Sunday, September 11, 2016

The End of Ted Cruz from Amanda Carpenter's own Lips

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wondered what had happened to Ted Cruz's sex partner, Amanda Carpenter, and she is on Twitter yet......trying to look relevant. Somehow though every post Mrs. Carpenter posts leave one with images of Anthony Wiener in mind, like her keyboard has the scent of Cruz cock on it yet.

There was this good news that Mandy seemed most interested in as she reposted it without comment.

Cornyn declines to back Cruz ahead of Senate primary

Donald Trump renews rivalry with Ted Cruz 02:52

Story highlights

  • Cruz is the junior senator from Texas
  • Cornyn declined to endorse him in his GOP primary
Washington (CNN)Texas Sen. Ted Cruz shouldn't expect much help from the senior GOP senator from his state, John Cornyn, ahead of a potential Senate primary challenge next cycle.

I wonder how an obnoxious political whore thinks acting Conservative, attacking Mitch McConnell, posting things like she is advising Donald Trump, ever has a thought that her gravy train is over, because the entire GOP is now looking to remove the disease she had between her legs in Ted Cruz.

The Trump purge has begun, and as the Lame Cherry predicted, Ted Cruz will not have a penny to his name for re election and in crooked Texas politics he is going to be primaried.

There are so many Cruz cult who have no idea that their best days are behind them. Some like Amanda Carpenter are whistling past the graveyard, but it is the neurosis of talking and laughing loudly in denying the reality that there are extremely powerful people who are going to make it recreation to obliterate the Cruzlings..........because they are going to be trying to save their asses from the wrath of the Trump Administration, by currying favor with it, in wiping out the weak links.

Some advice to Ted Cruz. Get on your knees and suck some nasty old snatch billionaire and get a job out of the country and disappear. 

For Amanda Carpenter, trying to look like you matter in reminding everyone that you were with  Ted Cruz in lynching Ben Carson, really is clueless. She really needs to join Ted Cruz in Qatar where they both can wear veils and the world can forget what they are.

14h14 hours ago
The Deplorables: the evil sequel to Disney's megahit, the Incredibles. Voiced by Donald Trump, Scott Baio, and Omarosa.

This woman is really not able to Tweet.