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I begin this by explaining nothing for my reasons of posting on Lyme infection, because that is what it is, an infection and not a disease. I could go into the great details of it and the conjecture, but the fact of the matter is, someone placed this European diseased into America as was West Nile, and the net result is an infection which is tick carried and resembles syphilis.
The following are quotes concerning the background of Lyme so that you understand it, but to preface this, Imperial Japan in their germ warfare experiments understood "Lyme" and these types of agents to not be bacteria, but instead to be fungal.
This needs to be understood, as I have concluded that cancer is a hybrid which is a virus, that in symbiotic relationship has a bacteria which provides an acidic soup in which cancer feeds on sugar.

I will at the end of this article provide a theory for treatment or at least suppressing Lyme to the point of it not affecting those with it any more. It is theory based on the factual nature of these infections.

Enter Plum Island, the thought source of Lyme in the USDA biological infectious disease research station on the American east coast of that era.

Since 1954, the ostensible mission of Plum Island’s Animal Disease Center
has been to protect America’s $100 billion livestock industry and defend it 
from foreign viruses, like the foot-and-mouth disease virus epidemic that 
ravaged Europe in 2001. After September 11, 2001, its mission returned to 
biological warfare. 

Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), named in honor of its discoverer, attacks
humans in a number of ways, which is one reason why it remains difficult to
diagnose. Characterized by symptoms such as facial paralysis and stiff
swelling in the neck and joints, Bb also causes maladies like meningitis and
encephalitis— both swellings of the brain— and cardiac problems, including
atrioventricular block, myopericarditis, and cardiomegaly. Because Bb attacks
the body’s central nervous system, additional symptoms of Lyme disease
include acute headaches, general fatigue, fever, moodiness, and depression.

the tick regurgitated hundreds of
spiral-shaped Bb bacteria into the victim’s blood.

If the tick is the perfect germ messenger, then Bb is an incredibly clever
germ. Because its outside wall is hard to destroy, the bacterium can fight off
immune responses and antibiotic drugs. Bb finds a home in the mouth and
salivary glands of larvae and nymph ticks, and infects females’ ovaries and
the thousands of eggs they will lay after breeding while attached to deer
(upon which Bb has little effect).

Bb is often found in tandem with mycoplasma bacteria, which
causes many of Lyme’s debilitating symptoms. Mycoplasmas found in for-
eign countries were studied on Plum Island since its inception; they may
have been cross-contaminated with Bb and escaped the lab in the 1970s.

Now we come to the established homeopathic treatments for Lyme which assist in dealing with this organism, when the antibiotics do not prevail. What requires understanding of this organism, is that it has an infectious form which antibiotics will treat, and a suppressed form which embeds itself in a cyst type wall to hide behind.

Primary Methods to Treat LYME Disease
- Samento and Banderol from Dr. Cowden - the company name is NutraMedix. I'll begin trying this product pair the beginning of November 2015 and will keep this website updated with my personal and clinical results. It is also important to have a Cyst buster to break down the biofilm barriers that the Borrelia bacteria form around themselves as a protective later. My favourite product for this right is called Biofibrin from Inspired Nutrition.
- Monolaurin and biofibrin.
- MMS - miracle mineral solution - Sodium chlorite solution, a very effective natural antibiotic.
- Holistic Counseling
- Homeopathic for Constitutional Treatment and Nosode.
- RIFE Beam Ray Device. Yes, it sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it works!
- Colloidal Silver

note: It is not advised to use MMS along with Colloidal silver. Also, MMS is quite potent and caution should be used when mixing with other supplements.

Secondary Methods to Treat LYME Disease
- B12 injections
- Other oxidizing therapies like Vitamin C (high dose, especially intravenous), Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and OZONE therapy.
- Oregano Oil
- Other vitality-boosting, cleansing, detoxing, balancing therapies are also good to help with overall state of health when dealing with LYME.
- Consider Inspired Nutrition Lyme disease protocol.
- Consider also the Cowden Lyme disease protocol.

Other considerations -
- Addressing the Biofilm directly to "expose Borrelia" to the immune system and natural antibiotics. My favourite product for this right is called Biofibrin from Inspired Nutrition.
- Stay away from refined sugar, wheat, and dairy.
- Reduce exposure to EMFs and negative "waves" - limit cell phone use. Whenever possible, use network cables straight into modem and turn off wifi. At the minimum, turn off wifi at night to go to sleep.
- Also of great importance is being in a mould-free environment, as mould seems to be a big trigger for Lyme disease aggravation.

With all of the above, as it I type this, I am looking at a white streak on my toenail, which is fungal, which I contracted in the metro. I softened the nail to mush and was going to be a problem, until I placed on it coconut oil on a bandage and let it soak in a number of times, which killed the fungus.

