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All the Kings Boys

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Besides being decorated like Christmas trees with medals, other brave men never got a beer or pack of cigarettes for in doing far more, this is the interesting family of smarmy crooks of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, complete with connections to organized crime, uranium profiteering and all being in bed with backing Dwight Eisenhower, the man who signed off on the Kennedy assassination, as they served with John  Kennedy.

Franklin Roosevelt jr.

 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr., lawyer, politician, and businessman (1914–1988), m. 1st Ethel du Pont, m. 2nd Suzanne Perrin, m. 3rd Felicia Schiff Warburg Sarnoff, m. 4th Patricia Luisa Oakes, m. 5th Linda McKay Stevenson Weicker

(Included in the above are the du Ponts who are world chemical giants, Schiffs in the Jews who made Russia communist and murdered the Czars and the Warburgs who are global German American banking. This is the New World Order.)

Along with his brothers, he declared for Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1948, alienating much of the Democratic party. Unlike Elliott, however, he took an anti-communist stance, and, according to columnist Stewart Alsop, leaked damaging information on Elliott to the press during the row over the latter's pro-Soviet activities.

At the instigation of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., he campaigned for John F. Kennedy in the crucial 1960 West Virginia primary, falsely accusing Kennedy's opponent, Hubert Humphrey of having dodged the draft in World War II.[12]
Kennedy later named him Under-Secretary of Commerce and chairman of the President's Appalachian Regional Commission. This post (Under-Secretary of Commerce) was given to him when Defense Secretary Robert McNamara vetoed his appointment as Secretary of the Navy. "JFK and Franklin were friends and their families were close. Socially, Franklin spent a lot of time in the White House during JFK's reign. But when Kennedy was killed, Franklin fell from power."

Despite his name and connections, he became unpopular with the Democratic leadership. When brother James Roosevelt was elected to the House, Speaker Sam Rayburn told him to "not waste our time like your brother did." James wrote that Franklin "had a dreadful record in Congress. He was smart, but not smart enough. He had good ideas and the power of persuasion, but he did not put them to good use. He coasted instead of working at his job, considering it beneath him, while he aimed for higher positions. He may have had the worst attendance record of any member of those days, and it cost him those higher positions."

John Roosevelt

In 1956, Roosevelt began consulting for the investment firm of Bache and Company, which he joined in 1967, retiring as a vice-president in 1980. At Bache, he managed the Teamsters Union pension funds and was a friend and vocal defender of Jimmy Hoffa until the latter's incarceration.

On the eve of World War II, alone among the sons, John Roosevelt announced that he would seek conscientious objector status. Family persuasion ultimately changed his mind, and he served in the U.S. Navy.

James Roosevelt

On July 21, 1946, Roosevelt became chairman of the California State Democratic Central Committee. He also began making daily radio broadcasts of political commentary. Like his brother Elliott, James Roosevelt was prominent in the movement to draft Dwight Eisenhower as the Democratic candidate for President in 1948. When President Truman was renominated instead, Roosevelt stepped down as state chairman on August 8. He remained a Democratic National Committeeman until 1952

Despite having been a liberal Democrat all of his life, Roosevelt joined Democrats for Nixon and publicly supported President Nixon's 1972 re-election, and also supported Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984.

Elliot Roosevelt

Congress investigated Elliott numerous times: for the attempted sale of bombers to the USSR (1934); for allegations of broadcast industry corruption (1937–45); for the Blaze affair (his dog's travel on emergency war priority, 1945); for his promotion to general, demanded by his father (1945); for the Hartford loan scandal (1945); for his denunciation of U.S. foreign policy during a visit to the USSR (capped with a visit with Stalin) (1946); for the Hughes F-11 purchase (1947); and for involvement with organized crime and securities fraud in Miami and the Bahamas (1973). Of Elliott's wide-ranging activities, many others attracted political or law enforcement interest, but charges were never referred to the Justice Department.[26] In 1973 he was accused of involvement in an assassination plot on the Bahamanian Prime Minister during the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearings on corruption. In 1968, he and an "alleged mobster front man," Michael J. McLaney, offered Louis P. Mastriana $100,000 to assassinate Prime Minister Lynden O. Pindling. He was paid $10,000 up front, most of which came from Elliott Roosevelt (as proved by a signature on a check for the money). The assassination plot was conceived after Prime Minister Pindling's failure to issue to a gambling license to an associate of Meyer Lansky, (whom Michael J. McLaney worked for until his conviction in 1971). It was uncovered by Mastriana; he taped all of his conversation with Elliott Roosevelt allegedly using equipment from the US Postal Service.

What you have in this FDR brood are the princelings who would  be king,   but when daddy died of gut cancer, they tried to get the initiator of the German Genocide in Dwight Eisenhower to be daddy dearest, but Ike the Democrat, sold out to the Republicans for that continued FDR socialism.
The long memory of  FDR's fucking all the Democrats over brought retribution. The boys were able to cling on under JFK, but Lyndon Johnson, another Kennedy conspirator wanted nothing to do with them, and thus ended the world of this smarmy dynasty.

The above photo is fascinating as in one photo if John Kennedy, with the Democratic power connection to most of the blamed conspirators of the Kennedy assassination, and Papa Ben, the leader of the Jewish nuclear bomb project, and what would begin in 1963, the Jewish intelligence operation which would blame the Americans for the JFK and RFK assassination, which had to do with the Jews obtaining the nuclear bomb, which Kennedy, Nixon and Kissinger all worked against.

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