Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dead Hillary's Faces in a Crowd

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

All of us have fantasies about how the world will react when our brains ooze out of our ears and we drown in our know like Hillary Clinton on 9 11.

I decided to look at a historical snapshot of Hillary Clinton's life, and it is damning and telling.

For instance, the hand stroker is the best judge of Hillary Clinton's condition, and she is looking like........well Gramma is dying and she is not going to recover. This is a face which is not saying a few pills and a nap are going to make Hillary Clinton rise from the dead.
I am going to point something out, in Hillary Clinton got pneumonia in the middle of summer in heat, and she got her a sinus summer.

Next we have our favorite Senator, in Chuck Schumer who was for some reason lurking around.  As you can see Chuck was quite know like a dog looking at a steak about to fall  off the table.

Chuck just looks like he discovered road kill on the sidewalk by stepping in it. That is Chuck's look of he is looking at death, ugly old death.

I like this one as an affirmation of Chuck's assessment of Hillary Clinton, in this guy looking on, is thinking, "I came out on 9 11 for this bullshit and now I have to watch this old hag's brain leak out of her ears and I can smell it.

Then there is this poor bastard, hiding behind a tree. He is the inner Clinton group and has the look of terror, concern and revulsion in his pampered life has the butler flushing the pet goldfish and here is Hillary croaking before his eyes.
Odd how no one is pleased about her dying.

But oops spoke to soon, as the laughing guy obscured by hair is Hillary Clinton's hair. This suit is close enough to smell death, can hear Hillary Clinton gasping out of those old pneumonia lungs, and he could care less as he is laughing his ass off.

I could add a few more photos of the Clinton entourage, but they are people on cell phones, people in their own enjoyable small talk, and except for one NYPD cop looking like the only one interested in security, the moral of this story is, that no one gave a damn about Hillary Clinton, except one woman apparently paid to care with a huge salary.

I mean we have all witnessed this video. Hillary Clinton was like a cold bucket of Colonel Sanders mashed potatoes on the post. No one wanted it, and one person was upset that she had her dinner ruined of stiff old spuds.

This is an inside look at the Clinton insiders. This is a group of some of thee most heartless bastards in the world. This woman was dying and none of them cared. Some were looking with joy how it would advance them, but most were..........well disgusted their Sunday was ruined by having to watch an old woman die on the sidewalk.

That is the Hillary Clinton epitaph of her donors, her security and her employees. No one gave a damn about this woman when she was choking out.

We all have fantasies about the world stopping when we die. When Hillary Clinton was checking out it was like the scene from Scrooge's bed in their pulling the curtains down from his bed.

These are the people who are closest to her. They have testified of themselves and of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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