Thursday, September 1, 2016

Amazing Grace how Trump the Sound

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a difficult post, because every one of your morons will not pay attention to it, because it is not some scandalous thing to make your genitals swell, and simply stating this is how to save America from genocide will be forgotten, and if I lay out why this article White Paper is important, it will inform the slave trading oligarchs sucking the life blood out of Mexico and ending the United States will know exactly what the Lame Cherry is up to.
In weighing this though, I am going to have to tell you morons what the game is, alerting the enemies of your lives to the game, as I can not be like William Pitt in ending the slave trade in trusting in the deception will work.

There is one way to end human activity, and that is to confiscate the profits or tax it to death. That is what the British abolitionist movement engaged in, when they made all foreign ships flying American and British flags as booty to be seized as prizes in the French and English war. It literally destroyed the slave trade.

As I have alone crusaded in this, in noting only Maria Shriver was only other person to speak out about the Mexican human traffic sins of America and Mexico, it is time to protect the Mexican worker who is sent north by the white Hispanics to keep them revolting in Mexico, so the ruling class will keep control, and the work those beaners do in America, become the Mexican economy in billions sent home to Mexico to prop up the mafia trade and the white Hispanic dons.

What the Lame Cherry moves for is a new NAFTA amendment put into place by Executive Order which simply states this:

All foreign workers are hereby subject to an additional withholding tax for their healthcare, based at 15% withhold, to be matched by all US companies employing these illegal and legal workers, and in addition an additional 15% will be require of foreign government to match this Medigap funding, for treatment of these workers inside the United States.

I will explain what Medigap or the NAFTA amendment will do.

First for American conglomerates this is going to be a 30% tax increase for their workers, which they will be required to pay.
Employment for conglomerates has just become expensive in meaning a loss instead of a profit.

Second for foreign nations profiting from this slave trade, it reaches into their treasuries directly, now costing billions of dollars for this medical care in expensive American hospitals. This will be a major hemorrhage to their 3rd world economies. It will bleed those nations dry as America has been bankrupted in this scheme for the cartel.

The net result is simple. Donald Trump will not have to build a wall, because Mexico will have troops on the border shooting every Mexican trying to gain access to America, and will unleash their mafia to kidnap and carry back to Mexico all their nationals.

No profits in American conglomerates for the slave trade. Billions in new costs to the ruling elite of these nations causing a revolution, and illegals not earning anything to send home, and they will stay in the lands of their nativities.

The Lame Cherry would add one additional feature in this. It would behoove President Donald Trump to send out a notice that after January 2017 all past and present and future illegals imported through religious charities in Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish etc..., those religious bodies, meaning directly into the charities first, the churches second and the parishioners third would be legally responsible for the trillion dollars in medical care, not covered by the oligarchs, the elites and the foreigners themselves.
Guarantee that by February 2017 all of these charities would be shut down as these churches, synagogues, mosques and cathedrals for profit will have their member renouncing membership and all that will be left is the frock wearers and their high moral standards and a trillion dollar debt share of their bill to pay off.

Now that I have explained the guts of this working solution, you know how in a few lines of mandate providing health care for these illegals and foreigners in the slave trade, would bring this all crashing down just like William Wilberforce did in Amazing Grace to end slavery trade in England in the early 1800's.

Amazing Grace how the tax is bound
That saved the wretches that be
They once were slaves but are now unbound
Were chained but now are free

It would be much easier if you were good little morons who would just care about the important bits and focus on them to save you, and let those who move the pieces who know the game do the thinking, as your ignorance has had image Obama moving the pieces to your genocide as you are such bright creatures who know jack shit, and jack left the building and all you have left is your shit for brains.

Do not be insulted, as the few by God are born to rule and the majority have always been a clutter to be ruled or cared for, depending on how the mutton is flavored in that era.