Thursday, September 15, 2016

DNC sends out replacement ticket for Hillary Clinton!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1200/sen-bernie-sanders-sen-elizabeth-warren.jpg

At least these two are not decomposing yet

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There is nothing pretty about Hillary Clinton any more. She is an old woman dying in a dying political campaign at the end of a political dynasty. It is the old Lynard Skynard song about the smell of death around you.
Everyone knows that smell is around Hillary Clinton and it is not going away.

The Democrats now campaigning in Bill Clinton, image Obama, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders only remind everyone of the regret that Hillary Clinton was allowed to steal the Democratic nomination.

In a move to jump-start momentum, Clinton's campaign announced on Thursday that U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont will campaign for her on Saturday in the battleground state of Ohio.

Warren and Sanders are not campaigning though, they are sent out by the Democratic National Committee into Reagan Blue State Ohio as the fall back plan which Democrats have settled on. When Hillary Clinton goes brain oozing out of her eras and blood out of her nose, and John Podesta sends out another alert about how healthy Hillary Clinton is, the Democrats and the Billionaire owners of Hamrod Clinton, have already pulled the plug and made the decision. It will be Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

We know this because Joe Biden has already been sent out without a connection, image Obama was sent out without a connection for the shemale Muchelle and Tim Kaine has been sent out to carry the ocean of water as the Presidential replacement, and each day Hillary Clinton is losing one percentage point to Donald Trump.

The DNC has spoken and it is Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. This is the appeasement to Sander's voters in having his race stolen and the appeasement to Hillary voters in they will be given the Democratic woman who Hillary Clinton never was.

Do not think that Mrs. Clinton is going to be an easy removal. I suspect that she has been granted one more fall. I suspect like her missing Secret Service on 9 11, that there are orders that next time Hillary Clinton goes brain fog or tries a pavement chew, those people are going to let her fall or look glazed eyed.
Watch those assistants, because they are the key in this in how this goes.

It is hoped that the Operation: Evergreen Sympathy being exposed that there will be no more dramatics allowed to give Mrs. Clinton cover to stay in bed, have others campaign, and blame Donald Trump for stressing her, that the DNC has now moved to the back up plan completely, in Mrs. Clinton has 2 weeks, without any falls or problems, and if any missteps take place, there will be a move to have Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as the Democratic nominees.
A new deal has been worked out and all of the information now leaking out about Colin Powell saying Hillary could not climb stairs and was working herself to death........(reminder in she never did anything but nap on jets flying around the world during this period on vacation leave)........are all setting the stage the the knives are raised inside the DNC and the oligarchs have given cover to this with the mafia which the Clinton's have served.
It is assumed that as Bernie Sanders was threatened to get out of the race, he has been made an offer he can not refuse to get back in the race.

This is the best the Democrats have in polling. It Hillary Clinton has already lost the race for President, but let's stick in a quasi Hillary in Poco Warren, and then throw the bones of Bernie to the Sanders voters to try and con them to rally again, after Sanders betrayed them.

In assessment, the Clinton campaign is decomposing, and the Sanders Warren ticket is dead. The momentum has been vanquished and nothing is going to have it return. I was concerned about this flaming fury of support igniting, but it feels like no one cares any more. Democrats are already consoling themselves in Donald Trump is going to be a good President and the decision has been made. One can not get voters back after they have decided, and every day Americans are deciding due to how ill Mrs. Clinton is, they want no part of her.

This blog mentioned a month ago that Hillary Clinton is looking at a 15 point problem each day after Labor Day. She is ugly and old. She is not likeable and people do not trust her. Each day that the election gets nearer, people feel the discomfort of her and by the final week of the election, there will be a 1 point rejection of Mrs. Clinton every day. That is 7 points the final week. She is losing 8 points in this lead up as voters turn away from her.
That is without her crimes and her dying factoring in a massive erosion this early out.

I had concerns about a dead candidate being run in a sympathy vote, but in watching this erosion of Mrs. Clinton and the surge of Donald Trump, that is not going to happen. The DNC has signaled their best polling to replace Hillary Clinton, and that is a pair which has little of appeal as Tim Kaine. That man is nothing no one wants around and has proven Bill Clinton's worst mistake for President Hillary, because if Bernie Sanders had been chosen, there would be a joke about Bernie dying too, but the momentum would not have been lost as the supporters would have rallied around Mr.  Sanders.
If Elizabeth Warren would have been chosen, the entire issue of Mrs. Clinton would have Hillary laying in bed and unseen and voters would have loved it, because they would have been content with the younger Warren, who they knew would pick a proper VP in time.....or have one picked for her.

Now though there is the death watch, just like the reporters who follow Hillary Clinton around when they are not ditched. Everyone is convinced from the top on down that a political death has taken place, and now the wait is for the real toe tag at the morgue as it is expected.

Never overlook that reality now for every day to November 8th. Every person is expecting Hillary Clinton is going to fall or die, and when that does not happen they are surprised. That does not steal a Presidency, because the e vote fraud can not flip those huge of numbers.

It will be Donald Trump as President, and the momentum he has, is growing to a surge.

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