Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Sam Adams


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After my new experience with my new friends and fans at Homeland Security, I have had my eyes opened to what a Patriot really is, and it is not Black Lives Matter fists in the air or Alt Right  88 code type, nor being an idiot threatening people or involved in subversive activity.

Being a Patriot is like being George Washington in being visited by the crown for speaking about American Rights and it is Ronald Reagan being threatened by leftists for being American.

I look upon all of this with new eyes and insights. It is a world of Jesus at Gethsemane. It is a reality of Joan of Arc abandoned by all. It is a reality out of the thousands of people on this blog and feinting friendship on Facebook, there was only a few Patriots who were brave enough to show support in contact, and only one new person donated I will assume in response as a message they will not be intimidated.

Jesus said in Scripture that He knew the hearts of men, and they were all fair weather friends, summertime soldiers, sunshine patriots and keyboard commandos. It is alright that you are cowards because you can not help it. It is alright that you lie to yourselves how brave you are and then run away, because you are not fit for being an American, and it is best for you to live in your luxury and not make yourselves or other innocent people a target.
As Mark Twain wrote in Joan of Arc. Some people like the Paladin are just born to climb trees during battles and then climb down afterwards and stick their swords into dead bodies. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with crying. Nothing wrong with being afraid. Nothing wrong with going fetal position. It is best for you and you will live longer that way.
It is hard to read this reality, but it is something the police state and cartel already knows about you.  Being a coward is much better than being a stupid reactionary making yourself a target. It is much better to be on Facebook telling everyone how brave you are with your pile of guns than to be LaVoy Finicum stupidly gut shot in the snow.

There is though something in this though of standards. It is like the drunk in the bar accosting General Washington as a friend, when General Washington was not the least a drunk in the bar, but a Patriot.

In that, I have come to the conclusion that in this world there are those like us who have had interviews with Homeland Security in having done nothing wrong, and then there are.......well most of you. There is a Lawrence Sinclair being interviewed by the FBI in 2008 for exposing the bi sexual nature of Birther Hussein. There are others whose businesses are targeted by the regime........and then there are most of you with your Twitter and  Facebook pretending how Paladin you are.

It is a point now like a Purple Heart signifying something, that in being a law abiding American, if you have not had an interview with an alphabet agency, you are not a Sam Adams.

That is the distinction in this for those so honored in they are Sam Adams. Mr. Adams was certainly popular with the crown and as I am a popular girl with my new fans at Homeland.

None of this is about resistance, guns, protests or vain glory. None of this is about violence or making yourself a target. This is not about regimes or governments. This is about being human or something for the pen. This is about either standing on your hind legs or crawling away on all four.

The Sam Adams. That is something earned for not being stupid or violent.