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Hillary Clinton: When Older Men are 15 Year old Boys

 ....and what are little Hillary's made of

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"It is not so much that Hillary Clinton is a liar, but it is the fact that Hillary Clinton believes her lies to be true".

- Lame Cherry

To understand the psychotic condition which Hillary Clinton's reasoning operates under in delusion, one has to comprehend the psychopathy of a psychological / sociological pathological liar.
With Hillary Clinton the  Truth is a disease to be remedied by a constructed lie to fit her successful objective of self promotion.

The Lame Cherry will submit three case studies as evidence of her psychological condition.

First, we do not know without medical examination of Mrs. Clinton's brain, to ascertain if she is a genetic psychotic, in her brain does not have the capacity of normal function or if in her developmental years her emotional environment so damaged Hillary Clinton to be sociological at base in a product of her environs.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has always manifested problems with the Truth in having extremely low self esteem gender issues. As an example, she fabricated the origins of her name in claiming that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mount Everest. The problem with this lie is that Sir Edmund did not scale Everest until 5 years after Mrs. Clinton was born.

This is a constant problem with Mrs. Clinton in she manifests a disorder of feelings of being a worthless young female and attempts to attach herself to powerful men in order to validate herself, which has created catastrophic consequences for her, America and the world.

Hillary Clinton's Credibility Problem | The Daily Caller

Hillary Clinton's Credibility Problem. ... Hillary's lies caught up to her during her ... Hillary was born in 1947 and Sir Edmund did complete his ...

While there are many damning manifestations of this, in her attempt to "keep up with Barack Obama" in having Colonel Khadaffi, the leader of Libya murdered after she promised the Colonel protection, and then laughed about it all in an interview of, "We came, we saw, he died", one of the most destructive for a young girl, was the case of Kathy Shelton of Arkansas.

The time frame in this involved Mrs. Clinton's "advocacy" for children which she began in her Ivy league days, when Kathy Shelton who had a crush on a 15 year old boy, was lured out into the night by Thomas Alfred Taylor, who gave the young child coke and whiskey to get her drunk and then raped her on an Arkansas road.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was the volunteer to defend the rapist and savaged the child in thee most heinous of ways emotionally and psychologically. Mrs. Clinton would later be captured laughing about what she did. It would fall to Donald Trump though decades later to stand for this now grown woman whose life was shattered by Hillary Clinton.
In the Clinton mental construct of the defense, Hillary Clinton constructed that the child was attracted to older men, but the older man was 15 years old and a boy. This must be understood in the Clinton Pyschological /Sociological Pathological Liar psychopathy, in order to "win" to validate herself, it was necessary to destroy a little girl with lies, so Hillary Rodham could validate herself. The problem is she destroyed a child, and to to this lied about a 15 year old boy being an adult male to fit the "defense" which Mrs. Clinton had developed to "win", because without it, her client rightly would have faced easy conviction.

This "mode" of Clinton deduction can be found in every Hillary Clinton policy. There is a pattern in this, in Hillary Clinton has a "Friends and Enemies" division in her persona. There are no narrow or broad grey areas. If you fit the pattern of being someone with money and power, then you are deemed and asset or friendly to Mrs.Clinton, and in return she will employ all methods go scorched earth on those who will interfere with that money and power which Mrs. Clinton is obsessed with to validate herself.

The same Hillary Clinton who will champion a political movement of women's rights in believed in being raped, is the same woman who will savage women whom Bill Clinton rapes, in order to protect her identity validated by that power and money.

As an example, Hillary Clinton in the second Trump Debate looked into the camera and told everyone that she "supported the Second Amendment" which in Hillary Clinton thought process is deemed  a truth, but the reality proves she is a liar.

In her first co Presidency, Hillary Clinton in the 1990's unleashed a campaign to hold gun manufacturers legally responsible for what criminals did with their guns. That is akin to holding Nabisco guilty of Oreo racism, but when Hillary Clinton was at the Ivy league, she was never schooled in law, but in theory, and theory is what Mrs. Clinton prefers, as the Law has boundaries, and in theory Hillary Clinton can mould her ends to any means.

