Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Note to NFL Owners

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry will address the realities to the head up the ass billionaire owners of the NFL and their fag liberal Commission which has created the demise of the National Football League as the Lame Cherry knows how to fix this and what the problem is.

Sagging NFL TV ratings leave owners scrambling for answers...

First a little bit of history for the billionaires.

Do you know how many people were watching football in the 1960's? No one was.

Want to know why?

Because football is a damned boring sport like baseball and golf. Football sucks. Football players used to have to work as car salesmen in the 1960's off season to afford to live, because the NFL had no money.

What changed all of that?

Pete Rosell in the 1970's. Mr. Rosell  as NFL Commissioner created an illusion that football was faced paced, exciting and sexy.

Football players used to hit each other, knock the snot out of each other, break bones, and football coaches used to tear phones off walls when they lost.

That all stopped when Pete Rosell died and a series of fag leftists like Jerry Seaman as head of NFL coaches fucked everything up, along with this last Obama voter Roger Goodell or whatever that shit head's name is.

The NFL changed from the No Fun League to the Nigger Fag League. Instead of playing to the team the NFL  went gangsta with a bunch of doped up worthless Nigs, who had little talent, less brain matter, and to try and suck ratings from Blacks.......who do not watch football, they put worthless Blacks at Quarterback.

Next the NFL started cheating in making certain teams win and robbing other teams. The Refs were crooked and the players quit playing. Randy Moss should have had his ass booted out of the league for the pariah he was, but the NFL made shit like that their symbol.

So the NFL fucked the fans over in charging a shit load of money to be bored in stadiums or pay per view, go rid of the fun in Monday Night Football, and politicized it all with commentary from bone heads like Howie Long.
Get a clue, football is not life or is a game people watched to get away  from the shit in their lives.

Of course the NFL chose to have tit cancer ribbons, Goddamn Nigger protests, faggots on parade and now million dollar players pissing on America.
Incredible that the billionaire pompous ass owners of the NFL never figured out in dissing their bosses in the American People paying the bills, that real Americans hate whiners, feminism, politics and faggots......all wrapped up in image Obama.

So all of the work that Pete Rosell did. All of the work that the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders,  Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams has been obliterated in real men playing football in hurting each other legally and not being prissy whiners.

To fix this, the NFL has to be in the politics of one thing in promoting Christian America. The players are going to have to play. Teams are going to have to not cheat for Vegas and ratings, and there is going to have to be a banning in the NFL, if players are political or pulling shit, they are going to be banned and no one gets to hire them and they are done for life.

The Lame Cherry is going to point something out too which the NFL knows and it has to do with cheerleaders in your fag league. The NFL DELIBERATELY stopped showing cheerleaders. They positioned cameras so these women did not even appear on the sidelines.....or marched them off any time a team got close to them being in the background.
You leave normal sexual attraction for women in the background and stop your butt f*cking child molesting Mockingbird out of the NFL, and in doing all of the above in making players play or banning them, you will get your ratings back.

The NFL willingly became a social engineering platform to fag out America. Go back to the National Football League, get rid of the Nigger Fag League, and in a decade you might get your revenues up again if you fire that fuckhead Roger Goodell and all of this other shit.

Otherwise you billion dollar owners are looking at a reality of you will put your worthless players on pay television which no one will watch, and you will be stuck with teams you can not sell........and others will buy them cheap, and following the Lame Cherry advice, will build the NFL again.

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