Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Eating of Cow Shit

 For some reason the Girls do not like the Mushroom flavored Poo

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few years ago I lost a few cattle to coccidiosis or the bloody shits. Basically it is an organism which is not bacteria in which livestock will die from bloody diarrhea. It took awhile to figure that one out, and the source was an old barn which I have penned off as it was a hog barn back in the day, so when Miss Daisy decided by satan to start sipping water in the vicinity, I had a few choice words for her, as there was a hundred gallons of fresh water in the tank it had just run of from.

I do not keep the girls with the other cattle, but they do water from the same tank, which provides untold sniffing rituals every day as Baby Belle and Baby Daisy after drinking, stand in the mud and sniff cow smells to their great delight.

Three days later after the water urine coo poop tea sipping, I came upon them as I was getting them in, of Baby Belle sniffing a crepe cow poop....or calf crepe or bull crepe. It is hard to tell as summer grass makes them all shit like geese and in the end it makes these paper thin chips which I never paid any attention to nor did anyone else until now.

Promptly I started giving Baby Belle hell to get away from it, and she did move away. To which Baby Daisy seized the opportunity and chomped the cow shit crepe and away she went with me chasing her in the barn.
It must have been delicious as she was chewing on it and there was not any way I was going to get that out of her mouth, so I frowned  again and said another prayer for their health and shake my head as to their culinary choices.

These two girls now are bascially going on two years old, so are large for their little Jersey size. They have from the start had an affinity with plastic as a food group. It does not make any difference whether it is strings or plastic silage wrap, I have to pull out s piece I see hanging out of their mouths in wondering where they have found it.
It reminds me of Martha our goat as a goatikins where one night I found her in the kitchen chewing to her heart's delight on a wad of rubber bands I had saved from the mail. She had it half way down her throat, but why in hell these animals start gnawing on all this petro chem stuff is just the most idiot thing on the planet.

Today as my body was aching I told the girls, like yesterday to behave and take care of me. To this, Daisy charged out of the pen, charged to eating apples, charged by me, and almost blew up our chicken tractor, before settling on her new favorite to chew on............pears.

This part I like as God gave us a too big harvest of pears this year. Pear cobbler tastes like apple really and is good enough, but Daisy now ventures daily under the pear tree not to eat leaves, but she munches on pears that have fallen from the tree as her treat for the day. This I approve of as it is not killing the tree, not plastic and not cow shit crepes.

I suspect that the crepe shit was from a calf sucking a cow, so it was sort of like a cheese spinach in Daisy and Belle being attracted to it. The pears taste like pears and the plastic has no flavor at all, but it is one of the food groups I try desperately like wood.......yes they like eating wood, to keep this out of their diet.

Maybe in some French or Chinese cook book there is some recipe that a billionaire is chewing down which calls for calf shit crepes, as they feed allot of bullshit to people that no normal person would ever order up a dish of like sheep gut or bird spew stew.

Then again I have the Culinary Queens of Baby Belle and Baby Daisy leading the way in  a main course of crepe shits and a nice desert of pears.