Sunday, September 4, 2016

Chuck Baldwin: A Fucktard Brain with Asstard lack of Thought

 I bet Pastor Chuck never gets letters damning him for vulgar
as the Tit Pimper
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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really had something better to do, like looking at guns today. No, that was not relaxing, it was research as it requires a great deal of research to sift through the new gun manufacture brands in the Obama gouge consumer craze in they have stopped literally producing cheap guns any more.

But ignorance is something which is required to be stamped out, and today that name is the self promoting fucktard Chuck Baldwin who posted a list of his 10 worst Presidents:

1. Abraham Lincoln (Republican)

2. Woodrow Wilson (Democrat)

3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat)

4. Lyndon Baines Johnson (Democrat)

5. George W. Bush (Republican)

6. Barack Obama (Democrat)

7. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton (Democrat)

8. George Herbert Walker Bush (Republican)

9. Ulysses S. Grant (Republican)

10. Richard Nixon (Republican)

It is not that Baldwin's list is so bad, it is incorrect order. Baldwin is an utter fool in placing Abraham Lincoln first, as how can Lincoln ever appear first, when one has a foreign birthed usurper, who destroyed America and is about to start global nuclear war in Birther obviously the creature who is not even 44th President, because he is NOT NATURAL BORN is the worst.

George W. Bush does not belong on the list. He was doing the best he could. He was sort of a Millard Fillmore, nothing great and nothing bad, but what he did treaded water to make things absolutely worse. Bush's worst sin was destroying Conservatives for a Jeb no one wanted.

President Grant was not the most corrupt in the least, as that again goes to Obama and most likely Clinton, if you put the Mrs. in tow. Grant was a military man who surrounded himself with people of corrupt values, and part of this clan deliberately got Custer murdered with the 7th Cavalry. Again, not the greatest of values, but nothing compared to a butcher like Franklin Roosevelt.

As far as Richard Nixon, he had a coup plotted against him by the communists, and Baldwin shows his asstard lack of thought in sucking on the propaganda as some "libertarian troll" who sucks the green kook aide.

I have posted lists previously and am in the process of conducting a study of past Presidents to assist Americans and hopefully in a few lines for the Trump monitors of this blog to help their boss understand the past American leaders and their failings and successes to make him to be the proper Jehu we need, because America does not need a President after Obama. America needs a tyrant in pure Greek form as Abraham Lincoln, being gentle in public and a right proper bastard in private.

Oh and Lyndon Johnson did a great deal of murderous things, but his heart was  the little boy looking to end poverty which was an admirable failed, so is not to be repeated, but compassion is not to be damned.

So let's see what the list is in reality:

1. Barack Hussein Obama: Not even American who stole 2 elections

2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Communist traitor globalist

3. Woodrow Wilson: Socialist Intellectual Warmonger

4. Jimmy Carter: Complete asstard fucktard failure in father of Islamic Terror

5. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton:  Traitor Lobbyist

6. George Herbert Walker Bush: New World Order Traitor

7. Harry S. Truman: Asstard Socialist quasi intellectual Traitor

8. Thomas Jefferson: Intellectual Theorist who created the War of 1812 that almost ended America

9. James Madison: Intellectual Theorist who almost ended America in the War of 1812

10. John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Walking cock election stealer who almost started nuclear war.

11. Abraham Lincoln: American Tyrant to save the Union as that is all he could be.

So you must understand that there are many lists and they change due to ignorance and examination. Baldwin's list is worthless for content and examination. Up to the time of  President Herbert Hoover, every American President attempted what was best for the American people and nation at heart. After that, the list dwindles in the Hoover financier type to the political theorist manipulating or exploiting America and Americans.
Some were good intentioned as socialist Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson and some were absolute ruthless fiends in Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Hussein Obama.

The shining examples in the final American Presidents were President Richard Nixon and President Ronald Reagan whose policies dominated America from 1952 to 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, for American supremacy.

Jimmy Carter actually was number one for years, but he has been dropped lower as he was such a failure, while other successful traitors to America have moved up the list. HW Bush has risen as his feudal rapine of America in the destructive cuckservative neocons have caused great peril in America in being the right vulva to the Obama vulva left.

It is beyond ignorance for Chuck Baldwin to not include Jimmy Carter, but heads a list of all American woes with Abraham Lincoln as the "imperial President" founder, when that distinction began with President Andrew Jackson and established itself with the American Triumvirate, which the Lame Cherry will be addressing a few weeks into the future.

As for now Facebook is where one "likes" Chuck Baldwin asstardary...........yeah Facebook puts the Lame Cherry into limbo and keeps Chuck Baldwin and Glenn Beck around.

Someone this stupid should be ashamed of their lack of intelligence and is probably why they never do something honorable in suffocating themselves with their pillow at night......but they can not figure that out either in they need to wet the pillow first.