This begins the process of the theory of Lyme treatment in it must be struck, but struck behind it's walls.

For a number of years home remedies have focused on before antibiotics a number of odd cures, from honey and lemon for colds, to sugar and baking soda for cancer. Both of these are viral agents, but it is a reality that every organism from mold, fungi, bacteria to virus, which are the cause of infection and disease feed on one primary thing, and that is sugar in some form. Everything has to eat something and the reality is just like rat poison, if you can get the rat to eat a poison grain, the rat dies and not the entire neighborhood.

It was in this that I came across an archived book which was using as a remedy real turpentine with sugar, to cure candida, and a host of other auto immune triggered diseases. I will post the long synopsis and treatment type protocols with link below, but this doctor found that at one time the chemical industry included turpentine as one of the treatments in humans and animals which were successful.

This turpentine sugar remedy is very old and was in vogue before the Rockefeller medicinal groups took over all treatments and started costing nations their souls. The theory in this which I have, is that based on this candida treatment, it would work as a 'Lymacide", because as the agent fed on the sugar, the turpentine would poison the infection, while in small enough doses that it would not be lethal to the human.

The protocols are simple enough, in a change in diet, enough hydration, enough clear colon, and a simple protocol in treatment, with follow up to either suppress or rid the body of the infection.

I am not stating this works, as I have not tried this yet, but am posting this as something for people to consider in what this doctor has deemed a treatment for candida and other illnesses successfully, providing people read the entire literature, understand what is being discussed and do not poison themselves.

I have in the past run into enough of quackery in folk medicine, and then Apple Cider Vinegar worked on removing moles. Then eating dirt cured me of inflamed bowel to the point I am not dying. How taking Vitamin D relieves a great deal of inflammation, and how two very large carbuncles on Mom's face which would have required massive surgery, were removed by using the Squaw Salve which I have published the recipe for online. I am a firm believer that if one finds the right base to penetrate that which is affecting the body, that infection agent will die quicker than if it was nuked, and it will be completely safe and healthy.

This is your responsibility though, and I post things like this to make people reason and think, and to find a way if it will help. I have been for years at a point beyond medical care and without any hope as I could not afford anything, but in all the above cases, God provided a cure which I never dreamed would have worked and they were all safe with absolutely no side effects.

This is the synopsis of the archived book and it is repeated this was REAL turpentine and follow the link and read the doctor's entire book:

I sat down at the kitchen table. Put the sugar cubes down and sat the turpentine down,
and I said, well, this is it. I am either going to die or I am going to find out something.

So I opened the box of sugar cubes and put one sugar cube on a ceramic plate. I then
opened my turpentine can, pored it into a teaspoon, and dripped the turpentine, onto the
sugar cube. I took the sugar cube, chewed it, and washed it down with water. I did not
feel any different. I went on about my business, and went to work the next day.

The next evening I returned to the same chair in my kitchen and did two sugar cubes.
Again, I did not feel anything. I became quite bold and the third day I did three sugar
cubes. Thirty seconds after taking the turpentine, I felt wonderful. My brain was
exceptionally clear; I was filled with energy. I didn’t need to take my Ayurvedic vitamins,
my mega vitamins, my vitamin C--I was taking eleven vitamins a day. I felt so great, I
skipped my vitamins that day.

The sensation of well being, was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was as if years
of fatigue just evaporated. I knew this was the secret. I discovered the dose that
caused benefit, now, I needed to find the dose at which one experiences not so good
reactions. So the fourth day I took four sugar cubes, the fifth day I took five sugar
cubes, and so on. Finally, on the seventh day I felt a twitch. I can’t explain it, all I can
tell you is it wasn’t particularly pleasant or unpleasant, but having read the back of the
turpentine can, I deduced that this might be one of the things the turpentine can was
talking about. So I stopped taking turpentine for two weeks, to let it wash out of my

The next thing I had to figure out was how often should a person take turpentine and
sugar. In other words, if one takes one dose, how long is it before another dose is
needed to continue the improvement caused by the first dose? So then I took my three
sugar cubes, stacked them up one on top of the other, took a teaspoon of turpentine,
poured it over the top cube, and the turpentine dripped down through the top cube, the
second cube and just entered the third cube.

I did not let the turpentine get to the bottom of the third cube. So I took these three
sugar cubes, and just like the first time I felt wonderful.

I said OK let me keep track and see how long this feeling lasts. Well it turns out that it
was about five days before I felt like maybe I could use a vitamin pill. And so then I
concluded that three sugar cubes two times a week was the dose for maintaining good

Then the next thing to determine was how long could one take it every single day
without experiencing any adverse events? Well, I then took turpentine and sugar, three
sugar cubes every single day for about a week. I did not experience any adverse
events but I decided that was long enough for the purposes of science.

