Thursday, September 1, 2016

When America had Presidents

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Few people realize what Franklin Roosevelt took from Americans as much as Bill Clinton in his walls around the White House. Up until the time of President Roosevelt, every January 1st, the doors of the White House were opened, and any American could come and stand in a reception line, to shake the hand of their President.
That connection with America was broken then and has never returned, as America vanished from being a Republican and Washington City ended being a sleepy little Southern city, to become instead a Socio Conglomerate state of the elites ruling from the District of Columbia.

No man can be President without looking back upon the effort given to the country by the thirty Presidents who in my case have preceded me. No man of imagination can be President without thinking of what shall be the course of his country under the thirty or more Presidents who will follow him. He must think of himself as a link in the long chain of his country's destiny, past and future.

President Herbert Hoover

In the above we actually discover the greatest failings of the most fallen occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as each person who occupied that office and failed, did so because they lost site of the central warning of President Hoover, that the White House is not a legacy of one person and the White House is not a "change to believe in", for the Office of the President is one of that Shining City on the Hill, where the President governs not only for the present security and welfare of the people, but founds a stability for the coming President, and envisions what America is to be prepared for 100 years ahead.

It was in America's third generation, a generation spanning 70 years, in which from the time of Woodrow Wilson onward, that the betrayal of America by those in the Oval Office began.

Woodrow Wilson began the era of Wall Street speculation, internationalism of war and a socialism which enabled failure. Franklin Roosevelt expanded upon this order, for the specific change of America to form a legacy for liberal rule by buying votes in the welfare state.
Harry Truman was simply inept as a quasi intellectual.
The worst would follow in Jimmy Carter's high principles, left a murderous world to be overthrown of it's stable strong men ruling barbarians, to to that murderous world to be ruled by terrorists.
Bill Clinton's tenure succumbed like President Grant to an era of corruption, in which American policy became globalist policy in the same neocon machinations of George H. W. Bush.
It was the culmination though of Barack Hussein Obama, the foreign born, foreign invader product of liberal affirmative action, which became the cancer on the Presidency in the culmination of Wilson and FDR, of a super state of corruption raiding the US Treasury for Wall Street globalists, as global terror wars ensued to overthrow nations in looting them as in America, the people were taxed to welfare depression and foreigner in Muslim and Jesuits were imported, to destroy the Christian system of America and the Caucasian to genocide as much as the black.

Wilson's policy brought the Great Depression which FDR deepened, and never did rectify as America became a national socialist state of the neocon, and by the 21st century nothing was left but debt for George W. Bush in the Clinton recession, so that when the Obama Super Depression was unleashed for this political gain, America simply was the recipient of homicide, as she never did recover from the first World War I speculation by the financiers in Woodrow Wilson's regime.

So that is the mark of what an American President is, a guardian for the present and future, or a traitor intent on achieving a personal historical legacy.

The first Negroid type in the White House was quite expensive in 20 trillion dollars in debt and auditioning for global nuclear war as a legacy of hope and change the Obama regime believed in.

I leave this with a quote from Richard Nixon as President:

When a man comes to this office, he is vividly aware of those who preceded him. He lives in the same house they lived in, among their portraits and their cherished possessions. He faces  expectations which they aroused; he knows he wil be tested by standards they established. His powers are those  which former Presidents asserted and the limitations on his powers often exist because earlier Presidents accepted them. Perhaps most important, each new President knows that his predecessors alone have experienced the "splendid misery" of the Nation's highest post and it is in their words and deeds, therefore, he often finds his richest source  of strength and inspiration.

- President Richard Nixon
The White House