This Hillary Clinton violate of the Second Amendment was overturned by Congress to protect the rights of people. Yet Mrs. Clinton will spew a lie that Gun Manufacturers can not be sued, when they indeed can as all companies for defective products. They simply are protected like all Americans from being libel for the actions which others take which is out of every Citizen's control.

So the Hillary Clinton who supports the Second  Amendment in her conclusions of lies, is the same Hillary Clinton who seeks to disarm Americans under the fiction of protecting them, but in reality this situation is about her oligarchs who want Americans disarmed so no one will rise up to retake their Rights.
Mrs. Clinton is against the People protecting their rights, as those rights will infringe on her criminal misbehavior and end her association with power and money.

Hillary Clinton's gun control agenda targets NRA-backed law

One pillar of Hillary Clinton's gun ... Clinton seeks to roll back a controversial law that gives gun manufacturers ample protection from lawsuits ... Fortune .com is ...

This then moves onto the third evidence in the example of Hillary Clinton's historical rise to power. After savaging the most powerful Black leader in America in her commencement speech, Mrs. Clinton moved to the Ivy League and then became appointed to the Watergate investigation by Democrats, when her origins were a Barry Goldwater Republican. But, Mr. Goldwater was defeated and the GOP could not provide the power Mrs.Clinton required for validation, so she became a radical of the left, in minder for the Rockefellers.

In this Hillary Rodham was not even an attorney, as she failed to pass the DC Bar Exam in she was that unskilled, Mrs. Clinton allied herself with Senator Edward Kennedy whom she hoped would be elected President in 1976 due to the smear of the GOP by Watergate.
(No one has ever explored this if Hillary Rodham had sex with Teddy Kennedy in how this political operative all appeared on this stage out of nowhere, but the fact is that on Ms. Rodham's failure to complete her task for the Kennedy's, she bounded off for sloppy Bill seconds to Arkansas, much to the harm of those Southern people.)

Hillary Rodham's purpose with her three male counterparts was to deny President Richard  Nixon his Constitutional Rights to legal representation in Watergate. None of this was about rights, but more about the conspirator E. Howard Hunt, who was a Kennedy Man from the Grassy Knoll, was the one who deliberately got the Watergate burglars captured which set off the entire coup, and took it into the White House.
What Rodham and the Kennedy people were fearful of, was in a trial, E. Howard Hunt was going to be cross examined and all of the criminal activity of John and Bobby Kennedy was going to become public knowledge and make what was being ranted about in Richard Nixon, look like the nothing it was.

*As a side note in this, Richard Nixon always assumed that Watergate was a Kennedy operation in the target was  Nixon himself, in the break in at the DNC headquarters was  about attempting to find out what dirt the Kennedy's had on Richard Nixon.
Again as no one has ever investigated the sexual link between pervert Teddy Kennedy and Hillary Rodham, no one has ever investigated the link that the Kennedy conspirators were behind a rather bizarre communist / CIA operation to get Richard Nixon and install Teddy  Kennedy in 1976 AD in the year of our Lord.
Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.)

This then was Hillary Clinton a trained lawyer, whose political purpose once again denied an American their rights all to validate Hillary Clinton's obsession for power and wealth to  validate her failings. In Hillary Clinton's mind this was constructed as "law and order", but in her heart it was once again the crooked ends justified by the lying means.

This is Hillary Clinton and if she steals the 2016 election, it will be once again a banquet for the nation rapists who are necessary to validate her psychopathy, and absolute Vince Foster DOA for all those again who in their Rule of Law  are a threat to Mrs. Clinton's validation.

This forensic psychological analysis of Hillary Hamrod Clinton should be required reading and study before anyone votes, but few will read it and fewer will understand the meaning. For, Hillary Clinton is a remarkably interesting subject. While she is simple in her psychosis,  the way it constantly manifests in the most heinous and deadly ways as she protects her need for validation, elevates this to a most fascinating study of the human excuse of the necessity of the lie.

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