Monday, June 27, 2016

Lame Cherry: Forever Clinton #Never Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The genesis of the is from a caller on Gun Talk by Tom Greshom. I have rightly busted Tom Greshom's ass over a number of issues, but his advice from this point on is this:

The decision is done, it is Donald Trump we are voting for as we are not voting for Hillary Clinton.

It is not enough now to be NRA one issue, because Democrats in majority always vote to take Gun Rights away, and that means voting Republican in every election in State and Federal.

Your vote is not enough. It has already been counted. You have got to get out and bring 3 to 5 people to the polls to vote for Donald Trump and Republicans, PERIOD.

Now for these political signs which were inspired by a caller who was at a gun booth, with a cat show convention next door, and some cat woman came prancing over in a huff, telling these gun owners they were the scourge of the earth, guns were evil and we did not need guns.

One of the men in the booth then said to the cat woman, "Just a moment, we have something for you", and handed her a sign she could put in her front window, which read:


She started stammering and blurted out, I can't do that, because then they will know I don't have..........."

and with that she turned on her heels and was off as she knew she just admitted how wrong she was.

In honor of that, all of us know these asstards, cucktards and hilltards out there in the Clintons, Cruz, #NeverTrump and Libertarian dope heads, who are looking to genocide all of us by cementing in Obama regime annihilation of Americans. So I thought, what better way to help these tards by printing up these political fliers for their front windows, which they can proudly put on display.

It is a given, that most of the people who would be given this placard, would smile large and be quite pleased with this anti gun message, as they are deranged in hating Donald Trump, that hatred will have them nailing it to their glass windows.
So you will have to warn them, it probably is not such a great idea as it will make them a target, just like it is making all of us a target in their political miscreant choices.

I am not telling anyone to do this, as if this starts a trend, it is going to cause a fury as tards do not like being exposed for being tards. It is though the reality that the Clinton, Cruz, Sanders, Green and Libertarian voters against Donald Trump, are telling the world they have no firearms to protect themselves or their homes.

That is something they should be proud of and if they are stupid enough to put up a sign, as being stupid enough to vote against Donald Trump, then like all things, that is their choice like sodomy, aborticide and national genocide.


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