Wednesday, September 14, 2016

the spots before the eyes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Considering that I received a visit from Homeland Security in attempting to save America and the world from nuclear war, it is perplexing to note that this was based on the "big event" of the Dick Allgire remove viewers, in which the original target was two cities, with one thought to be American and the other in the Mideast.

There were references of the scent of ozone burning and a missile from the air, and again, a major  heat generated explosion destroying a city.

None of these events took place, and the RV went silent, after hedging that this did not happen in August and would happen by mid September.............again no events took place.

Now the RV group as of September 14, has shifted this to all of this was the war in Syria and an earthquake.

This was supposed to be CNN headlines, and it was not covered. The RV group now is adding up Turkey, Russia etc.... which is not ozone burning heat in destruction of cities.

Meetings and scandals, military conflicts etc blah blah blah, are the September time line, which of course has not taken place. Oddly Hillary Clinton did not even produce a hit on 9 11.

The disciplines of the Remote Viewers have violated every semblance of .........Allgire now says New York, motorcade limos, and iconic structure for says it includes September, and the hint was this was Hillary Clinton.........problem in it was one SUV.

The Lame Cherry maintains that the time lines were changed from end of July to September. Other events became main events, and the reality is that making the events known, resisting against those events, the people aware of them in not desiring them, and this effectively changed the matrix.

All of the protocols in this were mandated by CNN headlines, and yet we have events which are not taking place. The basis of this is, I can predict the following:

1. Extreme interest, a glowing screen, intensity, conflict, America changing event.

2. Violence, a city, masses of people moving, explosions.

3. Wind, force, destruction, water, death.

That is not predicting anything. That is using common sense as a Mentalist, a person who can discern events and con people into thinking they can see the future, from a presidential debate, some military strike and a storm. Those events take place monthly and unless one hits directly with confirmation, the events did not take place.
When someone says horses are going to be attacked in a riot, and they are not.......that is being wrong. The same with US based scenarios not taking place and transferring them to Syria.

This all is of utmost interest to me since Homeland appeared here, for the reality is Dick Allgire hit enough events correctly, until this blog began stopping events of violence, and now the RV is trying to take credit for non events.  This is all about stopping destructive events.

The best use of Remote Viewing is locating past solid events and in future tense to make events known in the news, so those who are capable to stop those events can effect change. This is not about predicting the future. It is about shifting the future so people are not harmed. That is the value of the RV and nothing more.

At this point, I see no value in the non major events being seen and in the trying to mould events to fit Remote Viewing which did not take place. Better use of  resources is to focus on changing the time line by will in electing Donald Trump a President, to build that wake in the matrix.

I close this review with the focus that Mr. Trump must be elected President and there must not be a war started which will involve America and Russia in the next few months, so Russia and America will be allowed time to sort this out.

Kim Jong-un has enough uranium for 20 nukes THIS YEAR...

Korean Tensions Hit Fever Pitch...

Inquiry pointed to this arena being the event structure which would produce the surge to install Mrs. Clinton or at least her decomposing form. This did not appear as war, but Mrs. Clinton "saving the day". Inquiry will have to sort this out, as a main event is out country at least of earlier this week.

Would it not be lovely if the 186,000 employees of Homeland donated 20 dollars each. I could then just write of Bible things and science, and go fishing.

72 DHS Employees on Terrorist Watch List -

At least 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security are ... least 72 people working at DHS ... actually working at the Department of Homeland ...