Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Operation: Evergreen Sympathy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I began this post for today, yesterday and was interrupted by Homeland Security. It is interesting as when I first saw the agent, I thought it was our annoying preacher who keeps bothering us, so I almost turned around and tried to avoid him. And then, when I went out, I saw two of them, and my first thought  was, "My God not some more of these Obamacare insurance agents trying to sell me something I do not want".

I do not appreciate being made a target because of your stupidity in those who did this. I had a large enough signature and was concerned about the blog expanding as it has in becoming too large to ignore, but that sort of all vanished when Homeland is on your doorstep and taking pictures of your domicile.

The subject of this was the puzzling events of 9 11 and Hamrod Clinton as was broken here exclusively on the day of the collapse. We now continue with the blog before time stood still.

It has taken some digging in inquiry to piece together what exactly took place on 9 11 2016 with Hillary Hamrod Clinton, but inquiry points to something of an "Oh yes" moment by the odd things which everyone witnessed and did not make sense.

Place yourself in a reality that you have a very ill Mrs. Clinton, and then ask yourself what would motivate her to expose herself in public to this kind of a disaster on 9 11? What would move Mrs. Clinton to a public forum in this condition when she should have been home in bed as she is every weekend?

What inquiry points to is  9 11 2016, was a dual event. Mrs. Clinton is very sick. She can not campaign and has been hiding since July and the only solution to this was a sympathy event, and that is what Mrs. Clinton arose to at the memorial.

I was getting something about a 30 to 40 year old male, Alt Right type who was being guided to the location for an event which included a firearm. The problem is Mrs. Clinton about went tits up, and had to depart the location early and this threw the entire operation off as the Alt Right was not yet shepherded to the target.
So what was left was the original plan of leaving a firing lane open for the event.
One must comprehend that with New York Police and the levels of dignitaries there, that there were layers of security in this, in addition to the one Hamrod had, which the footage revealed left a right 45 degree opening.

If one watches the video of this event. Hamrod was left standing alone. The SS lead left position as the vehicle arrived late which was to be the opening, but the problem is the Alt Right was not in position, so tottering Hillary had to be moved, and it appears that in rehearsal, that is when the wall of agents were to provide the human shield as that is when they appeared. It all would have worked like clockwork in a major dramatic event. It explains why the SS violated protocols and did not take the incoherent Mrs. Clinton to the  emergency room as was mandatory, and she appeared at the secure location at Chelsea's apartment which is under protective jurisdiction.
It was here the new sympathetic candidate would appear and the fiend Donald Trump would be crucified by it being one of his lunatic fringe.
Hamrod would then have all the excuse of security and health to skip the debates and to hide in her compound to summon the press and more children for photo ops.

It would seem that the Nevada speech targeting Donald Trump's dangerous supporters now had a perfect reason for setting the stage for the 9 11 2016 stage.

Now it is time to write about Andrew Johnson to provide an education on Presidents for Mr. Trump and his America,  and if there is time to track something in the matrix which was becoming a horizon event in Asia to elect Hamrod.

The distractions of poverty were enough and ungrateful thieving rich readers or followers as Homeland terms you, but the new distraction of Homeland fans is more than I care to deal with.  I would much rather be perch fishing than making a study of the matrix for the primates.