Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Pregnant 1% Election

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I did an inquiry on image Obama seizing control of the US fraud elections which installed Obama twice.

This is not Russians.

I am getting a .......I am not asking the correct questions to get the proper response as I am not locked into the flow. What is coming through though is this is one of the Suboperational Groups which George HW Bush set up back in the day. Meaning, the hackers are a CIA shadow Sub Op. They are running out of Alexandria Virginia and are piggybacking from a location in western Russia to leave an incriminating trail to the Kremlin.

Inquiry states what this is all about is the reality that Donald Trump is running landslide victory numbers and ........I do not detail this part concerning Mr. Trump, but suffice it to say that Mr. Trump is associated with individuals which have neutralized Hillary Clinton's ability to steal the election........and that is why Homoland has been enacted illegally into the elections, in order to steal this election on the MK ULTRA conditioning you have been hearing in these fraud polls. I am telling you that just like Obama's stealing it from Mitt Romney, you are being conditioned that Hamrod will win this with a pregnant 1%.
What I am telling you is that the votes have already been counted. That is why Homoland has been set as overseer of this, as it will clamp a national security cloak on this and no one will be able to review the results, because the majority of the hackers are working for the regime.

What is being tagged on this in Russia is some peacenik group or something which is the front for this transfer point.

Do not bite on the both candidates going tits up. That is a Mockingbird bluff. "They" appreciated the work posted here of NYC824 and are reinforcing it to scare Mr. Trump and the Hamrod.

This will not make a great deal of sense to most of you, but inquiry states that the signatures of hackers are not the algorithms, but the system conducting the hack always "pings" from the electronic grid which it originates from. Different continents and nation's power generation grids have a signature. The E print on this is American, no matter what the Mockingbird is implanting in your grey matter.

The underlying story in this process is there are those who have neutralized the methods which Obama Clinton steal elections, and that is why Homoland is being activated

The fail safe is blaming the Russians for another internal American election theft.

I am tired and that is about all I care about on the reptilian clock.