Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Lame Cherry Case Study

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One Friday October 7th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, the Lame Cherry conducted an inquiry into the matrix as to what the Hamrod Clinton black book would be for the debate which all of us witnessed on Sunday evening, when Mr. Trump vanquished Hillary Clinton.
The findings appeared on Saturday October 8th, two days before the event.

I am going to provide the link, but also post exactly the main predictions for your review:

It is why Hamrod will be Manrod in strength this time. She is to be Tim Kaine's third testicle.

7 attack points

No crying or health false flags. No sympathy gambit. She is going to Bimbo Eruption Donald Trump in attack, attack, attack. This is about making personal assaults on Mr. Trump.

Attack Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka (her exploiting workers overseas)

Pussy Snatch Grab

Personal finance in  taxes

Racism at employing people

Charity donations

Something about the buildings constructed being dangerous

Off colour verbiage

Cooper and Raditz will warn Donald Trump about interrupting Mrs. Clinton. Clinton campaign wrote talking points for the questions.

It is to be 3 against 1 and smarmy. They want to drag this down to reality television.

My reason for posting this is to review my work in public and to make the point that the Lame Cherry posted this before the event took place, and if you review the entire debate, you will find that this blog was spot on in what was posted here.

What triggered this was one remarkable point in the Lame Cherry stated Hillary Clinton was going to attack Donald Trump's buildings and her intent was on their being dangerous. Mrs. Clinton in fact brought up Chinese steel in Trump buildings. She did not mention the safety factor, but she did attack his buildings as was posted here, and that is something which is thousands of times to one in hitting on that.

Trump warns of 'rigged' vote, as Clinton claims opponent uses Chinese steel

There were two major points Hamrod did not bring up, and that was attacking Ivanka and Charity Donations. I do not make  excuses, but in review her plan was to make Donald Trump react, and instead Donald Trump took command and forced Hamrod to attack, so it is deemed she never was able to get around to using her attack points.

I do assess that some things as the moderators being against Donald Trump is something a Mentalist could predict as it is logical. The point though about this being 3 against 1, making this smarmy and making it reality television is too precise to be discounted. Mr. Trump uttered those exact words in this being 3 against 1.

My point in this is not to be a clairvoyant in the Lame Cherry knows all. This is a study of the matrix and the abilities of having an attribute in flash reading the information, which is far more accurate and less energy draining than a remote viewer like Dick Algire, who requires hours to prepare. What I have been doing in flash reading, I can know the situation in minutes, providing in inquiry I ask the correct intent of the questions.

The Viking long ago when I posted concerning earthquakes that I actually read them exactly. I noted though that in that I had a 4 month window, and the readings became less accurate after that. So many factors are involved in the matrix in this living energy which time lines vanish and appear. It seems to be a more simple action to disrupt something a Dick Algire is experiencing to save people from events happening than in long projection.

I would though have each of you put yourself in my place. Think of how you would like to post things days before they are going to happen, and then have everyone watching for mistakes to ridicule you. In Remote Viewing they consider in Star Gate protocols that 3 out of 10 to be acceptable. By God's Grace, the Lame Cherry hit on every subject, and without excuses, I would state that over 2 days out, Hamrod's attack points could have changed and most certainly as she was harping about how she was not a criminal, threw her off her game plan.

I would  that I was the attribute of Elisha in seeing what the king does on his bed, but it works in flash read. If I had the time and energy, I would like to expand in trying my abilities in developing them in new arenas. I am though thankful in being this precise, as my entire purpose was to assist the Trump Campaign if they were aware of things posted here yet.
This latest inquiry was puzzling as in the first debate it was flowing and obvious, but the second was guarded and hidden. It required more focus.....felt different like a piece of roast meat trying  to read through it.

I know this works as it has been proven beyond random chance or Sherlock Holmes logical deduction. The study of this continues.