Thursday, September 15, 2016

An order of St. Joseph to go

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I don't know who St. Joseph is, other than some Vatican idol Catholics pray to in order to get the inside goodies from Jesus.

The reason I am brining dude up though is from the Thrift Store I rescued two St. Joe Bibles from oblivion, and what impressed me most about them, is Eve is a hottie like Raquel Welch. I am talk about a centerfold, brown eyed brunette........God was having a good day in pulling a rib out of Adam for that hot Mama. Just imagine what God could do with a right arm, when He got all of that out of a rib.

I don't take much stock in St. Joseph, because the way I see it, he has lots of pictures, Mel Gibson stations of the cross, artwork and raised hands doing things, but it don't seem to rub off a great deal on his followers, as these two women raised worthless children who dumped their St. Joe Bibles in the junk store. Probably creamated them and stuck them in the garage to boot.

Now mind you they are nice Bibles, with that additional fiction added of wild stories about birds shitting in people's eyes and going blind, but I figure that Eve makes up for a great deal of those stories.

Maybe St. Joseph is busy, swamped, overwhelmed, sort of like Muhammad is swamped in all them Muslims have pissy lives, because Muhammad just can not get everyone a virgin or something. I suppose Muhammad runs out of steam when he is done with the King Saud and Shia Ayatollahs so there just is nothing left for regular Islam, except image Obama and gay on gay violence in Orlando.
Same with these poor Catholics. The Pater Pope and Padres get all the goodies and Catholics who are not bright enough to cheat on their taxes end up with nothing.
Then again it seems Mormon Romney and Mormon Beck get all the pussy and prizes, while the rest of Mormons eat dirt in Utah. Same with Jehovah Witnesses in the tower has the millionaries, just like in Hindu them Raj's get the elephant rides and the Indians don't even get to ride the sacred cow.

Religion is odd that way, in such devotion to idols in getting the edge on other people with God. I mean Buddha is one fat ass and happy, while the rest of them followers like Yogi are all skinny as rails and could not smile if their lives depended on it.

So I don't blame St. Joseph of the Vatican idols, as apparently the Pater Pope, the Padre, donations to the church just has Rome overwhelmed, in the mainliners are not holding up their end, so St. Joseph's group ends up in a bucket by the dog food and his Bible ends up in the junk bin.
Mind you, I do not think that these Bibles, like all Catholic books ever see too much use.  Think the one was opened last in 1963, so I suppose like the magic lamp if you do not rub it often enough, the Obama jin does not pop out to ..........well cry allot over things.
You know the last times I have seen image Obama all he does is either stutter, talk white trash yappin' or he is bawling over something. Then again for all them dead people offered up to messiah Obama, it sure don't seem to be a happy religion in worshipping him either. I mean started out with dead Donald Young and man that homosexual choir boy of black clergy sure grew a crop under Rahm surprised them Afroids are not on the endangered species on the South Side.

Any way, I pray to Jesus. He never is overwhelmed with things. Always listens. Has His own Bible and it seems like the ones I am looking for to replace my worn out one, never show up in the junk pile. Guess that Jesus does things up right and His Bibles don't get thrown out wiht the old Christmas tins.

Too bad about St. Joseph though, but what can you expect when you got sexy Eve parading it around and that Adam, I can tell you, there is nothing wrong with that man either.  Odd how Eve looked just like I figured she would. I guess everyone wants the Mum of their dreams and St. Joseph figured he would latch onto that for importance, and then he was like all these other idols, in he just got swamped as all them folks do is breed.

Oh well, I guess some folks need porn Bibles too, as that is all they could get away with back in the day in if you created porn they burned you at the stake, but if you painted hot Eve, you got out of purgatory quicker or something.

Probably when Jesus does not give people what they want like satan does, it is to keep the idiots from destroying themselves. That sounds like Love to me. I don't see much love in dead Catholics though or Muslims or Jews.....just sort of sort through the valuables and throw the dead out along with the koran or whatever.

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