Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How can we forgive and be soldiers of justice at the same time?

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The following question is one which is inside each of us, but it is the one of Christ the Angel of the Lord slaughtering thousands of Israelites at David's numbering of Israel and Christ the Lord to save people who repent being tortured to death.

How can we forgive and be soldiers of justice at the same time?

This week began with the return of Molly. Molly has been coming and going as cats do, and the last time I saw him, he had this gaping hole in this neck where someone had bit him. This perplexed me as our male cats kept disappearing and were nice kitties, and all we had around here was Scaramouche, the huge vagrant tom cat who appeared this spring, but was such as nice kitty in he never fought with anyone and left our kittens to live instead of killing them.
I informed him that as long as he behaved he was free to roam his 5 mile days, peek at me at various times, and lay 10 feet away as I talked to him about things.

That changed when Molly appeared, as he was laying in the flower bed by the house, and all hell broke loose as TL went out to settle things, and it was Scaramouche tearing the hell out of Molly.
So that was the answer, it was the clever cat who never harmed other cats unless we were not around.

TL laid down the law and everything scattered, in which I attempted to explain in country terms it is best to just get the gun and settle things quiet, instead of riling things up.

We always feed kitties after supper, and the mob was there, but no Scaramouche and soon enough Molly disappeared again. As I went to the house, out came Molly and then I saw Scaramouch peeking at me. I went in and got the 22 and put a bullet into the chest area to make sure I hit what I was aiming at. The cat jumped, ran under the pick up, then hopped out down the drive into the tree grove.
It is always hard to tell with cats as they are like bears in they are dead on their feet and can do a great deal of killing before the blood surge has them gasping their last.

Molly was around the next day, and the next. So I knew I had accomplished something and the 3rd day it got hot, and I smelled dead cat, so I knew Winchester still made adequate cat remedies in bullets.

In all of this, of course I felt guilty and like I betrayed that cat, but I am not the one who violated the rules and cats can not help being murderous animals either. But I could not allow Molly, which is now our 5th cat which was about to be driven off and perhaps die, go through that.
Into this Molly was growling at one of our stupid young male cats whose purpose in life is to bush his  tail up, eat and I  told Molly to stop that immediately and he did. That is what male cats are, but Molly is TL's cat and this other cat was some other person's responsibility and it has been raising hell on this place and my neighbor's too for most of the year.

This all bears on the question of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not running up to people and saying, "I forgive you". The Bible says in 7 times 70 that people have to ask for it first. Forgiveness is not telling people about forgiving them in prayers either, as that always feels like you are condoning being violated.
Forgiveness is about what Jesus taught in turning all things over to your Loving Father in Heaven for the Father to JUDGE, and releasing it to that Justice.

That does not mean if you are being molested or taken advantage of by some horrid relative to turn the other cheek and take it. If you can, you must get away from that situation and you are never to accept abuse. If you can not get away, as I could not, then you never give in. You always hold inside yourself that part of you who refuses that abuse, and bide your time so you can get away.

After what my sisters pulled on my Mom and myself after she broke her hip, I have absolutely nothing to do with them. They are dead to me. When birthday cards still come, I throw them away unopened, as I know what hell is attached to them and I would only have myself to blame for allowing that shit into my life again.

I know I am a hard ass. I always thought my Grampa was a hard ass too, but that old man was proven right, and the only trouble I get into in life was violating the standards I made when I was a teenager. I hooked up with someone long ago who was married a few times (They did not drop that bombshell until after I was in love.) and they had 3 kids. Seriously, me as a teenager would have said, "Jesus Christ Lame, what the fuck is wrong with you!!! You don't take on other people's shit as if they fucked up their lives that many times, they will fuck you over too!!!"
I found that degenerate online, who had told me to commit suicide basically, stole from me as I tried in Christian virtue to help them, and I believe they attempted to set me up for a crime, and that thing of satan I think has been married two more times.....and is in Costa Rica. My one hope is some god damn Latin chops their head off and throws them in the ocean.....either Atlantic or Pacific.

That does not sound very forgiving in the classic sense, but it is in every God given sense, as I never pulled the trigger on that sob, and God will work it out in His Way, whether I agree about it or not.

