Monday, October 10, 2016

Abraham Lincoln's Best Choice

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The 17th President of these United States was a unique event, in what the Confederacy, European Intrigue and an assassins bullet, the Radical Republicans in Congress seceded in destroying the United States.

Andrew Johnson was a Southerner from North Carolina and elected to Congress, and kept his seat when the South seceded from the Union. His representation of Tennessee for the Union would not fail and in 1862 he was sent to that state as military governor.
By 1864, Andrew Johnson was Vice President and by the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, he was President, of a Union bound by military occupation of the South.

By 1865 with Congress not in session, President Johnson embarked on his own to reconstruct the South on the lenient lines which Abraham Lincoln had advocated. He pardoned all who took the oath to the United States, and required  a special pardon for all the former leaders of the Presidency and men of wealth which only he would administer.

When Congress convened again, the South was operational and governing itself with having accepted the 13th Amendment. Black codes were put into place in the States to deprive the former slaves their rights as free men though.

Numerous Confederate officers were elected to Congress, and with that the Radical Republicans moved in force against their President. They moved to not seat these Southern elected Representatives in Congress and then stooped to once again using Blacks as an ethnic weapon in the South to punish  Southerners.

The Radicals passed bills on behalf of Blacks and President Johnson vetoed them as they infringed on States Rights.

It came to a point of welfare that the Radical Republicans passed an extension of the Freedman's Bureau for Blacks, and Johnson vetoed it. In the fight, President Johnson charged the Radical Republicans as traitors to America.
To this the Radical Republicans using Negroes as terror weapons passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866, followed by the 14th Amendment. The South refused to accept these legislative weapons.

America in this atmosphere elected the Radical Republicans again to rule America, and their "reconstruction of the South" is what then was the law of the land, instead of the unifying governance which President Johnson has attempted to heal the nation.

This group in Congress then began passing laws aimed at President Johnson and ruled unConstitutional in 1926 AD in the year of our Lord, and by these violations of the President, he was impeached for being President.

The impeachment would fail, and in 1869, President Johnson left office, but Tennessee in 1875 elected him again to Congress where he died a few months later.

It was not Sherman's March through Georgia which drove Dixie down. It was not using Blacks as ethnic weapons, but what reduced the South were these malevolent reactionaries in Congress, akin to the murderous mob who oversaw the genocide of 11 million Germans after World War II. What was taking place in America was the Southerner refused to be servants to the Northerners. This was all about what started the war in Southern Political Power against Northern Finance, and the North wanted it's pounds of flesh to humiliate the Southern Planter who would not yield.

It is one of the most shameful times in America, where the abolitionist North did not give a damn about the slave, but the slave was only an issue to damn the South in debate over the real issue of finance. The slave was once again used as a terror weapon in Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, and finally in 1866 the Negroid was unleashed again with the full police state might of a Federal Occupation Army to depose the Southern States of their Right to govern themselves as the Constitution mandates.

For all of the condemnation of the Ku Klux Klan as the militant wing of the Democratic Party in the South, the KKK would have never arisen if it had not been for the terrorism of White Northern financiers on the South. This was not about Civil Rights, but about a political force attempting to annihilate their competitor political adversaries.

For 10 years the South was occupied, policed and terrorized. The Black was protected and set loose to rub the Southerner's nose in this reality and the KKK was stalking the land to keep this force in check. It is absolutely outrageous to use any race of humans in this type of terrorism against another group. It exposes both to violence and it creates a rapine of a wound, which the Obama regime ripped off again in the 21st Century.

The revolution which Abraham Lincoln was chosen for, was a devolution of humanity which the Radical Republicans began devouring their own President. What should have been a transition to a United States again, set about another violent Civil Rights movement almost 100 years later led by Martin King. None of this was necessary if the South had been afforded time to deal with the transition from a slave race to a freedman race.

The historical facts show that President Lincoln never intended for slaves to remain in America. His solution was to remove these Blacks to Panama to build the canal, and become an indigenous population there, and thereby healing America, and providing a nation for the Black to build for themselves. All of this was thwarted to the great harm of Blacks to this day.

The reason this is vital at this juncture in America is the lesson that President Donald Trump will face the same radical forces who will seek to do the same political intrigue against him, as President Johnson was destroyed by.
America under the past generation has been subjected to a soul rape which it was not ready for, from Civil Rights, Aborticide, Gun Control, and now under Obama, a welfare and police state which has sodomized America to an abhorrence which civilization has rejected for it's survival. All of this should have been dealt with in State legislation and not Federal mandate. It is now what Donald Trump is going to have to attempt to heal the American nation as Abraham Lincoln intended.

Whether it is the Radical Republicans in 1870 or the Obama regime in 2016, using Blacks as weapons in a political fight, it is a crime against humanity in exposing Blacks to murder, jail time and a degradation of their communities. America needs to find the unification which Abraham Lincoln intended and Andrew Jackson embarked upon until he was destroyed. America needs to have this completed under President Donald Trump's healing leadership as what has taken place has been an absolute crime.

This is the study of United States Presidents which is important for the public and for President Donald Trump in understanding what the Office is and the leadership with America has derived from that Office.

Abraham Lincoln's best choice in his Presidency was Andrew Johnson. That is the reality of history and the need of the present to complete this in President Donald Trump. Otherwise America will repeat this horrid misuse of Blacks as ethnic weapons, who will be poised against greater predators of Mexican and Muslim invaders.

This closes with the final words of President Andrew Johnson.

Pillow my head on the Constitution of my Country