Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Americans Do Not Have Things Handed To Them

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Where is Julian Assange.

No I do not mean in the Ecuadorian embassy, but as most of you need reminding of the fact that he promised all the world damning revelations about Hillary Clinton and then disappeared, which numbers of you stayed up to 3 AM for.......and now have run back to Julian as some savior, I ask again, where is Julian Assange when the world needed him?

It has been posted that he worked a deal for a pardon, and that is why the damning evidence disappeared. One can look at his internet being shut off, as much a matter of giving him cover so he does not have to provide all of the information he promised to imprison Hillary Clinton..........and in that I desire each of you to remember a few realities in all that has been accomplished is document dumps in massive amounts, which all could have been sorted for the damning stuff months ago, and it was not.

Tomorrow the Lame Cherry is going to publish a stand alone which is a revelation in all of this, which will explain everything about the Clintons which has been missed. It will be a stand alone.

Everyone of us was promised video of something about Hillary, and nothing has appeared at the exact moment when it needed to where is it?

What I am telling you is to not trust Julian Assange with your lives or hopes and dreams. He has let you down, and is the same Ozzie who termed Donald Trump a sexual disease as bad as Hillary Clinton. That is no friend of America.

We win this with Donald Trump by God's Grace as there is no cavalry coming riding over the hill to save in Wikileaks, because we are the Cavalry.

It is disappointing to have all of these betrayals, but what can one expect as these are not Americans and they do not keep their word. I am sure there are associates of Mr. Assange who want the best for this world, but I am stating we have the facts now before us, that Julian Assange can not be depended upon to deliver the goods.

I repeat this in we are all there is now that stands between the anti Christian world and complete genocide. Donald Trump is the leader we have on earth and Jesus is our leader in Heaven. We have to get this done as no one else will do it.
By God's Grace we have done it before in 1776, 1864 and 1980. It is all on the line again and either America resurrects with us, or we are the last generation of the Great Experiment.

Stop thinking what Donald Trump has to do at the debate. Start thinking how Hillary Clinton fails at each debate because of Donald Trump. Nom de Deius, you people whine about those pussies in Congress and all you do is have a defeatist attitude in thinking your adversaries are all powerful boogermen.
You remember what God said in, Fear not them that are able to kill you, but instead respect the God Who can destroy both your body and soul in hell.

Davy Crockett didn't walk out of the Alamo. George Custer didn't walk out of the Little Big Horn. George Washington did walk out of Valley Forge though and you will walk out of this with Donald Trump.

You are Americans, so start acting like Americans and stop hoping some foreigner or somebody else is going to get things done in winning an election for you.

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