Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ivanka Trump: Thee Emancipated Feminist

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The 2016 American Presidential race is one of turning the page, for in every way, it is an election of Hillary Clinton's political past and the political future of Donald Trump. In this, nothing is more evident in the comparison of Donald Trump being the first Feminist President and Hillary Clinton being a radicalism which hijacked the suffrage movement in the 1960's.

Nothing was more telling in this than the Hillary Clinton "pink card" which had all of the old 20th century feminists in a tizzy, while the 21st century Millenial Feminists were laughing at the absurd nature of how ridiculous it was to be excited about a "pink card" which symbolized nothing.

The comparison of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is one of Mr. Trump in business, promoting women and shattering the glass ceilings for them on their merit and work, while Hillary Clinton chose to not bake cookies, but to instead overbake her husband in riding his apron strings to public office, with the promise if she suffered through his abuse she would in alimony be awarded the Presidency of the United States, as if the American people were some children of divorce to be haggled over in court.

We have witnessed the great attention which Donald Trump invested in his daughter, Ivanka, in grooming her into the 21st century role model, not for women alone, but for men. In the Trump campaign, as this blog has not agreed with all of the Ivanka decisions, there is the reality that Ivanka made the decision and pressed her father to remove Corey Lewandowski. Ivanka was the force who appeared in the final decisions of Mike Pence as Vice President, and, it was Ivanka Trump who spoke to Millennials in introducing her father for the Republican nomination for President, speaking to the issues which the 21st century feminist is faced with every day. The same issues Donald Trump is faced with in business and the same issues which Ivanka Trump is forced to deal with in her personal life and business, in making certain women are paid for their abilities and not underpaid to men, and that women with children have access to day care which now only the elite have.

Once again, compare this to Hillary Clinton. She trails around the young bi lesbian, Mrs. Wiener. When she got into trouble, she put her husband Bill Clinton on the campaign trail. When it came time to decide who would be Vice President, it was Bill Clinton who did the choosing of not a progressive, not a woman like Elizabeth Warren, but it was Bill Clinton who decided upon another fat old white man of a bygone era, of the Neo Socialists like HW Bush and Bill Clinton himself.
Consider that input for the Vice President of these disUnited States. Donald Trump was guided by a modern Feminist in his daughter Ivanka Trump, and Hillary Clinton was ordered by her exploitative and assaulting husband, Bill Clinton.

When Women's Suffrage began, it is so long ago that most do not even understand the word suffrage was about women voting in America in the 19th century. This was the cause and the discussion in politics, which was hijacked by the counter culture of the 1960's which was Hillary Clinton.
It seems ludicrous now, because it was ludicrous even then, but the feminist enemy was June Cleaver for raising her children in a stable home. These Hillary Clinton feminist radicals, did not understand that like most women in the 21st century, the reason June Cleaver was an ideal in the 1950's, was because in the 1920's working women had their children in child labor factories, while they cleaned latrines without any hope of a living wage. Their days were slaving over coal fired ovens baking bread they kneaded at 5 am, scrubbing clothes on a washboard, after heating water and carrying it on 100 degree days, cooking for their family, and collapsing at night to probably becoming pregnant again as sex was the only comfort or escape these women had, and it was a duty to perform too.

So when June Cleaver had a great life, these ignorant radicals attacked another woman of this type who understood what hard work was, as women do now in having to work 3 part time jobs, most likely being divorced, having children needing more attention than they can provide, dealing with trying to pay bills and being always 1 bill short in their wages, and their children coming home and telling them their teachers taught them about being sexual perverts that day, instead of how to find a way out of this modern slavery.

Ludicrous Hillary Clinton is from an era when they thought burning bras was a symbol like Michelle Obama's bondage belt. Ludicrous as all of these radicals should have kept their bras as their tits are now down to their ankles and none of their social positions from aborticide, divorce, blaming men, equal rights, sexual liberation, has accomplished one thing, but setting up the 21st century woman to be exploited in the worst possible ways.

Think of the working woman. She is charged a debt of 50 to 200,000 dollars to get a degree which qualifies for nothing. When some male she works with in his wife is busy that day, their kid comes along, and of course the woman has the kid dumped on them, as we all know that women with college degrees just are qualified to be babysitters so daddy can go sleep in a corner or watch porn.
When it is some 20th century feminist older woman like Hillary Clinton with a child, of course that child is what the 21st century Feminist went to college for, to be volunteered by the older woman to stay late or work weekends, as she has nothing to do, while the 20th century feminist is off cooing over her children's recitals.

This is the world we live in. You have a world of business where Donald Trump has made the efforts to advance the feminist agenda at work and Ivanka Trump is one of the employees who has to deal with her job and her children, and in Trump industries those women are provided for, but ask yourself when was the last time you ever saw Huma Wiener having her kid in tow, following around Hillary Clinton?
See that is the Hillary Clinton radical feminism, where Huma has a kid, dumps the kid on someone else to raise, and other women end up paying for it, because Huma gets the privileges while the hundreds of thousands of American working women are stuck with daycare from the Obama's in which their children are learning to eat boogers as a food group and come home with all sorts of new vocabulary one would only hear at a gay bar.

This is the decision of 2016 in the Feminist President Donald Trump or the Free Radical Hillary Clinton. A Trump Administration has promised to bring to America the opportunities to the modern 21st century feminist which has been denied them under now 16 years of Clinton Obama, and nothing will be done after 8 more years of Hillary Huma and Tim and Bill. Hillary Clinton's regime will be the status quo of her Wall Street cronies preying on women some more, by using their lobbyists to make certain government programs flow money from the Treasury to the conglomerates for their universities or their welfare checks. Under Hillary Clinton it will not be suffrage but more suffering.

That is what this Presidential election is all about, for women, for men and for their families. Women being paid their worth at work, to enrich them and eventually their families. Women being paid their worth at work, to not be exploited by men at work or men they are dating or married to in this vicious radical feminist cycle. Women raising children in their choices, instead of being forced into situations where they are left without any choice, but only exploitation.

It is all summed up in Hillary Clinton's pink card which she sold to women and it did nothing for women. Hillary Clinton will do nothing for women, no more than her radical feminism did nothing but exploit women for billion dollar conglomerates like Planned Parenthood. Women are not some commodity to be traded on Wall Street or hooked to an ipad to make up for  a regime not serving their needs which they are paying taxes into and to not be the plaster of filling in the cracks of business in babysitting other people's children.

Donald Trump was an independent businessman, and he set the rules in his business. When Ivana was out of the office on business, the children were with him as he built skyscrapers, they built buildings with Leggos. This is the model for a 21st century Feminism in business and industry not warehousing children, but parental supervision on site. I foresee a future for Feminism where robotics will monitor children and the parents will monitor the robotics as they work, and a world where all of us may no longer need to be enslaved to FDR two-income households, but have good paying jobs to provide for our now and our futures.

Either America advances with Ivanka Trump, guiding feminism in the Trump Administration or America stays enslaved to this daycare daddy and enslaved women at work finding they have all the children of others to babysit as they are being blamed for not getting their job done as is the Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama status quo. The same status quo from the 1990's which Donald Trump rejected and like others began the new 21st century Feminism for women, for men and for families.

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