Saturday, August 27, 2016

When a headache is not enough

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Professor James Fetzer of Wisconsin has a new book about nuclear bombs being used to bring down the Twin Towers and points to evidence that nuclear radiation was found on the site........never mind that numbers of businesses in the Twin Towers or some regime agency might have been storing such material there for research or some odd regime reason......but this post is not about that, but concerns something Professor Fetzer has brought up, and as this is his domino effect, it is something which should be examined.

What if the hypothesis is my being challenged to be proven wrong, and someone says something like, "What if someone with connections that could bring in terrorists, could load a shit load of radioactive material into a passenger jet. I will not describe what a shit load is for size, but instead note that in all of that dirty bomb propaganda, what would have been more kosher than at a luggage check in that someones luggage might have a shit load of spent nuclear stuff, which in observing a 500 mph jet, slamming into a skyscraper, looks like a pretty great dirty bomb, especially when the NSA has the towers wired with C 4 to pull them.

You do know that with the radioactive stuff, the asbestos and other complications, that those original few thousand dead, there are projected 100,000 dead, so Sheik bin Laden has been killing from the grave, or whoever it was that lured Bush43 into a Neocon Paul Wolfowitz war (Now a Hillary Clinton voter who hates Donald Trump as a "security" risk.).......where was I?
Oh yeah, that initial down payment got all kinds of Muslims dead who were not know 500,000 genocided in Syria.

Any way, we can thank Professor Fetzer for bringing this to the attention of the world, as everyone thinks small. You know tiny things like dirty bombs in dust bombs in Londonstan, but what if you think bin Laden big, and one makes a spray plan out of a passenger jet and the pesticide is for humans, and is nuclear waste, broadcast at 500 mph, like 50 stories up, and filled up with asbestos and a million tons of concrete dust, compounding the radioactive razor dust in the lungs, cutting holes in things for asbestos and nuke powder.

That should be about enough of a warning in thinking out of the box in wondering just what evidence could really mean, instead of what it is being purported to mean.