Then I approached my mother who suffered from chronic pain of her finger (30 years)
and her knees (fifteen years). I explained to her that I had been taking it for a while and


would she please try it. She said well OK, and so mom took turpentine and sugar and
her pain got less and less and went away over a period of one week.

Then I approached my sister-in-law and asked her, "Would you take turpentine and

She had some aches, pains, fatigue and various vague but annoying problems. She
took turpentine and sugar and her pains went away.

I said, "Oh my goodness, this could be the miracle remedy I was looking for!"

And so from working with these relatives and a few others who were so kind as to
volunteer, I deduced that turpentine and sugar, basically, is one teaspoon a day
maximum dose, over three sugar cubes 2 times a week. I started recommending it to
patients who had been suffering from longstanding incurable diseases for which there
was no effective medical therapy and people who had not gotten complete healing with
diet, cleansing and vitamins.

Turpentine may be taken in the morning but most people complain about burping the
taste of turpentine throughout the day. It can be taken in the evening but at least 2
hours before bedtime. Some people feel that they sleep better if they allow 2 hours
before bedtime.


It can be taken with or without food. It seems to be equally effective.


If you weigh between 40 pounds and 240 pounds, the MAXIMUM dose is 1 teaspoon a

1. Take 3 Sugar Cubes. They must measure 1cm or less on each side. There is a
popular brand of sugar cubes in the United States that are the smallest ones available.
All other sugar cube sizes will be too big to use.


If you use the sugar cube size larger than 1 centimeter then you'll end up overdosing on
the turpentine in other words... taking more than 1 teaspoon per day. Sorry but we can't
mention the brand of sugar cubes here.

2. Stack one sugar cube on top of the other.

3. Take one tsp of turpentine and drip onto the top sugar cube.

4. Keep dripping until the turpentine begins to enter the bottom cube.

5. Take the top sugar cube place in your mouth, chew about three times and chase
with water. The water is used to help you swallow the Candida cleaner and move it from
your mouth down your throat.

Repeat with the second then the third cube.


If you are unable to find sugar cubes measuring 1 cm or less, you may use granulated
white sugar. One rounded teaspoon. Pour 3/4 tsp of turpentine over the spoonful of
sugar. Some granules of sugar should remain dry or untouched by turpentine. If every
granule is soaked with turpentine, DISCARD THIS SPOONFUL. Repeat with less
turpentine. Place in your mouth and chase with water. No need to chew.

If you weigh 241 and above, you may have more Candida than others and you should
actually use less turpentine.

1/2 tsp will give less die off and discomfort. If this dose does not give any benefit, it is
ok to increase to 1 tsp over a period of 4 doses.

Instructions for People with Candida Symptoms for more than Two Years

If you fall into this category, you may benefit from taking the Candida cleaner once a day
for 4 days then, 2 times a week until you reach your pre-candida state. The long term
dosing is once a month or 2 times a year like our ancestors did.


Repeat this dosing 2 times a week: Monday and Friday, Saturday and Tuesday, etc.
This completes the 5 steps. I allow 1 week to complete each of the 5 steps. These
steps must be done thoroughly or there will be Candida die off caused by Candida that
are trapped and unable to leave the body.

So with turpentine it is extremely, extremely important, again, to make sure that colon is
clear, you’ve got a clear exit, make sure you’re well hydrated, you’re drinking your one
quart every fifty or sixty pounds of body weight. And as you take the turpentine you will
notice your craving for sweets goes away. Fine. Do not eat the sweets--because you
no longer have a desire for them many of your conditions aggravated by sugar will also
go away.

The other thing I realized is the reason people have those cravings is because the
parasites that turpentine kills are actually creating chemicals that are making people feel
that they need these sugars and refined foods. The Candida are actually creating an
environment for their own preservation. They are actually creating chemicals to tell you
to go get the very food they need to survive in your body. When you take turpentine,
their number decreases, the strength and amount of their chemicals decrease and
cravings decrease.

Enema 3 times a day to clean colon.


The number one cause of this is too much turpentine and too little sugar.

When pouring the turpentine onto the sugar, pour only enough to enter the bottom
cube. If you pour so much turpentine that it reaches the plate the sugar cube rests on
and makes a puddle, you need to throw those cubes away and start over. DO NOT EAT
THOSE CUBES. The sugar acts as the dispersing agent and slows the absorption of
turpentine. This means that you must use more sugar than turpentine or the turpentine
gets absorbed too quickly.