to pray
better for those who are burdened a bit now.

I do though have to get this black spot on my leg which is from being on
here too much in the laptop cooks the blood apparently rectified. I put
a cloth on it, and it started to fade, but I will just have to shift to
something for better ventilation. It all sorts itself out before the end.

God's Blessings and Care for the Good in Jesus Name Amen and Amen