Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nos Fellere

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I was watching Amazing Grace, the British Film, about how the Christians in Britain ended the slave trade. It was a matter of approaching their friend, Prime Minister William Pitt with an announcement that they had given up on producing legislation for Parliament to end slavery and instead focus on outlawing changing flags on ships, which American and French ships were carrying out, and making them prizes in the French British War.

The leaders asked Pitt if he saw anything nefarious in this, and he stated, "No", and their reply was, "Then neither will the pro slave traders".

Pitt was perplexed in not understanding and they explained that, "By making prizes of reflagged ships, the British privateers would attack the slave trade for the bounties and bankrupt the British slave trade in 2 years.

There is a Latin phrase nos fallere which was utilized and it must be understood in the constant smearing of Donald Trump on the illegal invasion.
The oligarch media want Trump spokesgal Kellyanne Conway to utter the word deportation, and when she will not, but utters the words, "Enforce the law" is somehow Mr. Trump going soft on immigration, or having compassion on certain situations........and it all goes to nos fallere.

I am not going to explain Donald Trump nor question him. He is the only horse and the only one to ride across the River Styx. I am not going to continue explaining Donald Trump nor telling you everything about Mr. Trump, because it only assists those trying to genocide YOU.

Nos fellere should suffice and none of you will look it up, so we return to Christians in England quoting Latin in order to win the greater battle. It translates as We Cheat or We Deceive, and is part of the art of the deal.
Abraham Lincoln assessed the entire situation of politics, in stating, "You have to win to govern". Donald Trump has to win to save your lives, and to be shortsighted in believing every damn thing the media is twisting or trying to twist Donald Trump into never having stated does you no favors.

Enforcing the law is supposed to tell you deportation, while it tells those who want to support Mr. Trump in the Latin community that they are not going to have to deal with children having guns pointed at them like Elian Gonzalez as the Clinton's did that child.

If you want to win with morals, then you are going to die at the drone of immoral people, because they will cheat to make you lose and bury you with your principles

- Lame Cherry

At this point, I do not care if Donald Trump sucks a Nigger's cock while reciting the Koran. This is about winning on the same horse who  was not lying to us at the start of this, and is now bright enough to deceive the morons who choose to be deceived.

If you do not love America enough to cheat for her, then you are not the bastard of Sam Adams screaming at British soldiers to SHOOT Americans, not a criminal rum runner like John Hancock thwarting the law and not a traitor like George Washington.

You give your word to God. You keep your word to those who earn it, and you lie to the liars, cheat the cheaters and deceive the deceivers, and you have some faith in Donald Trump, because by God you would be expecting it from him, if you were in his place.

Nolite cogitare quomodo vivent, quia haec scientia de morte morieris militaverant stravit.

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