Friday, June 24, 2016

The Postives of Brexit

Resign: An emotional David Cameron resigning this morning as Samantha Cameron looks on, as Brussels scrambled to make sense of Britain's decision to exit and MEPs warned Europe will crumble 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I sometimes do not understand the shortsightedness of everyone in what really matters in Brexit. The top of the list is that Samantha Cameron will soon be on the market, after she dumps her pig head ejaculation husband David, who also took the Obama whip rope for a good swig.

I mean look at this hottie Sammy Cameron.

I can see all kinds of Muslims just going after her like Dodi did Diana. Such a vixen with her chess set dress on and that checkmate blue spot over the area she is hoping to be conquered. Now that is a woman who knows when a marriage is over and it is time to take a hot bath to get the pig sex and Obama sex off of her, and find herself a real man who started out life proper in ejaculating into goat anus while the couscous was hot.

We now know that ugly women and fag boys only wanted to stay in the Union. Apparently they were confused in thinking this EU vote stood for extra uterus, and not Europa, but it is a good thing that we found out that horridly unattractive people were voting to stay in Europe.

Shock: The Remain camp is distraught as Brexit voters outnumber Remain by more than a million

There is now hope that true European heros like Thomas Mair will be released from prison, knighted and given a go at Samantha Cameron before she goes native. Then too Norwegian hero Andres Breivik who started all of this is certain to be King of Norway or something, as Europe needs men now more than ever, and it does seem men are in rather short supply, in the face of Muslim rape cock.

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Personally, I think that the semen from Mair and Breivik should be collected, and used to inseminate every Muslim woman across Europe, slap them on the ass afterwards, send them back home with a loaf of bread and then watch what that white gold does to Asia, because we see what European heritage did to those North African, in none look primate, they are attractive and are never confused with primates of the jungle sort.

Then there is the greatest blessing of all in this, of war.

Yes war, glorious war!!!

I see Brexit being the alternative to reality television. That Londonstan mayor is a real pisser. I can see the Scots in kilts and English in their English, burning London to the ground to liberate it like Falujah in Iraq. Yes a ripping good summer it would be, driving them Muslims into the Thames......and how about them Germans dusting off the old Mausers and driving the Turks into the Rhine........and then Parisian driving them Algerians into whatever the French care to.
Yes that is the thing, nothing like a good cleansing war to get the kinks out, make people feel good, and then they go home and behave nicely with a pinter or two.

America though can not be left out of this, as I think America.....well maybe something like Michigan should declare war on Canada and the Twin Cities. Mind you not all Canada, but just Ottawa. The world has moved past that Obama penis named Trudeau now trying to make Canada into David Cameron's little Londonstan, and I say, let them Yanks just clean out Ottawa and the Minnesota Metro. Get them in practice for the Trump Convention in Cleveland, and then they can march right on to Washington to make things right.

Canadians are just too nice. That is their problem. No it is not that they are not just as cut throat evil as everyone, it is just they suffer too damned much, when a good Metis revolution is what they need. Last time Canadians had any fun, it was that Northwest Revolution and that damn government went off and hung the hero.
It is ok, the Canadians put up a statue to the Louis Riel and worship him greatly.

North West Rebellion leader Louis Riel, represented by this statue on ...

I say let's declare war on our enclave liberals and their invader cities and let the locals get their hands on the big boy toys.........oh who has not dreamed of firing off a neutron bomb in some city eh?

So there are lots of positives in Brexit which are being lost on the trivial things. Brexit sounds like a great deal of fun. Hot political wives on the sex block, rounding up ugly women, impregnating Muslim women with real European men, revolutions, war on liberal enclaves and neutron bombs.

Thing is all of you populations had better fix your problems or it is you who are already being subjected to the above which you think is so astonishing to read now......and it is only time before nuclear terrorism strikes back now in Obama Merkel and Cameron gave the Muslims their H bombs.

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