My dad was a powerful physical man, but a weak sociopath child. He psychologically abused me and taught me a great deal about predators in humans. It was a difficult thing in "loving they father" as he always preached at me, and relishing the day he died. There as guilt, and I actually did CPR on him to try and revive him as it was the correct thing to do. I almost threw up afterwards from the shock and strain of it all.
It is not that seldom yet that I do not have days when I say, "I am glad he is dead". I know he is in hell, and I am not about to get him out as I have other lost souls. He made his decisions in life, abused me and others, and if he does not like God's Judgment's, then that is God's doing not mine.

I get hurt yet to this day, but the Holy Ghost tells me something I cling to in Isaiah in all things will pass away and the hurts will be forgotten in Heaven's eternity. Then I will not remember any of those hurts and it helps me a great deal to let things go.

Do I still prefer a reality of perhaps exacting vengeance which would make every terrorist combined look saintly? Of course I do, but I do not as it is discipline in not taking the law into my own hands which would get me into trouble, and that no one can do.
It is the same reality of it is not a good thing for anyone to rehearse things they would do to people who harm them, as it does create a darkness in them. I know from doing that it is not psychologically or Spiritually healthy.

It is a fact that we all get hurt, deeply. We must make the decision though to not let the evil in this world make us evil. We take action by screaming to God daily if we are so moved about things, as He is Faithful and True. Sometimes people for God's reasons are not full of sin and exterminated as some have been for me in a few weeks. Sometimes they exist on and it makes me sore, but I focus on the good I do have, the fact their time is coming, and that I will not remember this in a future eternity.

I know what these horrid creatures end will be. It is either their souls incinerated in hell or their spirits in eternal death with the demons in torment. They do not win and there is not any escape for any of them.

I know these are stressful times in this fight we are in in trying to keep ourselves from genocide. There is a reality of we get comments and we hear these deluded tools of satan coming out against Donald Trump, in the same anthem the deluded were seduced by Birther Hussein.
If you do look at the Birther Hussein trolls, Chicago is littered with their bodies, as is the Muslim Mideast, and you can see how snarling and self destructive these creatures are. They are the same Glenn Beck types, a Mormon apostate who will be in hell, because he denies Christ and is now working against God.

I know the Bible and I know the end which is coming in time. I know that billions of these people are going to die horrid deaths in the Great Tribulation. On personal levels I turn things over to God to destroy them. If God moves me to pray for their repenting, which will rip their lives to shreds as that is what true repentance much the better in they can go through hell on earth and I can be a child of God in doing what He wills, and they suffer for what they do.
I am certain that in death, these horrid people ALL feel all they did to us. It does not matter if they are repentant or apostate. They are going to feel it all before Christ and if Judged, they are going to feel it to their ashes or in eternal death.

No one in America or the West, and for that matter the world has any excuse for not coming to Christ as the Gospel is there. If people start things online, they get exposed here, deleted and shunned. I am not some whipping child for anyone because they are dumbasses. In real life,  I shun the children of satan even as they grin at me thinking they have done nothing wrong. I see what these times are producing in the rotten fruit and I desire no part of it.
We do not live in a Beaver Cleaver world any more. Most people in this world are evil. We have to reassess and discern our situations, because protecting yourself is the most important of things as you have responsibility for cutting the sinners out of your lives. If they repent and say they are sorry...........forgive them, but you do not get burned twice in always being leery of them.

As an example, there was a woman when I met TL, who I was attempting to explain things too. She was a lawyer and she just could not leave things alone, and started digging around in attempting to data mine me. This clever woman really fucked up in she got the wrong person, and then started screaming at me  that I had lied to them, while making threatening comments about "my children", which I did not have, but this other person did.
After she figured out she got it all wrong, she apologized with an apology which was not an apology, but I was supposed to be grateful that she lowered herself and which I am not a fool, in people do that once in threatening you, they will do it again, so I broke off all communication. To which this female started posting snide remarks non stop for a few days, until they finally deleted me.

There are rules in forgiveness and they are turning things over to God.

Separating yourselves from trouble and the troubled for your own safety.

At this point with killer cats, they get warned and they break the rules they get dead.

With people, they get deleted and shunned, and I patiently await God's Promise in they will be dead and no one will bury them.

