Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Rash

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL mentioned to me the other day that Hillary Clinton in Kansas City literally had an empty convention center while speaking to Black Southern Baptists, and a fact that KC is an area of high concentration of SB, was a huge danger signal the Blacks were not voting for Mrs. Clinton...but it was Jeff Rense who picked up Mrs. Clinton had a noticeable rash on her neck and face.

When I immediately saw this, I thought this is a Chemo Rash, or the type of rash humans get when they are under radiation treatment for cancer. This was not caused by fury, but  a medical condition. As TL just noted, this is AFTER this woman has had on a plaster of make up covering up this condition.

This is a link for those asstards who will never take my word for things posted here and because they are asstards.

What Causes a Cancer Rash? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

Chemotherapy often causes a cancer rash, or a rash associated with cancer treatment, as these potent medications often affect not only malignant cells, but may also ...

Considering Mrs. Clinton's Humpty Dumpty moment this morning at the 9 11 Memorial, this cancer rash takes on new meaning. I can diagnose a reality in this, in Mrs. Clinton was not "overheated", because when one becomes faint, their ankles do not begin to go weak first as was the case with Mrs. Clinton, who looked like a sick horse breaking down.
Heat exhaustion at events often has people drop like a rock or stiffen and fall over backwards. Mrs. Clinton was propped up by a concrete slab and literally lost motor function.

The Lame Cherry will scold Hillary Clinton on this too, as she could have been seriously injured in smacking her head on a the concrete breaking her skull and causing a huge bleed out from her blood clot medication, by her  obtuse behavior, in reviewing her collapse, one can witness all there had been screamed at previously TO NOT TOUCH HER as the last thing she wanted was a photo op of her being carried off. That is why everyone froze and had time to buckle in those few steps.
For those who have not added that part up, that is FORETHOUGHT, in meaning this has happened previously and Mrs. Clinton has ranted at Secret Service, her medical team and staff that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES  are they to ever reach out, steady her or assist her in any way.
Again, this has happened before and the staff is terrorized to the point of being fired if they touch this sick woman.

So now we have the evidence that Mrs. Clinton has a rash. It points to cancer treatment, as this is not hives from a medication reaction, and we know for certain that Mrs. Clinton had a stage 2 cancer growth removed from her tongue. There are things very wrong with Hillary Clinton and some of the Godless in the left who are Bernie Sanders supporters would cal this justice, as she stole the election from Mr. Sanders.
I would give all Glory to God in uncovering sins and lies, but also note that Mrs. Clinton could expect nothing else when she has been in failing health for 5 years and almost died 5 years ago, and would have died from blood clots causing stroke or gangrene at this stage.

People need to understand this fact, for if it were not for blood thinners, Hillary Clinton would have died from a stroke or a thrombosis causing gangrene which would have spread blood poisoning through her system for a toxic end.

Mrs. Clinton has a rash.  It is a rash caused by her being ill and her body breaking down. It is not hives, it is not allergies, and does not match the common psoriasis types from food infections. It is not being flushed from heat or fury as it is not an even pattern. It is something which looks like a cancer rash.

Perhaps that fucktard Jimmy Kimmel can make Hillary Clinton open another jar of pickles to prove she is healthy and none of this collapse on the concrete in the Clinton Cadaver did not happen on 9 11.

PS: Note my cursor has been flying across the screen since I started covering this today. Gee I wonder who in the Clinton Campaign named John Podesta unleashed the NSA spyware which is quite illegal for today's mouse circus.