Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Twin Tower Salute to the Twin Towers on 9 11

Does this old Hillary hand inspire confidence on a nuclear button?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In a fitting observance of 9 11, Hillary Clinton today reenacted the Twin Towers falling in going breasts up on stage as her failing health is such an issue that even the Washington Post is stating that Cadaver Clinton is an issue.


I just did an inquiry in this, and the flash read states that Mrs. Clinton has developed a brain tumor which is affecting blood flow to her brain...ergo limiting blood flow, limits oxygen, which makes old sick women pass out. This appears recent as this woman is literally decomposing before our eyes.

Those forces who have purchased Mrs. Clinton MUST have her stand down as their Shylock 30 pieces of silver in running this old nag in the race is killing her. She simply can not take this and this is John Podesta's responsibility for not watching out for Mrs. Clinton. Seriously, she dresses like an Eskimo in 100 degree heat, and with her medical problems which are multiplying, it is no wonder the woman about dies on stage.

It is time to bring in George Mitchell and begin a process for the Democrats to work out in coming clean with Americans that if they want Mrs. Clinton as their nominee, that she must tell the world she is dying, and will not serve out her term, and in that, Americans must have the conditions on which Tim Kaine would assume the office, and most importantly the Democratic National Convention must reconvene to choose a new Vice President on the ticket which Mr. Kaine will be made to adhere to.

I am not a Hillary Clinton advocate, but the Lame Cherry absolutely feels compassion on Democrats as their voters had the election stolen from them in Bernie Sanders was cheated, and now Mrs. Clinton is degrading daily to her grave, and in that this Mrs. Clinton's fault and John Podesta's responsibility. Democrats deserve and expect a candidate who is going to at least be able to campaign 7 days a week and not disappear for 5 as Mrs. Clinton does, and when events happen, Podesta starts lying to Americans again in this "is just the heat".

I always post the facts for Democrats and as of this moment there must be a delegation sent in to deal with Mrs. Clinton and this entire political disaster. There are those who have right to that nomination, in Bernie Sanders being the legitimate candidate, and even Tim Kaine as the delegates accepted him.
Even Joe Biden has an heir apparent to this process as do women, as liberal women accepted Mrs. Clinton stealing the election, so an Elizabeth Warren is also someone who should be placed in the mix.

With that reality posted, it is time to close this with satire again, as if Mrs. Clinton was a horse, in she threw a shoe at the curb, she would be headed out to the glue factory to be put down.

Hillary Clinton must now be replaced or her medical records of what is killing her must be produced and the Democratic National Committee must convene to put before the American people a succession of who will be Vice President when Tim Kaine becomes President......if Mrs. Clinton steals this election.

This is a disaster for Democrats.

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