I choose to watch the decorum of leaders like President and Martha Washington, as much as Ronald and Nancy Reagan, to Donald and Melania Trump.  The Trump's are more Christian than most christians as they live the life God demanded. They care as in help where they can, do not stand around and suffer abuse, and they never back down from their principles.

I am at the point in my life that if my world is only going to be vegetables, a few people I can trust, that is what it is. If I am so moved to stick my nose into warning people, then I do it, but it is those people's problem if they get themselves killed or hurt.

I stated before that I did not sign up in any of this to promote sin. If it had not been for God raising up Donald Trump, I was not going to be in this fight, and the implosion was going to come and everyone would get the end they deserve. I attempt as a Soldier of Justice or an onward Christian Soldier to do what is right. To put forward an example of strength that others will emulate and not be bluffed into being intimidated. The Lady who moved me to write this with the above question is someone far more accomplished and one of the few people I respect for her qualities which are outstanding. I would that I was more like her in dealing with people and not like Mr. Trump in just jumping into the tiger pit to see what might happen.

No fool likes being told they are fool. I have to bite my tongue with my neighbors to get things done as people in jobs and business do, but that is the reality of being clever in the ways of this world. It comes down to the reality of life in you forgive as in not harboring evil thoughts for people who are honestly sorry they did things to you and apologized to not have it happen ever again, and all of  this in "forgiving" you turn it all over to God. If you are put upon or bullied, you weigh the situation as sometimes fighting back, gets you worse off at that moment, than waiting and choosing the time to take your stand. Learn of Mr. Trump in how he operates in that as you get the power first, then you have the advantage and use that for your protection and benefit.
No one though ever is to allow themselves to be branded unjustly with lies.
Separating yourselves from bad people and you know very well what a bad person is as they are always trouble in the end and shunning them is how you keep most of the trouble out of your lives.
You adhere to the Law of God with the Compassion of Christ. That means you do not condemn others, but distance yourself from them, and it means you do not enable sin, but assist the repentant sinner if God so moves you.

Each of us has one priority and that is our relationship with God for our Salvation through Christ. We then have those worthy in our families to pray for and be examples for. We live our lives then outwardly as examples of moral and trustworthy people, who show concern for others. That is enough for most of us and fulfills God's Will. That is how we forgive in not making the same mistake of trusting some tool of satan again which in most cases we were born into the family, so we are children of our Father in Heaven in a difficult situation as I was, and in that we live the lives God gave us in Duty and Honor to what is right with God, because it comes down to the point each night that if we are on our pillows saying prayers, not being self righteous as the sinners are, but sincere in doing the best we can and trying to be more like Christ tomorrow, then we sleep peacefully in the Lord's Spirit for we have completed that day in Justice.

We are not responsible for the sins of others. We are not responsible for sinners. We are responsible to God and responsible for keeping ourselves in His Care. Far too many good people are doing too much and need at this time to care for themselves in Christ's nurturing. Far too many evil people are doing little and nothing as they selfishly serve themselves.

We are in the most troubled  times in human history and it will become worse. This is an evil time as the Bible says, but it is also a time of destruction of that evil. We can not save a world which does not desire to be saved and we will inherit a cleansed world which can be planted all the virtue in Christ we struggle for now.

This storm will blow for sometime and we must be with God for His Spirit's direction, proving that direction is from God, and then wisely completing that task which God has already provided for.

I could forgive Scaramouch till hell froze over and Molly would be clawed to death or driven off and dead. Scaramouche did not want forgiveness as he was a law to himself. I could save Molly, but none of us is in a nation where we can perpetuate justice as we would be breaking the laws of the regime. It is at that point, that we just have to stop associating with Scaramouche and let the regime deal with them or it will be the Muslims or the Russians in the coming years. That is what Christ said in being wise to the ways of the world in letting the world eat it's own, and we staying out of it's jaws of death.

We now have many insane people who are out of control psychologically and under demonic possession. There is nothing that can be done with them. They are going to rant until they blow their heads off or pick a fight in the real world with someone that will kill them, as that is what they desire. We just need to back off and distance ourselves from these troubled people as they have made their choice. Your choice is the day of Hope ahead, and their choice is the grave. They know it, will deny it, but that is their choice.

You chose life in Christ. Leave the past behind and move by the left flank on the enemy in not becoming a target and move on the narrow path of Christ to Life.