Friday, June 24, 2016

Coup des Trump

Reince Priebus to Donald Trump — Back Off!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sometimes I do not know how to begin an expose and simply have to start writing, and they story then by God's Grace begins to write itself.

This begins with several meetings, two to be specific, before Ted Cruz was forced for criminal reasons from the 2016 race. The first meeting was about setting up a series of events in order to seize control over the Donald Trump for President campaign.
The second concerned how to force Donald Trump to accept a GOPliter Vice Presidential choice to thwart all the American people and Mr. Trump have been working for.

You have witnessed the manifestations in this, in the principle players. I will inform you that the work featured here from David John Oates on the Jeff Rense site was definitely noted, and from the second program, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus were no longer being told anything about this coup against Donald  Trump.
They were given directional orders, and those orders have been followed.

You have heard exactly what those behind this are up to, because they  tell you. They take polls on it, they make issues of it and they do this, because they are the ones behind it, so they know what the story is already.

Donald Trump in this coup against him, was to be hit on two fronts. The delegates and the finances are the primary wedge at this time. I have told you exclusively that there is a plan to indict Donald Trump in liberal New York on the next phase of this, in order to give Hillary Clinton cover for her crimes.

You know the source, when you are reminded that it was Paul Ryan and then Scott Walker, again of Wisconsin, telling "delegates to vote their consciences", in order to create enough unrest, to force Donald Trump to choose his LBJ, for the time they light an eternal Trump flame sometime next year. If we are talking Wisconsin, it is Big Koch, the Hillary Clinton voters and Ted Cruz packerbackers who are the billionaires behind this.

You have heard stories of "fundraising problems". How would anyone know what the Trump finances really are, unless someone had a list of all the major GOPe donors, and had been making contact with these rich people to shut up their funding?
The message from Big Koch has been fear, and the fear is simple in they are being told that Donald Trump is going to raise their taxes, break their 1% monopoly on draining the US Treasury which Obama set up for them, and they are putting the squeeze on Mr. Trump this way, but it is more than a squeeze.

If you were at this insider meeting in New York, you might have heard something about, "Sure we will make this bastard Trump pay and play. It is not going to be enough to take this election from him and humiliate him. No, we are going to make Donald Trump cripple his finances by getting him to liquidate and go into debt, so when this is over, we are going to take that g*d damn tower from him as a lesson to all, to never f*ck with us ever again."

Big Koch is going to buy up the debt on Donald Trump self finance, who Mr. Trump will be led to believe are friendly financiers. That is why that Veteran donation was hammered so hard. It was conditioning to get Mr. Trump ready for this point in time.

There has been an immense effort of intimidation and leverage against the GOPe and they are all keeping quiet about this subject and not donating, so their names are not red flagged, because the promise is, they will be facing millions in investigations and prison, just as Donald Trump is destined to face jail, if he is not delivered by the Lord and begin being the ruthless person he is not.

There has been talk for some time out of the Wall Street Journal in a Condominium, in  the House of Koch and the House of Trump existing, or more to the point, Koch through Paul Ryan running the regime and Donald Trump getting the pretty view.
This is part of the smoke screen, not for the general public, but the insiders who Rupert Murdoch is carrying the message for Big Koch to the GOPe. Big Koch wants Donald Trump to focus on Ryan as the creeper, trust in PJ Manafort and think that Priebus is his new guy pal, as this is being progressed.

This is all about the Vice Presidential slot, and Sheldon Adelson is in on this, in not donating to Donald Trump, but the donation went to bribing Congressional slugs who want that money for an election that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell led them into political oblivion called the Obama Abyss.

After Mr. Trump saw through the Sheldon Adelson bribe of 200 million dollars to put Newt Gingrich as Vice President, the dynamic changed, and Big Koch went to the clever plan, which if you trace this, it seems bizarre that a woman from Tennessee showed up at CPAC talking of her own presidential run. Then she was featured non stop in Newsmax Hillary Clinton publications and Robert Mercers' Breitbart.
Yes seemingly someone was the darling of all of this, taking on Al Gore even without any retribution in his home state of crooks.

Representative Marsha Blackburn has certainly been on the back burner for some time, even if you have never heard of the woman.

Marsha Blackburn to "Test the Waters" for 2016 Bid ...

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn will consider running for president in 2016 -- if she sees an opportunity to do so, an aide to the 7 th ...

Yes all of these pro Hillary Clinton and pro Ted  Cruz publication just fawning over a right wing Republican woman, when political rape of Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell was all the fare for them.

Now why would that be?

Marsha Blackburn - Center for Responsive Politics

Marsha Blackburn. Summary; Elections; Industries; PACs; Donors; Geography; CAREER PROFILE (SINCE 1989) ... Koch Industries : $54,500: $1,000: $53,500: Gen Cap America ...

Oh Marsha Blackburn is the Koch girl, complete with a juicy little campaign finance problem she called a press conference over.


In April 2008, Blackburn summoned reporters to explain that she had found errors in her Federal Election Commission filings going back several years and had failed to report $286,278 in expenditures, including $18,821 to a fundraising consulting company run by her son-in-law, Paul Ketchel. She also failed to report $102,044 in contributions

Suddenly though as Marsha Blackburn became a Koch girl, she just has not had any political problems or criminal problems, just like Ted Cruz............and yes Ted Cruz is well informed of the Big Koch meetings as it was coordinated out the Mockingbird smear wing of the National Review.

The media in this as you have noticed has cut out Glenn Beck and Matt Walsh, who have gone silent. Instead it has fallen to trolls like John Fund and Dave Blount to plant the acid stories, in driving the indictment rumor of Donald Trump, the financial ruin of Donald  Trump in Mr. Trump is not as wealthy as he appears, and the Delegarch operation, none of which are true, but this is ALL cover, and my children and my brats who still are not donating to this blog to save your lives, it is to the point that one Lame Cherry exclusive is never enough in telling you about what went on inside that meeting which most have not told their bed partners about. No the Lame Cherry has to tell you who Big Koch is moving forward to be Vice President, and she sounds like the perfect Conservative, until you discover she is just like Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and most of the politicians trying to sabotage Donald Trump, in owing Big Koch her soul.

I do not give advice to Donald Trump, because what would an important person like himself have to do with an obscure blog of toxic satire. I would though post here what I would do, if I was someone who inquired into the matrix.
If it were me, I would accept whatever candidate they offer as Vice President. I would tell them for suspense that I would have others on the list leaked as the probable choices. Then on accepting the nomination, I would announce that Jame Beutler was Vice President. I inquired of her, and she will be loyal as Vice President, but I would get her to sign it on the line and promise it to impeachment if  she broke that contract.
I inquired about another suggestion in Cathy Rogers......inquiry says she will not be loyal as VP.

The flow of the matrix is thus that a President would not survive, no more than John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, if they accept the terms of the cartel.

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