Sunday, September 11, 2016

Try to remember a September 11th, who life is now so mello

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been meaning to write this, but just have not had the time, and still do not, but necessity means I must find the time to deal with the NYC824 event as it was projecting out.
This has been more difficult as my butterflies in the Remote Viewers have apparently gotten spooked as they have ceased appearing on Rense, after the time lines changed.

I do desire to make the point that the Remote Viewers were not wrong, even if this appears perplexing to them as what they were locking on in viewing in the future was coming to be, but suddenly the time lines changed and events were not manifesting to the full order or simply disappearing.
To the point, Mr. Allgire hedged a window of 6 weeks for what appeared to be a nuclear attack on a city. according to my work, this should have taken place today on September 11th in north Italy as was recorded, but this event has faded in my latest inquiry points to the Russians have finally taken custody of this bomb made in Missouri by Pakistani agents.

I realize that the turmoil in Syria was a shadow of what the Remote Viewers spoke of in destroyed cities, but it was not the main event, as this window appears to be vanishing as it should.
I did not appreciate the attempt on President Putin's life in a head on crash which murdered his driver, but shocks to the matrix sometimes do take place in it is being overstimulated.

What I am tracking now is something I have not had the time to track down. It is a horizon event and designed to install Hillary Clinton and it is the Obama regime conducting this. I locate it in the Crimea. It has been disabled in the triggers have been removed.

This would be easier if the butterflies were gathering the pollen and then I could be moved to react as I have. I was not aware of events in France, but would have altered that the Lord Willing as I like Joan of Arc and am fond of a friend of this blog from Quebec, so France is a people I would work for as much as Russia, as they have suffered enough.
The situation is though I am being pulled in several different dimensions and while God is making me look rather good in altering the time lines, I know it is God, as I am not running on full focus or power. I am distracted and this is not something the human is normally capable of. Literally the things I am doing kill people as this killed Edgar Cayce. No I am not scrying, but what I do is a flash read of the matrix and it does require more ability that I have not developed. It would be rather taxing, but simple if I was simply taking what the Remote Viewers were doing, was financially set to not be distracted, not dealing with this blog, and then I would be altering the time lines rather easily.
This situation though in focusing on the time line of Donald Trump as President and the attempt to create an East West Christian Crusade in protecting them under the auspices of Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump, is quite a great deal, with the added work of altering things like NYC824 and other machinations cropping up, is not something I have yet grown into completely........sort of feels like running a combine at age 11 in trying not to crash it, blow it up, plug it up and use the head as a payloader as my neighbor road by on his horse.

Just thinking I am still furious over the amount of energy it required to neutralize that postule Ted Cruz. I had not reckoned on that adventure. Amanda Carpenter owes me like 5 bricks of 22 ammo as comfort food.

What it comes down to is in most cases I have not stopped main events, but only reordered them to their proper place in time, so certain events people think they have dodged are reloading.
I honestly would write more on this if I could think of something more detailed to write to add to this. I am hoping that something does not surprise me in having missed it. 

It is a balance delaying World War IV, trying to live and placing Donald Trump in the White House for the duration.