Sunday, September 4, 2016

Thank you Steve for the offer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I receive kind offers from people who seek to replace things broken, share treasures they have or fill needs. I appreciate all of the offers and am tempted at times in guns and books, but I can not break a rule in distancing myself from each of you, so you do not become targets.

We live in a world where people are set up in Facebook and recorded for prosecution and a world where when people are chosen to be smeared, they end up in the media so that their Mother's will not recognize them.

It is touching to have people offer to replace my laptop and I appreciate the offer from Steve, as I mentioned others have offered different things. It becomes though even in "need" that if I ever did start accepting things that it would be hurtful to people like Jane who offered us some land she had to build on or Sandy who offered her home for us to vacation in to get away, in they would wonder why I turned them down and in desperation took some other person's help.

My Grandfather always said, "If you do not have the money in your pocket, you do not need it that bad". That is how I discipline myself.

Believe me I have been tempted to look into a Gaymazon wedding type registry of all the goodies I could list like scrubbing bubble toilet towels.........yeah you can tell I go for the gold in things, but I do not feel that would be proper as something inside of me always feels like I am taking advantage of people if I would do things like that, as most of you do not have pots to piss in or are having your own problems, so it simply would not be honorable to adding things to your problems.

It will all work out as Maggie told me to relax a bit and now instead of carting the computer along, I sit and read a book for a bit again. Granted the book is research, but at least I have been forced to change for a bit in being melded into a hard drive.

It all comes down to I simply will not have any of you dealing with the interesting life I have, like the television refusing to acquire a signal last night, until I unplugged everything, let it be disconnected for awhile and then poof all was well again.

Someone was sending the message again they are watching. That would be the Hamrod protectors still in the game.

Thank you again, each of you for your kindnesses and God bless you for this in Jesus Name Amen and Amen